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Nude Swimming (Part 3)

The next few sessions where rather quiet in comparison to the previous ones, I established a routine of using the lockers when I turned up a little late and still loved handing over all of my clothes at the basket counter when possible. One more group of young men saw me from the men’s side of the counter but since an attendant was waiting for the basket they could only really see my breasts as they walked past as slowly as possible. I’m sure it made their night and it was something of a boost for me too.

Once the lifeguards had become quite used to seeing me naked each Monday I decided to up the ante just a little by preceding each swim session by a 5 to 10 minute poolside stretching routine to warm up. This drew a lot of attention when wearing my seemingly demure and practical black swimming costume (especially since any liners had long since been removed), but when naked it finally gave me the opportunity to let anyone who was interested see every last part of me fully exposed. The only catch being that I always had to swim much faster afterwards to justify this piece of exhibitionism, which did wonders for physique.

The first time I did this was easily the most fun as the lifeguard was desperately trying not to stare when I performed a full forward bend leaving my head resting on my shins. Within a few days several people were actually joining me in the stretches on the textile side though on Mondays I was always alone. Since I still teach yoga my flexibility is superb and I can give professional advice to those on how to improve their own… which did make it rather less obvious I was only doing this for my own exhibitionist tendencies.

Having finally figured out how to expose everything in a reasonably innocent way I really wanted to push the envelope just a little further before the finale in October. I decided that what I really wanted to do was walk through the Victorian lobby to the pool completely naked, to make this happen all I needed to do was leave the pool slightly earlier than usual. I swam much harder than usual that night as I could feel the adrenaline rush building minute by minute, on leaving the pool I brushed off the water with my hands headed to the basket counter. As I’d hoped there was no attendant, just a poor innocent little bell that was about to meet a sorry fate in the name of the greater good.

My pulse was racing as I quickly disassembled the bell and lifted a small cog just enough out of its housing that once reassembled all that would echo through the chamber was a dull tink. Having tested the bell once or twice to the desired effect of not alerting an attendant I nervously headed up the stairs towards the lobby pausing slightly on each step. Once I reached the heavy door at the top I put my ear to its panel to make sure there were not too many people around and was rewarded once more with silence, gaining confidence I pulled the door towards me and peaked into the lobby to see it was completely deserted and finally opened the door fully and stepped through removing any pretence at hiding.

I stood in front of the door for a good minute breathing deeply and relishing in the experience of being completely exposed in a public area. The cold marble of the floor felt wonderful and the static I could feel throughout my body was enhanced by the chill of the room itself, as I could feel my breath stuttering ever so slightly it was clearly time to find someone who could help. Starting to grin once more I walked across the lobby to the far side of the room and bent over the ticket counter as though someone might be hiding below, unsurprisingly I was indeed alone.

Looking over at the gigantic oak panelled doors at the front of the building I knew what I had to do next, I quickly dashed over and unlocked the door so I could peek outside, just in case they were having a cigarette break, making sure the deadbolt was not going to leave me stranded I then stepped outside into the bitter October evening and it felt amazing. I stood there with one arm over my breasts and another covering my fluff for a good 30 seconds before throwing my arms to the side while laughing. Not a single person passed by which is probably just as well but I felt truly in my element.

Stepping back into the pool building I was fortunate in that it was still deserted and aware that I was starting to get too bold on the adrenaline coursing through my veins… but I was not finished yet. Blushing and goose bumped from the cold I walked over to the staffroom where I could hear a television playing softly. Standing outside the door I placed my left hand over my fluff and knocked with my right, at first I thought nobody was going to come but then Chris opened the door midway through my second knock.

To say he was surprised would be a bit of an understatement and I played up a bit leaving my right hand hovering in the air. While he had already seen me naked many times now this was clearly something new and left him completely speechless. It was probably only a short time until I spoke but everything seemed to be moving in slow motion and he was clearly enjoying seeing my girls at full attention. Moving my left hand nervously a little tighter between my legs to somehow imply as was as embarrassed as my blushes indicated I said the bell isn’t working stuttering once or twice. My right hand was still in the air at this point so I acted as though I had only just noticed and moved my arm over my breasts, which because I was so sensitive at this point caused me to breath in very sharply, arguably more so than Chris.

I had to repeat myself before Chris seemed to wake up enough to string together the words, I’ll be right down while trying to cover up his arousal. At this I turned away keeping my front covered and timidly half walked half shuffled with my legs tightly together towards the ladies changing room in the typical princess in distress routine that takes far more time and no doubt left him with an enduring memory of my departing bottom since I did not hear the staffroom door close until I was on inside the changing room.

On meeting Chris at the basket room I was still covering up and unfortunately he had the basket waiting for me on the counter, though had clearly conscientiously stayed to make sure I was okay. He apologised profusely for the bell while desperately trying not to stare, he probably would have went back up stairs at this point but I then remembered I was not completely naked, the little plastic basket number band was still sitting on my ankle. I nervously commented on this then uncovered my breasts again trying to take the band off one handed with my left still tightly over my fluff.

The effort was clumsy and since my knees were genuinely a little wobbly by this point I came close to tripping myself over, apologising while tried to say I could drop it off later I sat down on the bench with my left hand in place pressing down unusually hard and made another attempt to remove the band bending over at my waist again failing as my hands were shaking. So still bent over I reached down for the band with both hands then gradually sat up letting the removal of the band lift my foot off the floor and open my legs apart enough for him to see the area beneath my fluff clearly.

I was breathing very sharply at this point and felt I had a full body blush, after one failed attempt I walked over the counter uncovered with the band in my hand and handed it over before taking the basket and thanking Chris for his help before heading behind the barrier. Since I had spent so long doing this I had pretty much air dried and there was absolutely no way I could deal with the pent up emotion in the way I would really have liked since others would soon be leaving the pool. Everything but my coat and shoes went into my bag; with the coat tightly buttoned I dashed out giving a stuttered goodbye to Chris who was now behind the counter in the lobby once more.

I drove home in a very dangerous state with the coat unbuttoned below the line of the window to my waiting husband who was as always happy to help me out. Wearing the coat during this time was something of a novelty but I was quite voracious by this point.

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