Kayaking in Wales

I’ve spent the past week in Wales picking up a few summits, enjoying several days wild camping and swimming naked in warm lakes. Despite spending almost as much time nude as clothed to the best of my knowledge I had not been seen.

I was driving past a lake on my way back to the hotel when I saw a group out sailing in Lasers, given their formation and complete lack of understanding about how to use the wind I think it was fairly safe to say they were beginners… so I decided to have some fun.

I found a place to pull over a little further down the lake, lifted my Kayak off the roof rack and placed it by the waters edge, then laid the paddle next to it. This done I headed back to the car and quickly undressed before returning to the water with nothing but my wetsuit, keys and buoyancy aid.

The sailing group had still not reached my part of the lake so I stood facing the water by near the kayak and pulled my wetsuit up almost as far as my knees and waited. The moment I saw the first sail come into view I bent over pretending to be pulling my suit on, it did not take long before the first “Whoo” and “Over there!” as they finally noticed me.

At this I stood quickly upright and acted embarrassed for a few moments before covering up, my distraction caused at least two of the groups to capsize which caused me to laugh in turn. I stopped covering up and waved so they could see my fluff and boobs as while they bobbed in the water making no attempt to right their dinghy.

After 20 seconds and another few capsized dinghy’s I bent over and with a little effort finished pulling on my suit, pausing half way so my breasts were on show for just a little longer while I adjusted my legs. Sadly for now the show was over so I zipped up my buoyancy aid, climbed into the kayak and slid into the water.

Waving once more to the group I headed upwind and into the centre of the lake where the water was quite choppy and I would have to really exert myself to move forward. They did try to follow but clearly had not yet learned how to tack.

After an hour spent speeding around the lake, exploring and bouncing over the waves I headed back to my small bay… unsurprisingly it seemed the sailing school had decided to practice in that area while they awaited my return. A cheer went up they noticed me paddling towards the shore, two of the more adept sailors had clearly learned about dry capsizing and were now grinning as they sat on the edge of their overturned boat.

I was tempted to just load the Kayak onto my shoulder and head back to the car but that seemed a little cruel, so when I reached the shore I stood out of the Kayak and unzipped the buoyancy aid before turning to face my audience. There were only three groups out there, two of which were trying to keep their boat pointed into the wind so they could see what I was going to do.

I just laughed then bent over a little so my hair fell forward, then reached behind me to pull down the ribbon attached to my zip. Making sure I had their full attention before pulling the wetsuit down to my waist, as always getting my arms out was a little tricky and I ended up inverting the top half of my suit.

Naked to the waist I pulled my hair back with both hands giving them an unobstructed view before peeling the wetsuit down my legs, making sure I took far longer than usual to get the suit over my ankles. They were now whistling and clapping so it was pretty clear they were enjoying the show.

Still naked, I spent another minute turning my suit the right way out before lying it down on the ground. I did not want to head back to my car quite yet so instead I undid the bung at the end of my Kayak lifted it up to let all the water out, to tease them a little I stood behind it and adopted a fairly wide stance with my legs poking out from each side, when the Kayak was empty I lowered it the ground while walking backwards, slowly revealing my nakedness once more.

After waving once more I placed my wetsuit and buoyancy aid inside  the Kayak and lifted it up onto my shoulder to another cheer. I waved goodbye with my free hand then turned around to let them watch my bottom as I walked very slowly back to my car and out of sight.

By the time the Kayak was secured on top of the car I’d pretty much dried off so I took my emergency sundress out of the glove compartment and pulled it on. Still feeling frisky I lifted the hem above the lap strap on my seatbelt and drove back into town barefoot.

I had intended to head straight to the B&B for a shower but since I was passing the shop I had rented the Kayak from I decided to return it. While not showing quite as much as at the lake my dress was a little transparent and I know the hem rode quite high as I reached up to take the Kayak down… this was confirmed by the gentleman on the other side of the street who openly stared at me for the 10 minutes I was outside the rental place.

Finally I sat back into my car and drove back to the B&B to spend far too long in the shower before heading home.

Love Alice

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