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Wales (Day 2)

Id rang the previous day and arranged to catch a train, which after a few transfers would take me to somewhere in Wales that was fairly close to Bangor. I’d been there once before many years ago and decided it would be a nice place to visit. It was starting to get late by the time Id found a site that not only had spaces but hot showers as well… but when I did I really landed on my feet it had everything a little arcade with a snooker table, hot showers, a small indoor pool, hot showers, a little on site pub/cafe, hot… (You get the idea after spending the whole day tramping around for somewhere to stay your priorities start to change). It seemed perfect and while a little expensive at £4 a day I figured a week here would be nice.

Given the lateness of my arrival I just wanted to set up my tent and go to sleep and since I was going to be situated at the far end of the site I still had a little bit of a walk… by the time Id got my tent set up it was already dark so I undressed and quite unremarkably fell straight asleep.

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