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Bamburgh Castle

The beach is a place where people shed their inhibitions while covering as much as possible with as little as possible. It goes without saying that it is a wonderful place for accidental, innocent and perhaps not so innocent exposure. I often travel the country with my husband so have ample opportunity to play on new sands where people will not know me, recently I went to Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland which is a beautiful location with many secluded spots.

My one disappointment was that the castle would not be open to the public until later in the year, however this did mean that there were not too many people around and that I would be able to have some fun. On the first day we walked all the way around the base of the castle with the journey ending right by the locked gates at the top of the hill, giving a clear view into the wide sheltered craters amongst the dunes.

We had arrived quite early that day and at the start of the journey there were only a few dog-walkers around, but on heading back down the hill it was clearly becoming busier with many visitors arriving in the car park. As soon as I started smiling my partner resignedly asked “So what shall we do next?”, to which my innocent answer was “swimming”.

We passed several small groups at the bottom of the twisting path so I all but ran along the side of the castle and past the clock tower to reach the path down onto the beach.

Once in the dunes we headed back along the costal side of the castle until I found one of the craters which was far enough away from the path while offering an unobstructed view from the locked gates at the top of the cliff. I had to wait a little while for the first party of tourists to turn the bend onto the last ramp up but as soon as they arrived I made a big show of looking up over the top of the Dunes on either side.  While I already knew they could see into the crater, its depth and the sand-grass covering the top would give anyone a sense of privacy.

My husband was already wearing his usual beach attire of knee length shorts a black t-shirt and was about to sit down and enjoy the show, before he had the chance I asked him to walk a little way up the dune and keep an eye out since I obviously wouldn’t want anyone to see me getting changed. This would also help draw the eyes of those on the hill.

It was now time for the show to start so I dropped my pack onto the floor and pulled my t-shirt over my head while facing away from the castle. Then pausing for a second I stood on tip-toes to look over the dunes again, satisfied that no-one was coming I removed my bra then had a quick stretch before turning around.

Taking care not to look directly at the castle I could see two of three small groups had noticed me, though only one had stopped to look the others kept stealing a glance or whispering and pointing every few seconds. I sat on the sand with my legs apart then slowly untied my laces and removed my shoes, this done lifting myself off the sand a little I pulled my shorts down over my bottom.

A lot more people were standing around to watch what I was doing now, some of them had even started to use their binoculars, my heart was pounding in my chest and I was really enjoying myself. Leaning forward I slid the shorts off in one motion then placed them in a neat pile on top of the t-shirt.

Sitting there naked I did consider just getting a blanket and lying down for a while so they could see me properly but decided that would be going too far, instead sitting with my legs just far enough apart for those who could see I opened up the pack and dug out my one piece suit.

So far they had only seen me from the front so I stood up and turned around as though responding to my husband. I had to finish quickly at this point so it was not obvious that I was showing off, bending over I stepped into the suit one leg at a time before pulling it up to my waist. Turning around again to give them one last flash I pushed my arms under the straps and pulled the suit up over my chest.

I made a brief show of re-arranging myself inside the suit then put my clothes back in the pack before walking out over the sand-dunes to spend a day on the beach. The rest of the day was fairly quiet as I enjoyed the sun, wine and conversation in my conservative black swimsuit.  Throughout the day what I was anticipating most of all though was the opportunity to remove my suit again and was deciding on the best way to do it.

At about 3pm I went for my last swim, most of the families had left the beach now and it would soon be time for us to go too. There were probably 4-5 groups within sight of where we had set up camp for the day and I decided they might like to watch me get changed.  Once I had finished swimming I walked out of the water and pulled my hair out of my eyes, then indicated we should start packing up.

While my husband started putting things away (not that there was much) I picked up a towel and started drying myself off. As soon as my arms and legs were dry I put the towel down, pulled my arms through the straps then dropped the suit to my waist. I talked with my husband as I did this in order to prolong the moment then picked up the towel and dried the top half of my body, spending rather more time on the back than the front.

Placing the towel back on the ground I opened up my pack, removed the t-shirt then pulled it quickly over my head. Pulling my hair back out of my eyes I spent a minute drying it with the towel, giving me the opportunity to look around. There was a group of college kids (girls and boys) all pretending not to have been watching me, so I decided to give them something to talk about. The t-shirt fell about half way down my bottom so pretending it covered far more than it did I turned away from the students and pulled the suit down to my ankles before stepping out and picking up the towel again.

As soon as I was dry I rolled the towel up and turned back around to my husband and the students, then knelt down onto the sand to look in the pack for my shorts, taking care to ensure that my t-shirt hitched up as I did. Once found the shorts were quickly pulled on and the show finished I walked barefoot back to the car with my husband.

On our second and last day the weather had changed dramatically, including sleet and gale force winds. A valiant effort was made to go out and enjoy the day but we were both pretty exhausted from the previous night and there were no local tourist attractions apart from the castle (which was closed), so after lunch we decided to head home early and catch the Simpsons.

He did jokingly suggest I could strip off and run around in the rain for a bit while he stayed warm in the car, but it would take a freer spirit than myself to take him up on that offer.

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  1. Hi Alice,

    I just discovered your blog and just love it. You are so adventurous. I especially enjoyed this article about your adventure at Bamburgh because we had a very similar experience there. My husband and I were on our way to Lindisfarne and we had our friend with us, my husbands best friend who shares my affections! This was also off season and we knew the castle was closed but thought we’d walk to it anyway. Our friend dared me to walk topless and so I took up the challenge and the biting wind had a drastic effect on my nipples. Of course the next thing was “why don’t you get everything off Michele” so I was walking along between both men holding their hands. There was no one around so when we reached a fence the guys took turns with me bending over the fence.

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