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Changing on the beach

A few summers ago I spent some time looking for fossils on the South Coast of England, I’d arrived early to try and beat at least a few of the professional hunters and was rewarded for my diligence with a small ammonite. While hunting I talked with several groups as I worked my way along the beach and ended up joining a small mixed party who were friendly and seemed to be having good luck themselves.

As it approached lunch time we were quite far down the beach and stopped to eat, since I wasn’t hungry I asked the group look after my bag while I went for a swim. There was a little teasing as I slowly undid my shorts and let them drop to my ankles, but once I pulled my T-shirt off they could all see my new bikini so there was to be no towel based burlesque that day.

However the idea that I might have needed to change in front of them was amusing me… I spent 20 minutes swimming before re-joining the group just as they were talking about heading back. There was hardly anyone else around on this stretch of beach, so I said I was going to push on a little further and thanked them for looking after my bag.

Since they were still sitting around I decided to have a little fun, I commented that I’d better get changed again then rummaged around in the bag for my towel while chatting in general about what I wanted to find today. Once I’d placed the the small towel and my clothing on the ground I stood up and removed my top as nonchalantly as possible, then wrung it out in front of me.

This certainly got their attention but I acted as though nothing was out of the ordinary, dropped the bikini top on the ground and bent over to pick up the towel. It was fun watching their expressions while I dried off and the group were now talking again so I decided to push things further.

Once my top half was dry I turned to the side pulled the T-shirt on over my head before pushing my bikini bottoms over my hips and letting them fall down to my ankles before stepping out of them. Flashing my boobs had been fun but standing around naked from the waist down was far more entertaining and had certainly stopped any conversation.

I faced the group and continued the small talk while quickly dipping down and picking up my towel to finish drying off. It did not take long to get dry, but I did manage to prolong things just a bit by brushing a little imaginary sand from my fluff. Sadly I then had no option but to pull my shorts back on before wandering off down the beach, but I’m sure they had a lasting impression of me.

Later in the afternoon I decided to go swimming again but since the beach was deserted I decided not worry too much about putting the bikini back on first.

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