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A Beach Streak!

As so often happens at this time of year we both woke up as the sun rose last weekend, it was no later than 5am but since we were both awake it seemed the ideal opportunity to go swimming. Earlier in the week I had found a small cove a little isolated from the main beach and it took only a little persuasion for my husband to agree to join me, as I entered the bathroom to get ready he shouted through that I should try putting my swimsuit on before we left for once.

I answered “anything for you dear” then closed the door, it went without saying I had intended to get changed on the beach but since he asked so nicely I felt it only polite to oblige.  While drying off after a very quick shower I thought of a fun way to tease him, so instead of putting my costume on I rolled it up inside one of the beach towels from the cupboard then pulled my emerald green knee length dress over my head.

While a summer dress it was still quite substantial and unless he checked it would not be possible to tell that I was not wearing the suit, but I was wearing the costume I intended to go swimming in. Wandering downstairs with the few odds and ends we would be taking with us I found he had just finished putting together a picnic lunch for while we were at the beach, by half past the hour the car was loaded and we were on our way.  I had expected my comment earlier to make him suspicious but there was no indication that this was the case.

The half hour journey to the beach took place without incident, I’ve always loved being up really early when the air feels fresh and the silence is almost deafening… it is one of the reasons I loved having to get up early for swimming when I was on the school team. There was a small car park at the start of the nature trail which led to the cove, we were the only people in it and had not passed anyone on the way, my husband suggested that we got changed and left our clothes at the car no doubt thinking this would mean I would not be stripping off at the end of the day either. I of course agreed stating clearly that I had put my swimming costume on under my clothes as he asked, then while he sat on the back seat to undo his shoe laces I opened the boot of the car and undressed out of sight.

While he was still undressing I sat back on the edge of the boot just letting the cool breeze wash over me, my only concession to the elements being a pair of flip-flops as a matter of practicality. I’m quite sure you could have cut glass with my nipples at this point. I took the picnic hamper and towels out of the boot, made sure my dress was neatly folded inside then slammed it shut before walking round the side of the car to meet my husband.

As I came into view he had that wonderful expression of humour and resignation I have come to love and asked the rhetorical question “So that’s your swimming costume then?”, gave me a quick kiss then went and picked up the things he would be carrying to the beach for us.  I just smiled at this and we started to walk the twisting track down to the beach, though we did not see anyone the journey was exciting for me as I had no way to cover up and it was impossible to see if anyone was ahead!  I was bitten on the bottom by an insect on the way down which made my husband laugh and prompted more than one quick spank in that area to stop any other insects doing the same.

On reaching the beach it was deserted as I had expected really, so as soon as we had picked where to set up camp for the day I kicked off the sandals and ran straight into the sea. At first it seemed absolutely freezing so it took me a while to wade in further than my knees, it’s was a wonderful sensation moving forward a few inches at a time so my body could become accustomed to the water anticipating the moment when the more sensitive parts of my anatomy would finally come into contact with the cold.

Finally as my chest sank under the water I moved my arms forward and kicked off into a breast stroke, my husband had just been enjoying the show as I eased myself into the water, I called out that he should join me and after a little while he did. He has always been far more resilient to the cold than myself and more or less dove in and swam straight out to me. We played about in the water for a while with me teasing him mercilessly as always and jokingly trying to get him to wear the same costume as myself (we both knew he would not but it was fun all the same).

He asked if I was going to head back and throw something on before anyone else arrived, the beach was still deserted so I kissed him and said I wanted to spend a little more time enjoying the water as I was then set off to get some serious swimming in while he headed back to our camp. Swimming in seawater is very different to a pool, in fact if you are used to the latter it is almost as though you are weightless and I was making wonderful progress as I swam across the bay and back, laughing as I missed the odd wave and it crashed over me.

I was enjoying myself so much I did not notice the first of the dog-walkers, my husband would have given me a shout but was now thoroughly engrossed in the book he had brought along.  Since I was swimming breast stroke the walker could not see my current state of undress but my heart was starting to beat much faster. It really had been my intention to be dressed long before anyone arrived and it was no more than 7am at the latest, so with this in mind I continued swimming thinking that once he had wandered off I would go and join my husband on the beach.

The plan had a small flaw though, it seems that this track was very popular with people walking their dogs and no sooner had one left than another would arrive, usually with a few friends in tow. At the distances involved I just looked like normal swimmer in the sea but my muscles were starting to feel tired and I knew I would have to return to shore soon.  There were at least a dozen people on the beach with their pets now and I was wondering what the best way to make my landing would be… I had just built up the courage to run out at fast as possible when the unthinkable happened, another couple set up camp next to my husband.

There was certainly no chance of waiting for the dog walkers to leave now so I gradually swam towards the shore and with an arm over my breasts sprinted the distance to my towel in a time that probably set a new world record. Not all of the walkers had noticed but the couple next to use were certainly a little stunned. Not making any attempt to cover up I unfurled my towel and quickly threw my bikini on, my husband at this point was in stitches as he could tell this had not been part of my plan. It was all over in a matter of seconds and once people realised the show was over they went back about their business, only occasionally glancing over their shoulders (just in case).

Fortunately the British are very hard to offend and a naked women rarely does so, I just said “I really hadn’t expected anyone else to come down here” as I sat on the towel, the lady in the other couple laughed and said simply “I think everyone could see that”. It broke the ice and we spent some time talking (mainly about my skinny dipping) and before long the dog walkers had all left. We were alone with the couple who it turned out came down here all the time, they knew it would get really busy as despite the secluded location families tended to make an appearance about 9ish.

The day was as beautiful as promised and I was so glad to have brought the highest factor of cream with me, for the peek of the day we ended up sharing our neighbours gigantic parasol but the bikini stayed on throughout despite some subtle prompting from the other couple that I should do another streak. Later on when we returned to the car I quickly changed back into my dress but it was a far more modest change hardly worthy of mention, the husband commented that it would be nice to have some beaches where we did not have to leave a few months between visits and we headed off home.

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