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A Short Pool Flash Story

I was at a swimming pool recently where the changing rooms are cubicles facing out into the pool area, each cubicle has a lockable door with an eight inch gap at the bottom. They are actually very private but I have taken advantage of them several times already.

The first time after swimming I stripped off in the cubicle then squatted down resting my back against the door, while I searched through my clothes bag my bare bottom was clearly on display for anyone walking past. While I could not spend too long in that position it was fun to hear the whispers of those walking past thinking me to be unaware. Once I was finally dressed and opened the door to leave it was clear someone who had caught a glance was still swimming widths near that area as they went bright red on making eye contact.

The second time I arrived just before the work rush and picked a changing room a third of the way down the pool. I left the door unlocked, undressed and started brushing my hair back while waiting for the inevitable. It did not take long before someone opened the door, I had only hoped for a quick flash but they had been chatting and walked in backwards only noticing the room was occupied on turning around after bumping into me. I made no attempt to cover up and used my free hand to hold the door open while she and her friend (outside) stared while trying to apologise.

This of course drew attention from the other patrons but they were the only two who could see me, so I simply stated not to worry as there was probably something wrong with the lock. Putting the brush down on the bench I gently turned her around and moved her out of the cubicle with my now free hand. In turn this left me standing completely naked and just outside the doorway for everyone in the pool to see. I was only there for a matter of seconds but of course I had to step backwards to close the door properly adding to the time and my excitement.

I really love swimming pools as mobile phones are banned and I can still have fun without worrying too much about the consequences.

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