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Wales (Day 3)

I awoke quite literally at daybreak… and it was absolutely bloody freezing, given the fact I was aching all over I decided it was time for that hot shower Id been promising myself. So I sorted out my wash kit and headed over to the shower block.

Unusually for a campsite it seemed deserted, even at this time in the morning most sites are a veritable hive of activity but I didn’t pass another sole on my way. Which meant no queues for the showers! So I opened the cubicle, locked the door, stripped and spent the next 1/4 hour loving every second of the heat.

Unknown to me however my shorts had slipped off the stool and had been happily resting half in half out of the shower and were as you can imagine completely soaked. This was not the first time this had happened to me, but poorly designed stools seemed to be the mainstay of all campsites in Wales. I was to say the least a little annoyed at this after the hot shower the last thing I wanted to do was trudge back in soaking wet clothes, and though I had had the experiences in my back yard I wasn’t going to go streaking across the campsite!

Approaching the problem philosophically there was no one around and my nice oversized Metallica T-shirt was still nice and dry on the bench. With this in mind I got dry, wrapped the shorts inside my towel. The good thing about heavy metal shirts is that no matter which size you buy they’re always designed to fit someone at least 7′ tall so at a staggering 5’4″ It was easily covering what it needed to.

So I unlatched the door and headed outside, there were one or two others there now but I didn’t think much of it just the usual friendly nod and smile and on my way once I even got as far as two steps before I noticed that in the space of fifteen minutes the whole campsite was now well and truly alive, well I decided they couldn’t really see anything so why not just go for it. Despite this there’s something about walking round in nothing but a T-Shirt and trainers that makes it very hard indeed to act casual in fact they could probably see my face glowing bright red from the other side of the campsite but I really didn’t want to go putting wet clothes on and for some reason I was suddenly feeling very warm.

So I walked the 1/2 mile or so too my tent, all the way ever conscious of the slightest draught and constantly fidgeting to keep the bottom of my shirt where it belonged. I would probably of solicited less attention if I had ran back in my birthday suit in fact I probably took about twice as much time getting back this way, I was so grateful to see my tent flap at the end that I literally dived through it pulling the ties after me, it only occurred afterwards that Id probably given anyone looking in that direction a very good view of all nature had given me.

As always I was feeling the torrent of mixed emotions going through the ‘I cant believe I just did that’ stage, the buzz, the thrill, the excitement… the realisation that these were people Id never seen or were ever likely to see again. This wasn’t like when I was sunbathing in my backyard where I had to be terrified every time a car passed or a dog barked. This was certainly going to be a very fun holiday.

So basically I got dressed which is very difficult to do in the confines of one of those tiny little tents hung my shorts to dry on one of the guy ropes, and went out to spend the rest of the morning doing the tourist thing. Despite the cold start it was a really beautiful day hot, sunny and not a cloud in the sky so I decided to spend a little time sunbathing and catch up on my reading (if a copy of kerrang picked up in the village counts as catching up on my reading). Having crept back into my tent I put on my bikini, threw a towel on the ground outside and got down to business. It continued to get hotter as the afternoon went on, after a few hours I decided to take advantage of that nice cooling pool as spending the next few days being burnt to a crisp or suffering from sunstroke would not be a good idea. So I put my shorts (now dry) and T-shirt in a bag threw the towel round my shoulders and headed off to the pool.

When I got to the pool it looked very inviting to say the least, it was in a large building divided into two halves separated by a floor to ceiling glass window with a door in it. On one side a 15m pool and on the other the camp sites café. 3 walls enclosed the café and pool but the fourth was another floor to ceiling glass window that gave a beautiful view out over the hills. There were changing rooms out of a door at the back but no locker’s for your kit so everyone was leaving their bags and towels on the benches around the pool. So I followed suit and left my stuff in a corner and dived straight in (more difficult than it sounds given how crowded the pool was).

After I’d swam a few lengths someone shouted something in what sounded like German from the door of the café, a girl about my age got out of the pool walked over to the door and chatted with the lady standing there whom from my limited grasp of languages I deduced to be her mother, then proceeded to one of the benches removed her swimsuit, got dried and dressed. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing (and judging from the looks around the pool I wasn’t the only one), once dressed they left the pool and got into the car which had pulled up outside.

I spent the next hour or so in the pool and the same thing happened quite a few time’s with both boys and girls and while some where drying and getting changed under their towels others were just stripping off in the open and getting on with it. Needless to say this gave me a few ideas, when I got out of the pool I couldn’t quite get up the confidence to do anything so I collected my kit and went into the changing room. After all I was here for a week yet.

The rest of the day past fairly uneventfully, I spent most of the time talking to various people on site and messing around in the arcade (they had Bubble Bobble! I can still last about an hour on a single 10p so very good value for money!).

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  1. I used to follow the blog of an Englishman who had a German girlfriend, and she apparently thought being completely naked in public, around friends, etc. was perfectly normal, and couldn’t understand why her English boyfriend was so uptight about it. Not sure if this behaviour is typical of the Germans, or not.

    I’m not German, or English, but after working out, showering, swimming, etc., I also don’t have any problem with being naked in the locker room. That said, I’m not one of those naked old men you often see in mens’ locker rooms chatting with another naked old man when you arrive to work out, and who are still there, still chatting, and still naked, when you go to shower/change after working out 😉

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