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Wales (Day 4)

I woke up at daybreak again, its odd when I’m at home I can sleep till noon without a care in the world however when I go anywhere to relax I’d be lucky to miss breakfast. Id already decided I was going to repeat yesterday’s episode with the t-shirt but with a slight twist, today the shorts were staying in the tent. Once I was ready or unready so to speak I stuck my head out to check the coast was clear and off I went. I was determined to walk all the way to the shower block but by the time I reached the end of my row I couldn’t stop myself from running full pelt, by the time I got there my lungs felt like they were going to explode and my heart was hammering against my chest like no tomorrow. So I went in stripped to get showered and realised in my haste Id actually forgot to bring any money with me for the shower I wasn’t making two trips and heck a cold shower would probably do me good anyway. Once Id finished showering (in a remarkably short space of time it is worth noting) I dried off and put the T-shirt on as yesterday and headed outside, there were some fairly clear indicators that I was indeed quite cold. Sure enough it was just as busy as the day before and I was determined to make my way back to the tent in a more orderly fashion and without fiddling around with the t-shirt every five seconds.

As it happens the decision to take things slowly today was rather superfluous as I seemed to bump into everyone Id spoken to the previous night and spent about 5mins with each of them chatting about what they were doing today and the weather etc. Id started to forget about my state of undress after a while I began waving to people I recognised and actually going over and initiating the conversation. It didn’t occur until the following day when I was brushing my hair in the mirror at the shower block that whenever I was lifting my arm to wave I was giving everyone a show. Given the length of the T-shirt I was shocked how far it lifted when I raised my arm.

Yet again I decided to spend the day doing touristy things, visit that wondrous town Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, buy a tape to learn how to say it and a white t-shirt with the name on the front and the definition on the back. I also found possibly the best bakery in the UK just outside the campsite. I didn’t get back till late afternoon and since I hadn’t spent too much money the day before decided to treat myself to a coffee by the pool to go with the cakes from the bakery (Yes I’m afraid it is in the plural as on so many other days I couldn’t decide which to go for ).

I must admit I was also trying to dare myself to get changed to go swimming at the bench but I didn’t have my suit with me so nothing much else happened that day. I went back to my tent to get something to eat about 6:00 and ended up falling asleep shortly afterwards; when I awoke it was still dark. I looked at my watch and it was around 3:00am in the morning I tried to get to back to sleep but couldn’t so decided to go for a quick walk instead.

Everyone else it seemed had the good fortune to still be tucked up in bed as I walked around the site in that overly quiet way that people do when there’s absolutely no noise to be heard at all. It was a warm night and quite pleasant I ended up almost at the gate to the site before I decided head back. Now for two mornings I had went from and to the shower block in little more than a t-shirt and since there was nobody around I decided I wanted to do it without the t-shirt. It is worth pointing out at this point that I am given to be quite impulsive and its odd how all of my more erratic impulses seem to take place at about 3:00am… but I digress.

So I stood off next to a wall so nobody could see me and removed my shorts then hurriedly pulled my shirt off over my head. There were lights at regular intervals but they were fairly far apart so I knew I would be able to hide if needs be. Once Id rolled the two up so they’d be easier to carry I set off. Yet again my intention was to walk all the way back and I was doing pretty well, (admittedly in that state of terror where I was starting at all those noises which I was sure weren’t there a minute ago) right up until turned the bend towards the shower block. The shower block was lit up like a lighthouse as I passed it I would be visible to about half the site easily, but I was determined to walk the whole way back so swapped to the other side of the road to stay in the shadows as much as possible and eventually (after several false starts) id made it to the wall by the side of the shower block, for a while I was completely hidden so I took a second to slow my breathing and stop myself from shaking so much.

After what was no doubt a matter of seconds but felt like an hour I decided that I was going to have to get going so I stood up and walked in front of the shower block towards my own tent (still about ½ a mile away), it was about the time I reached the middle of the shower block (when I would be fully visible to any who cared to look and at most risk of being caught) I heard a toilet flush behind me. I paused for a second then took off like a whippet. Caution was thrown to the wind; all I could think about was getting away from there as fast as possible. It goes without saying that I believe I reached my tent in record time that night… and I still don’t know how I managed it without tripping over guy-ropes and waking everyone up as I passed.

Yet again I dived into the tent tied the flaps behind me and lay on my sleeping bag while I caught my breath. Physically and mentally exhausted I fell asleep soon after.

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