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Another Short Pool Story

I went swimming today at the centre with the cubicles by the side of the pool, as before I chose a spot about a third of the way down the row and unlocked the door once I had stripped everything off.

This time I stood facing away from the door with my swimsuit in hand letting the tension build as I waited for the inevitable. After a few minutes the light from the door opening filled the cubicle and I grinned as the young man now staring at my exposed behind rapidly tried to apologise before thinking to quickly shut the door once more.

That was really all I’d wanted to do today, but since he was still standing outside the doorway apologising very politely and I had yet to say anything it seemed like a good opportunity to have a little more fun.

I turned around to face the door, then giving my girls a quick stroke to ensure they were at full attention dropped the suit on the bench and opened the door smiling. He finally stopped apologising and stared in mute silence, not sure whether to stare at my chest, eyes or between my legs.

With one hand still on the door I calmly explained that he shouldn’t worry about it and that in about 30 seconds I would be wearing less than a yard of skin tight fabric that did little more than add a splash of colour to my nude form. I let him and anyone else close to the cubicle continue to watch me until he finally said once more that he just wanted to say sorry. I laughed, accepted his apology and turned around once more closing the door behind me so everyone had a last quick flash of my bottom.

This done I pulled on my costume and headed out into the pool, I bumped into the gentleman as I was heading out of the pool again and enjoyed the effect of pointing to the areas my suit was sticking most and explaining that for all the cover they offer I may as well not be wearing them.

Its just as well he was wearing board shorts, though he did return to the water very quickly for some reason… so I am thinking I will probably have to use another pool for a few weeks before I build up too much of a reputation.

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