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Wales (Day 1)

After the exams were out of the way I decided I needed a holiday, and since all my friends had disappeared to various foreign climes I was going to have to go on my own.

Given that I had a budget of around £80 my choices seemed rather limited, on this sort of a budget I was going to be limited to a weekend away… unless I went camping.

Now it had been a LONG time since I had ever been near a tent let alone sleeping outside with all the insects’ nature has to offer. Given this you can assume that I am rather fond of my creature comforts so the idea of truly roughing it didn’t really appeal to me so I needed to find a reasonably cheap campsite and a method of getting there.

So I spent the next few hours scurrying around under the stairs for my old tent, rucksack, sleeping bag, this cooker thing that sits in a pot and as many tins of food as I could lift (I was on a budget and what else are parents for!) By the following morning I was all packed and ready to leave pausing only to scrounge a lift to the train station and a little emergency money.

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