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About Alice

About Alice,

I’ve added another small section to the site to include some experiences from my readers which seemed to fit well, I enjoyed reading the perspective of the viewer for a change and hope you will too. I’ve edited their stories and had them okay the final version. 

I am thinking of adding a link section, if anyone can recommend links to similar sites please let me know. 

I’m 36 years old 5’4”, weigh about 65 kg, can lift 90kg over my head and just about manage a full set of one handed pull-ups. In my spare time I climb cliffs, run half marathons for charity and amuse myself with a loving husband who is supportive of my hobbies if never truly understanding them.

My hair colour has changed occasionally but I naturally have Auburn hair (true dark red) which for some reason gets very dark during the winter, very pale skin which generally resists any attempt to tan and still have a few freckles.

My stories have been on many sites over the years, but when experience project deleted nearly all of my contributions it seemed like a good idea to give them a more permanent home. Sadly one or two have been lost and if by some rare chance you happen to have one of the missing stories then please let me know!

I would consider myself a nudist at heart, but as Joe and Natalie once said there is a difference between naked and nekid and the latter is certainly more fun.

Strangely, perhaps, I often prefer to be seen naked by women or couples because they usually find it funnier and the reactions of their partners not quite knowing how to handle the situation makes it more enjoyable for me, as a rule I only expose myself where it will be appreciated and unsurprisingly a woman without clothes is welcome almost everywhere… I feel privileged to have grown up pre-mobile phone generation as otherwise I shudder to think how many photos there would be of me out there.

Love Alice.


General theme of the website can be summarised as:

CFNF, ENF, Exhibitionist, Public Nudity, Accidental Nudity, OON


20 thoughts on “About Alice”

  1. Hi. Planning on posting anything new? I’m always checking back! Your stories are awesome. Keep it up 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for getting in touch, hopefully work will die down a bit soon so I can finish off some stories and write new ones.

      I took full advantage of the mini-heatwave last weekend so there is one new story for you to read now.

      1. Wow I haven’t checked back on my comment since I left it and I happen to check back today and it looks like you JUST answered. Thanks for answering, you’re the best! hah!

        I wish I could have some of the same kind of fun, but it’s not as cool when you’re male, and in the southern U.S. If you’re ever adding to the site, maybe do an interview post where you answer questions from your readers? Just a random thought!

        Keep up the good work!

  2. Alice, I really, really love your stories. I think they are great and exciting. Please keep writing stories, you have a really good life.

    1. Thanks Angel, someone is attacking the site at the moment but once things get back to normal I have a lots more to upload! I have to admit I do have a good life and I intend to take full advantage of it.

  3. Hi Alice, thank you for sharing your stories. I Love them and they are inspiring me to try out some public nudity. X

    1. What can I say its my favourite hobby, everyone should try it at least once… especially with the weather we have had today!

      I spent today at Julies helping her harvest and resow the vegetable garden, I stayed fully clothed for at least 20 minutes before her neighbour appeared over the fence.

      It actually took her a moment to recognise me with my clothes on, stating their surprise I was able to reply that I’d ran out of sunscreen and had hoped to borrow some from Julie, who it turned out had left hers behind in Madagascar.

      The neighbour smiled and offered me some factor 30, which was perfect so I waited for her to return before undressing in front of her and her husband (who had mysteriously appeared), then spent a good 5 minutes making sure I was covered from head to toe in sunscreen.

      Julie complained that I was there to help with the garden rather than sunbathing, so grudgingly I said my thanks and returned to the vegetable plot wearing nothing but a wide brimmed sun hat.

      The neighbours decided it was the perfect time to have a quiet drink on the raised part of their patio. We spent the whole afternoon out there and I made sure to reapply the sunscreen every hour, especially when the neighbours guest for the day arrived (someone who had apparently not believed it when the neighbours told them Julie had a nude gardener with her today).

      So its been a really good day, I have a whole fridge full of fresh vegetables and was watched by a complete stranger whose explanation of surprise on seeing my naked bottom poking up from the Marrows really made my day.

      Love Alice.

  4. I love your stories. I hope, at 61, that I would by now have developed the confidence to encourage and openly enjoy your exhibition should I ever be lucky enough to experience it. Which university were you at, Newcastle?

  5. Hi Alice, I have started to go out knickerless and in shortish skirts. That’s all I have the courage for at the moment. I do find it a massive turn on though. X

  6. Hi Alice, I have enjoyed reading all your experiences. As a slightly shy male nudist/exhibitionist, I find it difficult to strike a balance. While walking along nudist beaches gives me no stress now, mixed beaches can be a challenge. We went to Carabassi beach near Alicante last year and it was a different experience. We arrived at the far, quiet end and I immediately saw a nudist couple walking, so stripped off and went straight into the sea as I was very hot from the walk. After 5 minutes in the sea, the couple had disappeared and everybody else on the beach was fully clothed, including a lot of walkers. I waited for a quietish moment and walked back up and put my shorts on, feeling a little flustered. It turned out that 5 minutes walk towards the centre of the beach was the nudist section, where 2/3 were naked or topless, so I stripped again there and felt fine, although there were lots of textiles walking past, I could pick my moment to go to in the sea.

    That night in bed naked with no cover, I though to myself what a challenge it would be to walk along the beach like that couple, (although my wife is shyer than me and would only strip to her bottoms on mixed beaches and wouldn’t walk along unless clothed). I asked my wife what she thought, and she said it was Ok. The thought made me excited and scared, I thought about it most of the night. The next day on arriving at the far end, the beach was even busier, and I bottled the challenge. However, I waited until a lull in the textile walkers and walked from one end of the nudist section to the other, which was Ok, but of course on the way back, the walkers had appeared again in number, and my cheeks red as the lone nudist as I tried to give them at least a few yards berth. I wish I wasn’t so shy as it was unlikely I would be giving offence in such a place, I only saw one other man walking along the beach naked, in the nude section in the three times we went there. Reading your experiences has made me think how it is never easy to do such things, but it is enjoyable in a strange way which I can’t explain. Well done for being braver than me.

  7. Hi Alice, Greetings from “across the pond.” “You are such a delightful story teller and a fun exhibitionist.
    naked joel

  8. Love to read your stories, and it’s really great to read more of your exploits. There’s not much opportunity here in the West Country for naturism, let alone exhibitionism, so it’s really nice to enjoy your freedom by proxy, so to speak.

  9. Delighted to have stumbled across your web-site whilst looking for information on naturist spas etc. At 58 I am seriously considering taking the plunge and getting naked! Wish me luck.

    1. It was one of those things I always considered trying, it would have been easy to pass it off as a cruel joke from my platonic life partner Julie.

  10. Hi Alice. Just found your site. Love your ENF stories. Have you ever thought of staging a fake fight with a girlfriend and having her strip you naked in public? That would be awesome to see.

    1. We have considered it in the past, the problem being that Julie would not be able to stop herself from laughing… and I am visibly a lot stronger than any of my other friends who are in on the joke. The closest we have managed is to push me out of a store or pool changing room starkers, acting distressed under those circumstances is far more fun.

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