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Weatherby Services (Accidental)

I’d spent the previous evening at a party in Edinburgh and was now driving some 400 miles back to my home in the south, having left at about 4am.  My intention was to drive straight through but by 8am I was struggling to stay awake and knew that staying on the road any longer would only have led to an accident.

It was still dark as I pulled into Wetherby services, turned off my engine, locked the doors and drifted straight off to sleep.  It was almost half past 9 when I was rudely awoken by something tapping my window, I blearily opened my eyes to see an older woman was trying to get my attention so I lowered the window to find out what she wanted.

The black dress I had worn was actually quite elegant and though backless was certainly modest, however it was worn to best effect without underwear… and this was certainly obvious to anyone passing the car since it had hitched up around my waist while I slept.  This was not the most dignified of positions to find myself in and I’m pretty sure the blush which started in my cheeks quickly reached the top of my dress.

I thanked the woman and quickly lifted my hips off the seat to pull the dress back down; I wanted to drive off straight away but really needed to pee so I moved the car closer to the station and headed inside.  I’ve no idea how many people had seen under my dress but I felt very self conscious walking past the crowds in Costa.

On returning to my car I was starting to wake up and felt a little playful so once I was sat in the car I hitched the dress back around my waist and drove in that fashion for the next 3 hours till home.

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