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Night Driving

I was travelling down to London on what certainly felt like the hottest night of the year, driving past midnight is rarely fun and even with the windows down I was soaked in sweat. To make matters worse I was also beginning to feel sleepy and my reactions were starting to dull, it would have been dangerous to stay on the road much longer in this condition so I pulled into the next service station. Having wound up the car windows I set my alarm for an hour and let myself sleep with my head resting on the wheel.

After an hour the alarm went off but I still felt a little drowsy and because the windows had been up I was now thoroughly drenched, I don’t sweat easily but it was like an oven inside the car. So before setting off again I decided to have little walk to try and cool off, opening the door I twisted round in my seat and put my shoes back on (I tend to drive barefoot on long distances), it was only slightly cooler outside the car.

After walking around the carpark I headed up to the service station itself, in the hope that it would perhaps have air conditioning. There were a few people milling around or resting up in their cars but it was still deathly quiet after a day’s driving. Fortunately the station itself was a Mark’s and Spencer’s and while pretty much everything was closed up bar the arcade machines the toilets were open and spotlessly clean, it had been my intention to splash some cold water on my face then get going but there were some showers available that were immaculate, clearly they were rarely used.

I did not have a towel with me but a cold shower would definitely wake me up so I quickly stripped off in the cubicle and spent a few minutes in the freezing water, to say the least it certainly woke me up pretty quickly. Stepping out of the shower shivering a little I rubbed off as much water as possible, and then decided to be a bit naughty. While a streak was out of the question because of the CCTV this did not mean I couldn’t have any fun at all so I pulled my travelling dress back over my head and stepped into the shower again.

The cold water plastered the dress to my skin and while its dark colour meant it would not turn transparent you could easily see the outline of what I was wearing underneath, the light material and cold water making sure that my nipples were certainly standing out. While I was now freezing the dress would soon dry out in the heat. Stepping out of the shower again I rubbed off the water and pulled my hands through my hair to get rid of the excess water. After putting my underwear safely in my purse I put the shoes back on and cheerfully squelched back through the carpark.

I just nodded as I passed a couple who were out walking, they looked quite amused but I could see her partner clearly enjoyed what he saw. Though apart from this brief encounter I reached the car without further incident, now I had no intention of jumping in the like this and as fortune would have it there was a car parked in the back row directly behind me. Inside the driver was sleeping while his partner was staring out of the sunroof, I of course pretended not to notice this. While opening the hatchback on my car I casually looked around and had clearly parked well, the hedge to my right blocked me in one direction and the boot of my car sheltered me from the only other CCTV camera that could see.

There were many other cars in the park but the ones I could see were empty, so I sorted through the luggage in the boot for a towel to dry off a little (or at least put on the car-seat). While my dress rode up a little it did not really uncover anything but would let anyone have a good look at my legs. Since it was quiet and because I was feeling a little bit frisky I turned round and sat on the edge of my boot hitching one knee up to my chest so I could take my shoes off, I dislike driving in any footwear but wet ones would have really messed up my feet.

This action of course left me completely exposed from the waist down and with my legs apart nothing to the imagination. Once the first shoe was off I grabbed the towel and dried my foot off, looking up under my fringe at the other car where I could see my audience was waking up the driver. Once she had finally woke him up I put the towel back in the boot, lowered my foot and raised the other knee to start again, my heart really beating strongly in my chest now as it always does when playing these games and despite my apparent calmness the flowing adrenaline was making me fumble a little as I untied the other shoe.

I had just about removed the shoe when something unexpected happened; the driver of the car had decided to turn on the lights. After the darkness my first reaction was to raise my hand to cover my eyes, it really came as a complete shock. So there I was one hand balancing me on the car, the other arm over my eyes with my head turned away and my legs wide apart. After a few seconds of shock I closed my legs slipped down from my perch and turned away from the couple, I could hear her laughing through open sun-roof.

Had he been a little more patient then I would probably have taken the dress off completely but it suited me better now to feign embarrassment (quite easy given the redness in my cheeks), with the lights still on I took my shoe off and dropped it in the boot. The dress was still soaking so I grabbed the towel, closed the boot and still facing away from the couple walked round to the driver’s side. After drying off my remaining damp foot I draped the towel over the seat then got in and drove straight out of the carpark.

By this point I was grinning wildly and far from feeling sleepy, despite the heat, but the problem was that I had not taken the chance to get dry properly and while it was helping to keep me cool the dress was also starting to chafe after a few miles. It was now about 2am and there were not too many cars around so I pulled into the next lay-by, wound up the windows and turned off the tom-tom so there would be no light (I did not want to cause an accident). This done I undid my seatbelt and lifting my bottom off the seat hitched the dress up over my waist and sat back down, as soon as there were no cars passing I quickly pulled it over my head and draped it over the passenger seat.

I sat there naked for a little while then when there was a break in the traffic lifted myself off the seat again and pulled the towel from behind me, I did not time it quite right though and another car passed as my back was arched. It’s unlikely they saw anything given that my lights were off and they were going pretty fast but it was exciting all the same. The seatbelt probably provided more coverage than most bikinis but I can count on one hand the number of times I have driven topless or otherwise so this was still a really big one for me, and it was certainly a good way to ward off sleep since I felt really alive.

I wound the windows down completely turned on my lights and pulled back onto the road, driving at 70mph it felt like a gale was blowing through the car and the chill air was having the expected effect on my nipples. I also hoped it would help to dry off my dress for later. Since everyone was driving more or less the same speed I’m sure my bare shoulders caused a few double takes from the passengers of other cars, especially once I turned the tom-tom back on illuminating the inside of the car.

After driving for about an hour one or two people had pushed up in their seats to get a better view while I pretended not to notice but by and large I was feeling pretty invulnerable at that point… right until the traffic started to slow down… and gradually come to a stop.  Given the time of night I had not expected this but after 10 minutes the traffic had still not moved and I was petrified, obviously there had been an accident which meant that the police would probably be along soon and there was nowhere to run. I was focused so much on what could go wrong that I almost didn’t hear the window in the car next to mine roll down and a voice asked “Any idea what’s happening?”, to which I responded that I’d heard nothing on the radio and sort of hoped that would be the end of the conversation but clearly she wanted to talk so I had to just act natural and brazen it out. This was probably the best thing that could happen since she was friendly and this helped me to relax a little. Another 10 minutes passed before the police car passed on the hard shoulder with the lights flashing which had obviously illuminated the inside of the car for a second. She paused for a second smiled and said “I hope you don’t mind me asking but… I have to know, are you wearing a top?”, there was no point in lying so I simply picked the slightly damp dress off the seat next to me and replied “Well I got caught in a shower earlier and I really didn’t expect anyone to notice at this time of night”.

On hearing this she laughed and pushed up in her seat a little to see into my car, “I had wondered”, she then asked “are you wearing anything at all?” The driver of their car was looking over too now having until this point not really joined in the civilities was also looking over as best he could. My cheeks glowing I responded that I was soaked to the skin and left it at that. She looked ahead and saw the traffic was still not moving and laughing said “sorry I don’t believe this” and quickly undid her seatbelt, opened the door stepped into the road and came just short of poking her head through my window.

I covered up with an arm and hand for fun and laughed as she did this commenting in the time honoured manner that I must be mad, I decided to have a little bit of fun so I stopped covering up and kept her there a little longer saying it really is the only way to drive. She turned to the driver and still laughing said “She’s starker’s in there!” and went back into her car, the driver just asked again “really?” and without asking me she said “Go take a look the traffics not going to move anytime soon”.

It would have been nice to be asked but in truth I was enjoying myself and this was a situation I would never be able to repeat so I said “go on then, look but don’t touch”. He undid his seatbelt and darted round as fast as possible. While he was doing this I undid my seatbelt moved my legs apart into a more comfortable position and waited, like the passenger he came right up to the door without actually sticking his head through his only comment was “wow, very nice” it was clear that all that my time at the gym had paid off. Since I was in a playful mood I asked if he could just reach over and turn the Tom Tom back on for me, it was a bit too much of a stretch to reach it through the window (especially when he was face down the whole time) so I suggested why not open the door.

I was really pushing it here but since she sent him over I saw no harm in it, and besides now that the police had passed I was pretty safe. He pulled back out the window (a noticeable bulge against his pants) and opened the door… what I had not thought about was that the internal light of the car would turn on when he did this. What was meant to be a very risqué tease allowed him instead to have a perfect illuminated view (completely destroying his night vision of course), he just stood there looking in the door and before commenting at last “So you’re a natural redhead then” while grinning from ear to ear, the passenger had got out the car again and looked in saying “No she’s clearly Auburn and I think the traffic might be clearing ahead” guiding him back to the car, laughing as she closed my door.

With the door closed the light went out and the cars ahead and behind were not doubt a little confused about what was going on. It was another few minutes before the traffic started to move and we just chatted in general and I told a tiny white lie claiming this was the first time I’d done anything like this and suggested that it might be a full moon. She just laughed again and said that’s about the only thing we haven’t seen tonight. Since I had not yet put my seatbelt on I laughed and tried to oblige but twisting around was a sadly bit too difficult, her laugh and the partners sudden silence clearly indicating the gesture was appreciated even if not successful.

As the traffic started to move ahead I was back to feeling invulnerable if a little nervous so the Tom Tom was switched on even as the traffic was moving slowly. My lane was moving a bit faster than theirs so I waved them off and within 5 minutes the road ahead was clear once more. There had been so much build-up in that I felt every single bump in the roads surface and was boiling up quite literally, the fantasy of walking into my hotel naked was making me very sensitive indeed but this was of course just fantasy and with about an hour to go the sun was starting to rise.

I kept looking out for suitable unoccupied lay-bys since I was going to have to get dressed pretty soon, while I had hoped to redress in the dark dawn had indeed arrived by the time I found somewhere a little off the main road sheltered by trees. The dress was completely dry but I did not really want to put it back on so for a last thrill I wrapped the towel around me and popped the boot on the car, stepped out and walked round to the back jumping slightly at every car I heard on the road. After opening a case and laying out everything I was going to wear I dropped the towel into the boot, and then just for the hell of it did one lap around the car as slowly as possible.

On reaching the boot I started to get dressed enjoying the feeling of wanting to be caught while at the same time desperately not wanting to be seen, so I dressed in the order socks, shoes, bra, t-shirt and finally a pair of trousers that can be pulled over the shoes but not easily. While I was not seen my current state of mind made this feel as good as anything I had done that night.

Once I was dressed there was no more putting off so I got in the car and drove the last stretch to my hotel, acting very fidgety as I signed for my room and trundled my case down the corridor. After opening the door to my room I could hear someone walking about and talking in the room opposite, so I propped the door open with my case, switched on the light and proceeded to undress once more. While it had taken me 15 minutes to get dressed in the lay-bye it took less than a minute to undress as quietly as possible in front of that door, with a final flourish daring the door across the hall to open I kicked the case out of the way before almost leaping into the shower and working off all that delightful frustration built up over the evening… then the usual what the heck have I just done aftermath as I laid back in the bath letting the water wash over me.

2 thoughts on “Night Driving”

  1. Hi Alice,

    Thank you so much for your stories. I love them. I am a little bit of an exhibitionist too but have never been caught. Your stories are inspiring me and this week I screwed up the courage to strip naked in my local woods. It was fun. Chloe

    1. Always glad to hear there are more of us out there!

      There’s no such thing as screwing up though, think about the emotions running through your head as you tried to convince yourself to undress in the woods… if you are anything like me they will be electric.

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