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Hotel Towel Tease

There is a hotel a little north of Reading I have visited several times for training, unfortunately on these occasions there have been too many of my colleagues from other schools to do anything interesting. However since this sessions training took place on the last day of term I decided to stay on for a few days and use the hotel as a base for walking part of the Ridgeway.

The hotel itself is a converted manor house with several conference rooms, a large swimming pool and a small gym which faces out over the carpark. In its recent past the hotel has expanded and there is a second set of slightly more modern accommodation on the opposite side of the courtyard, of which I had been allocated a room on the top floor. On the morning after the conference I skipped the gym and headed over to breakfast, mainly to make sure that everyone else had checked out (since I knew they would not pass on the chance of a free meal).

As hoped there was nobody around I recognised and the back of my mind was already ticking over, since I would probably be back here in the future some caution was required… but that still left a lot of scope for teasing.

The gym and pool were open to guests of the hotel from 6am till 10pm but the area would only be staffed between 8:30 and 6pm. Sadly the hotel did have CCTV installed throughout the health-zone, it was possible to watch all three areas at once from the check-in desk. I was a little puzzled by the one in the gym since the only thing that separated the gym from the desk was a glass wall. The hotel also had courtesy towels available at the desk for anyone who needed them, they were almost blanket sized… fortunately I had brought some of my own.

It was perfect weather for the 16 mile walk from Ogbourne St George to Sparsholt Firs and the scenery made the arduous car journey worthwhile, however since I kept my clothes on the whole time I wont mention any more than finally getting to see the White Horse in Uffington. By the time I got back I was starting to feel a little fidgety, since I run that distance in under two hours at least twice a week the 6 hour saunter had left me with plenty of energy and after an hours drive I needed to stretch my muscles for a while.

I stripped the hiking gear off the second I walked through the door to my room, despite the clement weather it was still a bit muddy and I had no intention of upsetting the cleaners. If this was not a hotel I intended to return to I would probably have stripped to bra and pants in the courtyard or the passage. After a quick wash down I had to choose my outfit for this evening’s gym session, the conservative tracksuit pants and long-sleeved shirt were definitely off the cards. Having deliberated just enough to make sure the 6pm staff would have left I decided on a pair of skins running shorts and a sports bra and since this was my first trip down I would make use of the complimentary towels.

Walking to the gym in this manner drew a few stares and I would say a small part of this is down to the shorts, they are perfect for running but even in black leave nothing to the imagination. While the gym lacked any free weights it did have treadmills, rowing machines and a few Swiss balls on the stretching mats. The mats were placed right behind the treadmills and strangely the boys really made sure they stretched properly after exercising while I was running. After working up enough of a sweat I decided to swim some laps, so I collected one of the towels from the passage and headed into the women’s changing rooms.

Obviously my outfit was not really designed for swimming, but since both pieces were black it they worked pretty well. Using one of the showers before entering the pool made the suit really stick to my skin and every single detail of my body became clearly visible. I had sort of hoped that the suit would become a bit loose so it would pull down (or even off) when I dived into the pool but it did not budge even once in during my hours swim. After the swim it was time to start pushing things a little more, so once in the changing room I took my training shoes and towel out of the locker undressed and left everything but my room key on the bench… just toying with the fantasy of my clothes being stolen while I showered so I would have no option but to head out naked.

Sadly (or possibly just as well) the clothes were there on my return but I had no intention of putting them back on, having dried off I put my trainers on then walked back over to the shower area to wring out my suit so it would not be dripping on the way back to my room. While I had drawn a few glances a naked women in the girls changing room is not too much out of the ordinary but when I left with my suit in hand and a towel wrapped around me everyone was looking.

Obviously wandering around in nothing but a towel is sort of accepted on a campsite but its not really common practice in a hotel, so as I walked past the gym everyone stopped what they were doing to watch me. I’d almost reached the main corridor outside of the health zone when I realised that I had not signed out in the registration book, so I turned back around and headed to the desk seeing a few guilty glances of those who had been openly looking once I’d walked past. Were it not for the CCTV I’m sure the towel would have somehow found its way to the floor before I left, but instead I had to make do with turning my back to the glass windows and leaning forward while I signed the book.

The towel reached a good few inches below my bottom but the guy who had the good fortune to be doing sit-ups had a great view, it was sort of fun since I was watching him in the television monitors while pretending I had no idea he was looking. To prolong the experience a little longer I turned fully to look at the clock on the other side of the room so I could fill in the book correctly, this time I placed my feet about 10 inches apart before leaning over and my voyeur did not manage a single sit-up in the time I stood there.

This done and despite now blushing I pretended nothing was out of the ordinary and headed out into the main corridor leading to the courtyard. The towel was quite substantial and really it was more the idea of being naked that I was enjoying and probably inspiring in everyone that saw me walk past with my wet suit in hand. I was just about to head outside when a member of the hotels staff called out a very polite “excuse me”, I thought I was about to be busted for doing this which would really spoil my fun for the next few days but the conversation that took place was not the one I expected.

It turns out that the member of staff was not so much concerned that I was walking around in a towel but that I was walking around in one of the gyms towels that were not meant to leave the health zone. I had immediately used the excuse that it seemed silly bring clothes to get changed just to head back to my room but she interrupted with her explanation and seemed to be waiting for me to hand it over. Again the temptation was great but I quietly said you would be more than welcome to take it now but at the moment this is all I’m wearing, which caused her to blush and gave me the upper hand once more. Instead I offered the compromise that she could follow me to my room and I would return the towel there or she could take my room number from the key and I would drop it off at reception tomorrow.

A few people were now aimlessly standing around in the corridor, possibly hoping that I would relent and just hand over the towel where I stood, sadly the young lady had decided that taking my room number was the best idea, which was a shame since I had really hoped she would go for the first one giving me the opportunity to take it off the second I exited the lift and the floor was clear… or even better in the open doorway to my room as people walked by.

Still a compromise had been reached so after she had written down my room number I turned round and headed out into the courtyard, even though it was now dark quite a few people were sitting at the chairs around the fountains and once more a girl walking through the middle of them in a towel drew quite a few glances.

My cheeks were bright red now and despite the number of people out there was a chill wind in the air that was making me shake a little and certainly making itself felt on my more tender areas. Ignoring the temptation to run I continued to slowly walk along the path by the chairs. Being only a little bit naughty I walked up the steps to the raised and well lit covered area so that for the rest of my journey my ankles were at head height for the seated guests. It would probably have taken a lot less time were I not engaged in conversation at pretty much every occupied table. I feel most people were able to confirm any suspicions they might have had regards the costume in my hand, it was quite fun since in order to talk with me they had to look up and the candles on their tables should have provided all the illumination needed.

Most of the chats were the usual small talk about how it was a beautiful evening, that I’d been swimming and have they tried the gym yet? Though one small mixed party stood out in that they were still dressed in their hiking gear and I spent some time talking with them about the Ridgeway and learned they had just covered the part near Goring (tomorrow’s goal for me). Had I been dressed I would have stayed longer but my legs were starting to ache from being stood still a bit too long (the small stop in conversation when I moved my feet apart was always fun), in all I must have been there about 10 minutes which is a long time when you are exposed both in yourself and to the elements.

They asked if I wanted to sit down with them for a while and offered me a drink, even though I was having fun the cold was starting to make me shiver a bit too much. So I agreed to come back as soon as I’d thrown some warmer clothes on then made my exit, the remaining tables got only a quick hello as I strode into the relative warmth of the second accommodation block. I was tempted to take the stairs help warm me up but at that moment the lift appeared and for once I took the easy option. While the lift was empty there was a 14” wide floor to ceiling mirror in the centre of each wall, once the button was pressed I lay against the back of the elevator rubbing my hands for warmth.

It seemed that the entire building was deserted as I stepped out of the elevator, there was not even the sound of a TV or muted conversation behind the doors. While I was not going to streak down the corridor a little exercise to warm up seemed to be in order so I sprinted to my room at the end as fast as possible, hearing my footsteps echo on impact with the floor. Outside my room there was still no noise so I let the towel accidentally fall as I fiddled with the key card in the slot, then dived through the door as I scooted down to pick it up. My heart was beating faster for this small act lasting a matter of seconds than for the past twenty minutes or so outside, especially since I had forgotten to look for cameras.

I was to say the least a little worked up by this point and unfortunately there was no husband around to help work out my frustration, so I just left it bottled up while I went and got changed to spend some time with the hikers. After an hour the party broke up as we all had an early start the next day, before returning to my room I stopped by the main reception to drop the towel off. While waiting for a receipt I watched the television monitors behind the desk, they cycled at least three times and it was clear that the cameras were not in fact everywhere. The ones in the health-zone I knew about but fortunately it seemed that while there were cameras on the entrance to each building and the car parks there were none on the floors, so my last minute flash was not going to end up on the security guards Christmas tapes.

By the time I got back to my room I was absolutely exhausted and while frisky could not really be bothered to do anything about it, which is probably what made me worse the next day.

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