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Wales (Day 8)

To say the previous days weather forecast was inaccurate would be an understatement to say the least, however it seemed the fates had decided to make up for it today. Its odd that nearly all of my holidays seem to end this way no matter which country or what time of year. Looking out the front of my tent there was none of the usual activity I had come to associate with a campsite at 8:00 in the morning. I only had 2 hours until the bus arrived that would take me to the train station, while there was no immediate hurry I did have to eat and pack away the tent. I decided to get my shower out of the way first in the hope that the rain would ease off a little.

I pulled on my white shirt and trainers, this was going to be my last opportunity so I was going to take full advantage of it. The first thing I did was go out and retrieve my now completely soaked towel and bikini from the guy rope and moved them under the canopy so they could at least drip dry a little in the coming hour. This only took a few seconds but by the time I was done my t-shirt was more or less transparent bar the lettering… fortunately there was a lot it.

Still quite damp I collected a clean towel and my wash bag from inside then holding the towel above my head as though I was shielding myself from the rain I ran to the shower-block. I passed one lady packing her car on the way but no one else and given the speed I was going I doubt she realised what she saw till I was pretty much at the showers. I would have walked but it was actually pretty cold, and besides you can imagine how high the shirt was with both arms above my head. Once showered I relented on my no wet clothes rule just this once as it was a little late in the day for anything else, though I did run back to my tent in the same manner with the towel above my head.

On reaching my tent I stood under the canopy and looked around, there still wasn’t anyone outside but there were one or two looking wistfully out of the windows on some of the larger tents. The shirt by this point was completely transparent letters or not and quite uncomfortable because of the way it was clinging, though my towel was still quite dry despite its ordeal. I decided this would be my final opportunity for quite some time so I may as well enjoy myself… besides I didn’t want to soak the inside of my tent.

First I took my trainers off then with some effort pulled my t-shirt off, there was nothing graceful in this as it seemed to want to catch at every available opportunity. I admittedly let it catch under my chin with my face covered for a little longer than really necessary. Once this was done I reached inside my tent and collected a plastic bag to put it in along with the wet towel and bikini that were already hanging under the canopy. Then I quickly got dry with the other towel and put that in the bag as well. Now dry I crawled naked into my tent and searched for some nice warm clothes to put on as I was absolutely bloody freezing.

The rain continued throughout the day though by the time Id finished eating breakfast I had already given up any hope of it giving my a few mins to pack away my tent. With an hour to go I set about packing up until all that was left was my little dry spot under the canopy. The time just seemed to fly by from this point and I felt a little despondent to say the least, this had probably been the best holiday I had ever had and in truth I didn’t want it to end. Despite this the inevitable happened and come 10am I was sitting on the bus watching the scenery pass me by.

Arriving at the train station I rang my father to remind him to collect me later that day, then using the last of my money I purchased a few magazines from a local WHSmiths to keep me entertained on the journey. In hindsight I needn’t have bothered since for some reason once we got going I was so tired I slept nearly the whole way home.

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