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Nude Swim (Part 4)

Since streaking the lobby I was very careful to only be naked in areas I should and act quite bashfully whenever I saw Chris, then the clocks went back.

This is the one I had waited for and was very anxious if not distracted throughout the day almost trying to convince myself not to go through with it, however I arrived as planned 15 minutes late according to my watch but 45 minutes early to the rest of the country. As usual when late I dashed straight through the reception area to the changing room waving a greeting to Amy who was manning the counter.

The basket counter was unmanned and the changing room almost deserted, by the time I had stripped off I was alone. I bundled everything but a pair of goggles into my bag and placed it in one of the lockers before steeling myself and heading up to the pool area. My heart was thumping in my chest but despite this I had to move as quickly as possible since if anyone returned to the changing room early I would not be able to complete my goal.

I headed up the stairs into the corridor with subdued lighting and the open gateway to the pool stood at its end, the noise felt deafening. Taking a final deep breath I stepped through into the seemingly blinding light of the pool itself, closed my eyes and stretched my arms straight up over my head while arching my back slightly. After a brief silence there was some laughter and a few whistles, I pretended I had not noticed these and walked towards my usual stretching spot at the pool while fastening my goggles.

Remaining calm and in control at this point took all my willpower, having reached the end of the pool with my goggles in place I finally turned around to see that everyone was watching and clearly having fun though made sure not to acknowledge it. Alan had clearly drawn lifeguard duty that day and was heading towards me as fast as possible holding a towel. I waved at him then began my stretching routine, strangely I could not quite hear him with my arms once more stretched as far over my head as possible.

He reached me before I could complete my stretching routine and said in an exasperated voice “What are you doing?”, I feigned innocence and stated “…stretching before I swim”, making sure not to look towards my audience. I took my goggles off again in an entirely nonchalant manner before his response of “Yes, but you are naked” to which mine was a confused “Its Monday…” he cut me off at this point as he stood in front shielding me “The clocks went back last night Ali”. My only response to this was “Oh dear…”

So standing at the back of the pool completely exposed I finally looked around towards the textiles properly, they were all clearly having fun and since most likely knew about the nudist group believed on some level it was entirely ditzy a mistake. Chances are since the bell incident the attendants had rather caught onto the fact I was something of an exhibitionist but I felt the most wonderful static washing over me as I started to blush. I covered myself up in the princess position but made sure it was not a stance of nervousness but simply out of politeness to others then exposed my breasts once more by taking the towel from Alan and held it over my front.

I turned to the pool again and confidently said “Terribly sorry, seems I’m here a little early today. I hope I haven’t offended anyone” and with the towel still only covering my front I quickly walked back towards the ladies changing room. Almost everyone in the pool had now swum over to my side to have a closer look at my departing and exposed bottom. I received a few cat calls but did respond to the more polite swimmers which did of course slow me down just a little, it seemed most people would have been quite happy for me to swim in my current attire.

Once I reached the gateway I was feeling quite naughty so I quickly folded the towel up and handed it back to Alan while grinning, giving everyone one last full frontal before heading into the changing room to which someone kindly shouted “Encore” to laughter. Everyone including Alan probably thought that was the end of the night, however since I had packed my costume just in case I decided it would be a shame to waste the remaining half hour so I returned to the locker and quickly pulled my costume on before heading out. It was tight enough that I may as well have left it off to be honest and since the liners had long been removed it did somewhat extenuate my more feminine features.

It was an amazing experience stepping back out into the pool area to an impromptu round of applause; I gave a quick wave then headed back to the far end to finish my stretches. While everyone had already seen almost everything I have it was really good fun to have everyone watching so closely in the passing hope of a wardrobe malfunction. Unfortunately for everyone I was now in a mood to tease and ensured that any stretch which may have exposed me was carried out keeping the fun parts facing away from them.

Having stretched I dove in and began swimming my lengths in earnest, after four laps I climbed out of the pool so people could see how much was being exposed by my suit while still fully covered. I knew from experience they would be able see the crease in my Mons clearly and thanks to the cold water my nipples were very much on show. I kept this pattern up for the next half hour of swimming four laps then climbing back out to dive in, despite everything being covered this show was almost more fun than being naked. Especially since there seemed to be a noticeable dip in the noise levels whenever I pulled myself out of the pool. It was also fun to see how friendly everyone became, since it was clear I was really just here to swim I received no untoward attention from my audience (which I had worried about) many simply wanted to know why I had been naked and in the typical British way found it amusing when I told them about the nudist group that swims here.

By the time the final session buzzer had went Amy had taken over from Alan and I was standing by the deep end of the pool chatting. The blackouts over the windows at the front of the pool were already in place and most people had already left but there were still some swimmers getting in their final laps. I still had lots of energy so instead of heading back to get changed I asked her if that meant the nudist session was about to start, to which she agreed. I think those still swimming in the pool caught on to what I was saying faster than Amy did as most suddenly seemed to find themselves swimming towards me, facing the pool I placed my thumbs under the straps of my suit, lifted them over my shoulders and had it down to my waist in one motion.

Still in teasing mode I stopped there for a moment, and commented on the light red marks that made it look as though I was still wearing the suit. Now I had my audiences full attention I pulled the suit down past my hips and shook it to my ankles. Stepping one foot outside the suit I used the other to lift it to my waiting hand giving those close enough the view they wanted.

Once more completely exposed I stood there continuing the now somewhat one-sided conversation with Amy, noting the red lines seemed to be front and back before taking the time to squeeze some of the water out of my costume before rolling it up turning around to place it on the bench. I stretched my hands behind my back to accentuate my bust then finally said how wonderful it was to finally get the suit off. Amy responded that I should have waited until the pool was empty before doing that, in return I simply stated “Oh I’m sure they don’t mind” before standing right on the edge to let my audience have one last look before diving in.

By the time I had reached the far end of the pool the remaining swimmers had all climbed out though there were still some people standing around the gateway watching. As a final farewell I decided to swim a nice slow backstroke down the middle of the pool, Amy by this point was laughing which in turn made me much happier. The second buzzer went and my audience reluctantly headed back into the changing rooms with only a little ushering from Amy… it probably did not help that I decided to climb out again for another dive before it got too busy.

I was grinning the whole night and had fun reliving it by explaining what had happened today to some of the friends I had made in the Monday swimming club. This was however the last of my big adventures at this club as shortly afterwards I returned to my normal office and gym. Though for my final session I did something I rarely do and had a full wax, removing the fig leaf is always a fun and I just pretended it was for my husband’s birthday.

When I left that night everything apart from my coat went into the bag, Chris had been stuck on reception all evening and I was feeling exceptionally naughty so before I walked outside I opened my coat completely and asked what he thought of my new haircut. It took him a good minute before confirming that he felt it suited me, I then headed straight home so another interested party could have a much closer look.

4 thoughts on “Nude Swim (Part 4)”

  1. Alice,
    How delightful these stories are, and how much fun for you, your unwitting audience, and – vicariously – your readers.
    It’s fun to see how your exhibitionism has evolved (although it seems strange that you still sometimes get embarrassed at getting caught).
    I was wondering what are the boundaries for your exhibitionism and if you have ever been accosted by the authorities?
    Thanks and keep writing. It’s people like you that make our
    sometimes tawdry lives richer.

    1. I still blush when I get caught and I’m fortunate enough to still get that rush from disrobing in places I should not… though the experience is always far more intense if there’s been a break between my experiences.

      I have not so much been accosted by the authorities as caught by them a few times, more than once a community officer has came over to have a word about my skinny dipping or nude sunbathing (not illegal in the UK) and the odd campsite warden has had a polite word about my casual nudity… but I cannot recall any serious consequences to having been caught out. Usually they find it amusing, give me a quick warning then leave me to get on with things.

      The only time it nearly caused a problem is when I’d decided to go night running and the police thought there might be a less amusing reason for me to be out there in the buff. After I explained it had been a dare they gave me a lift back to the campsite and blasted their siren once near the gates before departing, leaving me to dart off like a startled rabbit.

  2. A policewoman approached me once while I was naked on my front porch. I thought that she might arrest me, but she was only interested in a possible crime victim next door. She wanted to know if I was a friend of the folks who lived there and if I might possibly have a key to their door. I told her I did, and that I would go inside a throw some clothes on and get it. Turns out (thank God ) that there was nothing amiss. She thanked me and left without even mentioning my nudity.

    I often go naked around my house and even in my yard. I talk to my neighbors very openly about my nudity. They seem not to care and treat me as the neighborhood eccentric. No one seems offended in the least.

    All this leads me to conclude that folks seem less upset by what you wear or don’t wear these days.

    Thanks Alice. Keep writing and go around as bare as you dare! You bring joy to folks.

  3. liked your stories very much just wanted to say you had the perfect opportunity for a wardrobe malfunction by way of accident or sabotage even if you did the sabotage and acted like you did not know how did id to you. Possible spin off who is sabotaging the clothing or swim ware

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