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Wales (Day 5)

The night’s excursions had worn me out, for the first time that week I was awoken to the sounds of car’s, cooking and people talking. It was still warm and I was still sleepy enough just to lie there completely unaware of the world around me, but a slight draft kept disturbing me so I rolled over and sat up as best I could… the reason for the draft was now very apparent.

In my haste to fasten the ties of my tent it appeared I had made a less than satisfactory job to say the least, the bottom half of the door was happily flapping in the wind. I sat there stunned for a few seconds, as I often seem to do in this situation a literal case of rabbit in the headlights syndrome. Now it hit home that I had fell asleep on top of my sleeping bag wearing nothing but a pair of trainers, and for that matter sitting up with my arms wrapped about my knees wasn’t much of an improvement to the situation.

Looking out from under the door I could see people in adjacent plots lying on sun and airbeds who seemed to be expending a great deal of effort on the newspapers and magazines in their hands… despite the fact that one or two seemed to be directly facing the entrance to my tent. The tent I was in was fairly small and as a result even half open you wouldn’t really be able to see into it easily, so I can only assume that someone had seen inside while lying on the ground and had passed the word around. I couldn’t say how many people had seen and over what period of time… gazing at my travel alarm I noticed it was about 10am, the site was usually fully awake by 7am at the latest.

I mean I’ve heard of a Freudian slip but this was ridiculous! The next few seconds were spent cursing my own clumsiness. Now I had to decide what I was going to do basically I needed a shower as I couldn’t hide in my tent all day no matter how tempting it seemed at that moment and no matter how hard I prayed the ground just didn’t seem to want to swallow me up. I decided I might as well make the best of it, if I went and tied the door properly now it would just make it obvious that I knew everybody had seen so I decided to act as calmly as possible get my kit and just go!

So I slipped a T-shirt and shorts on collected my kit and headed back to the shower block. My intention had been to wear nothing to and from the showers that week other than my T-Shirt but to do so now would have been too obvious, so I controlled by blushing as best I could and went on my way trying not to acknowledge anyone outside. By the time I’d reached the end of the row a few of the people who had previously been lounging around outside their tents had decided to pack away the loungers, obviously this mornings show was now over.

I had a wonderful hot shower and as previously mentioned while brushing my hair I discovered just how high the T-shirt rose when I raised my arms. I did consider going back without the shorts but for now my confidence had taken a knock. Upon arrival at my tent there were still one or two people lying around opposite perhaps hoping for an encore but they weren’t getting one while I knew they were watching. So I went into my tent and securely fastened the ties and got ready for the day.

Today Id decided to go and see Penrhyn Castle and had hoped to leave a little earlier than I was, as a result I didn’t arrive until around 1pm. The castle is quite spectacular as the guidebook states it’s a cross between a Neo-gothic and Norman castle but when you go inside it more resembles a cathedral than anything else. There are some quite beautiful gardens there and given that I didn’t want to return to the campsite any-time soon I spent most of the day there.

I returned to the site at about 6pm the heat had gone from the day but it was still pleasant, as I passed the pool I noticed it was very quiet so went back to the tent and collected my stuff. I returned to the pool to find it deserted which I was rather happy about and I decided a few lengths of the pool would help to relive any tension Id built up earlier. I went into the changing rooms and got changed then placed my towel with my clothes on the bench at the far end of the pool. I spent the next hour in perfect peace just swimming backwards and forwards in the pool during this time the café closed and the cashier stuck her head through the door to tell me that the pool would be closing in the next half hour. Once she left I was completely alone.

I was starting to feel a little daring and began to regain a little bit of the confidence I had been building throughout the week. There seemed to be nobody passing so I started to think it would be fun to try a little skinny-dipping, eventually I convinced myself to go ahead but I only removed my bottoms and kept them in my hand so if I heard anyone coming I would be able to slip them on without them seeing. After a few false starts as cars passed the window I was becoming a little more comfortable with the situation though I was well aware that in the near future somebody would be arriving to lock the pool up for the night.

As the time drew closer I decided I should get changed and leave before anyone turns up but I wasn’t quite finished, the excitement of nearly being seen had got to me and I wanted to do something a little more daring. With around 10mins left I made the decision I was going to get changed at the bench, not only in full view of the window but with the added risk that any second someone could be coming. I started to climb out of the pool with my bikini bottom still in hand but heard a car before I could see it from the window and jumped straight back in. It was not one but two cars, one of which pulled in opposite the window and the other alongside it. At first I was wondering if they had seen me or if they were there to close the pool up but closer inspection showed that it was actually two families and they were talking to each other through the open windows of the cars, I waited for a few mins and they drove off… I now had even less time but I was determined to go ahead.

I tried another few times and each time I ended up back in the water, I decided the only way I was going to go ahead with this was if I gave myself no other option. So I removed my top and threw both top and bottoms onto the bench. So now I had a choice I could either stay in the pool and be caught when someone came to lock the pool up or just get out and get ready as Id seen several people do the day before… and time was running out by the second.

I waited a moment and once I was sure the coast was clear more or less leapt out of the pool and ran over the floor to my clothes. To say the least I was a lot happier with the towel in my hand but I decided to push the game a little further and not cover up straight away so I stood there and got dried facing the window making an effort not to hide anything. Once I was dry I put my towel on the bench and rolled my costume up in it and started to get dressed. At first I was going to set all my clothes out first before putting them on but decided this was too risky given how little time I had left, but at the same time I was starting enjoy myself so I started by sitting on the bench and putting my socks on then my shorts and finally my t-shirt as I was tying up my shoe laces a car pulled up outside and one of the guys from the site got out and waited for me to leave so he could lock up. I looked at my watch and it showed 7:33pm he was probably wondering why I was blushing so much as I left.

Before I went to sleep that night I took extra care to ensure the ties were all firmly fastened, and set my alarm as tomorrow I wanted to visit Snowdonia.

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