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Julie was out of the country for a few months so I was stopping by her house each day to check on things, she has an amazing garden so I spent quite a few hours each weekend keeping things in order. While her house is detached the garden itself was overlooked by one of the neighbours so sadly the clothes had to stay on.

The weather was beautiful though and the last thing I wanted was to end up with tan lines, a subject I broached with Julie during the week. She knows my foibles well and agreed that so long as the neighbours didn’t mind I could go right ahead. It goes without saying that following her acceding I started wearing rather less for my gardening duties, and this is how the neighbours found me the following weekend lying on my front with my bikini top untied.

Val had saw me from her patio and wandered by the fence to see who the strange girl in Julies garden was, I tied the top loosely behind me then sat up to talk. It did not take long to convince her that I had permission to be there and we just chatted about gardening, after a while her husband called to let her know lunch was almost ready. She was just about to leave when realising the opportunity I quickly said “I’ve finished gardening for the day so I thought I’d spend a little time sunbathing, I really don’t want to worry about tan-lines though so I was wondering if you’d be offended if…” to which she responded “Oh  don’t worry about it, anyhow I better get going have fun” and headed back indoors.

I’m pretty sure she thought I meant being topless but I’d pretty much stripped off before the door had closed. While I decided what to do next I wandered over and quickly threw the Bikini into Julies house and headed back outside with nothing to cover up.

My nipples made it clear I was enjoying myself so after reapplying sunscreen I lay down in the middle of the lawn in full view of the neighbours patio, making sure to move my hair away from my shoulders and waited to be seen. It did not take too long before they both returned having decided to eat lunch outside. I looked up towards the neighbours when somebody said “Cute Tuche”, curving my back just enough that my breasts were still touching the ground (admittedly not too far off the ground) I smiled and responded “Thanks, if the weather stays like this I’ll it shouldn’t take more than a few days to lose the tanlines”.

Val confirmed my earlier suspicions and chipped in “I thought you’d just wanted to keep the straps untied!” and laughed, so I asked if she was still okay with it and they agreed… which really is just as well since I would have had to walk naked to the house in order to cover up.

They both sat facing me from the patio so they clearly enjoyed the view and we talked while they ate and I sunbathed, after around 20 minutes I decided my bottom was now nicely warmed by the sun so it was clearly time to flip over. Still talking I pushed myself up onto my elbows arching my back enough that they would be able to see my chest fully, it took them a little while to continue the conversation so I decided to hold that position until a little pebble under my elbow was starting to make things uncomfortable.

At last I flipped myself over mid sentence, and once comfortable lay back with my hands behind my head as a pillow letting the neighbours see almost everything. My nipples were both at full attention as I was enjoying both the audience and the heat so I continued the conversation after confirming they were still happy. There was a little red in my cheeks now but I was still having fun I lay back and enjoyed the sun.

After another quarter hour I reapplied my sun-cream again, which stopped all conversation. I intended to be nude for quite a while so it made sense to make sure anything that had rubbed off on grass was replaced. Since my fluff was pointing away from them I moved my legs wide apart as I lay back down and enjoyed the sun and the company.

Once my front started to feel a little too warm I stood up and stretched my arms over my head before saying goodbye to the neighbours, who had clearly enjoyed their show with dinner. Once indoors I dressed and headed home to the husband for a little help applying the aftersun.

Since Julie had a wonderful south facing garden and I now had permission it seemed a shame not to take advantage, so over the coming weeks I spent quite a lot of time there undressed. However it was not until the following weekend that I was caught, on my hands and knees in wearing nothing but a pair of gardening gloves while weeding one of the flower beds. My bottom was pointing right at Val as she shouted a greeting, I stood up and wandered over to the fence to chat, my nipples were just below the fence so it was quite funny watching her husband trying to peek when he stuck his head out of the door.

She had came out to let me know they had guests coming over that afternoon, initially I thought she was politely asking me to cover up but Val followed up saying not to worry since they would not be offended. As Val went back into the house I mulled over the proposition while finishing off the gardening…

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