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Wales (Day 7)

Today I was rudely awoken by the sound of a radio blasting. Though the owner of this device quickly turned it down to a more reasonable level the damage was done, turning over to my alarm clock I could see it was about 6ish… time I was up anyway.

While I was getting ready for my shower the radio started giving a weather forecast, despite all evidence to the contrary it seemed that we were due for wind and rain, I should point out that even at 6 in the morning it was already warm and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. However I had no intention of taking any chances so pulled on my shorts and t-shirt then set about putting up the canopy.

Now the canopy itself is worth mentioning, I bought it about the same time as the tent and I’ve never seen another like it since. Basically it consists of four collapsing poles and a piece of tarp, you stick the poles in the ground and lock the tarp onto it and no matter how flimsy it looks the tarp keeps the structure solid… its extremely useful as not only does it direct water away from the entrance to the tent when it rains but gives you a nice dry area to stand under even in the worst downpour. It also gave me the opportunity to see how many other people were up and about before I made any plans… it seemed quite a few people had been disturbed by the radio.

I crawled back into my tent to sort out what I needed for my shower, though as an afterthought threw my Llanfairpwll t-shirt into the bag. Once Id removed my shorts I crawled back out of the tent and headed towards the shower block, quite a few people seemed to notice the shorts absence, most had already seen some sort of show on a previous day so this may have been at least partly responsible for their attention. I wasn’t in any particular hurry so I walked all the way to the shower and was especially proud of the way Id stopped myself from blushing, of course as soon as I got into the shower cubicle my face started glowing as bright as ever.

Once I was showered and dried I decided to wear the Llanfairpwll shirt… after all that is why I brought it. Now this t-shirt was nowhere near as long as the Metallica one and it gave me no more than 1.5” clearance at best I was about to chicken out when I heard someone asking if anyone was about done in the showers, obviously she was in a hurry; on the spot I shouted nearly done, put the shoes in my bag and opened the door. The woman said thanks and I walked over to the mirror as she closed the door behind me. There was nobody else in the bathroom (other than those in the showers) so I lifted my arms slightly above my waist, sufficient to say the t-shirt covered even less than I thought it would. I dropped my arms quickly as the door to one of the showers opened behind me and headed back to my tent. It wasn’t that I was too worried about being seen whilst in the shower block, it was simply a case of it would have been pretty obvious what I was doing.

Now outside I decided once more to forgo the trainers, my feet were still a little sore from the day before so I wasn’t running anywhere. I enjoyed the feeling of the soft grass under my feet and this did seem to help ease them a bit, though each discovery of a small sharp stone was rapidly followed by jerking my leg up slightly whilst trying not to draw attention to myself. As I approached my row of I started to get a lot of glances, even if they hadn’t noticed the shorts missing they definitely noticed the change of t-shirts. As soon as my tent was in sight I made sure that people were getting the occasional flash since I had already decided how I was going to re-enter.

I calmly walked up to the canopy and hung my towel between the two front poles to dry so it hung about 12” off the ground. Then I walked behind the towel and knelt down in order to crawl into my tent, in doing this the t-shirt rode up my back leaving me completely naked from the waist down. Now if you were to either side of the tent you would only really be able to see the sides of my legs right up until I was pretty much inside the tent but from the front all you would be able to see was the bottom of my legs sticking out from under the towel. As I was about half way through I could see a couple of lads walking past so I sped things up, crawled into the tent and turned around to close the door… Once Id turned around I realised they had been close enough to have clear view as they walked past not only from the sides but over the top of the towel too (Which is something I hadn’t thought of). I knew they’d seen from the way they kept glancing back over their shoulders.

Despite having been caught I was still feeling quite daring so I decided to up the stakes a little, leaving the door open I took my shirt off and put it back in the bag now if anyone walked past they would have a more or less unobstructed view. In order to ensure that what I was doing didn’t look purposeful I started searching through my rucksack for food, something to wear and a makeup mirror. Once the mirror was positioned could see behind me so I would know if anybody passed.

Watching the mirror several people passed about half of them pausing for at least a few seconds, after about 5 mins or so the same couple had passed about half a dozen times so I decided I’d better wrap things up. Prolonging things as much as I could I collected my bikini and started to put it on top first then flipped over onto my back to put the bottoms on… nobody saw me do this though as soon as the bottoms were on the couple passed by again and nodded in my direction a if they hadn’t been past umpteen times already. I just said hi and got down to the business of making breakfast.

Crawling out of the tent I moved my towel onto the other guy rope to dry and set up the stove under the canopy. It was odd that sitting cross legged in front of the stove while today’s culinary delight of beans and sausages cooked seemed to draw more glances than the t-shirt, though I am quite willing to admit that this could all be cumulative.

Having taken inventory I could tell the end of my holiday was fast approaching; I was down to the last of my rations and the money was nearly all gone. While I had no intention of wasting the day one thing was for sure it had better be cheap! Besides I was feeling especially bold today which was largely due to this being the last day and once I got home it would be a long time before I had this sort of freedom again.

With this in mind as soon as I’d finished breakfast I decided it was time for a little sunbathing, so once Id covered myself in sunscreen I lay on the grass by my tent and started reading, after about 20mins I turned over onto my front and undid the ties on my top. Since I was reading I was resting on my elbows which meant that while you wouldn’t really be able to see anything you’d think you could. After another hour or so I decided that was enough sun for now so Id put on a quick show, putting the book down on the grass I half sat up and stretched my arms as far as possible then picked up my top and put it back on. It only lasted a few seconds but it felt like a lot longer. At this point I decided that regardless of the weather all I would wear today would be my bikini or t-shirt (not both) and my trainers.

So I collected my black t-shirt and rolled it up in a towel and a little money… not particularly easy to carry given today’s dress code so I relented a little and put it in a neck purse (basically a small waterproof container on a string). Given the shortage of money I decided a few hours on bubble bobble would be in order and given my current attire I didn’t think there would be too many complaints.

On reaching the games room my favourite machine was empty so I wandered up and commenced play… by the time Id completed the first level I already had quite a little crowd around me. Despite how hot it was everyone else was fully dressed in the standard jeans and t-shirt combo so I did feel quite exposed standing around in my bikini, given how exposed Id been in the past few days I wasn’t really worried. By the time I was about half way through the game nearly everyone in the room was watching me and people were queuing up to play Bob (The blue dragon). After an hour and a half the game was completed, Id spent a single 10p to do this and the crowd had spent around £50 to join in. The cheer when I completed the game was fantastic I was about to go then but I let myself be talked into a few games of pool for obvious reasons 😉

It was still quite hot and I was sweating a bit so I decided I was going swimming, surprisingly once this was announced I was free to go. It was only a few mins from the arcade to the pool but by the time I’d reached there I could already see several people from the arcade with towels in their hands. Once inside I put my towel and trainers on the bench and dived straight in, the water was wonderfully cold. After a few laps of the pool I started chatting to people Id met on the site and in the arcade just the usual small talk but it was very relaxing non the less. After a few hours I was starting to get hungry and since I couldn’t really afford to get a proper meal from the café I was going to have to go back to my tent.

As I was getting ready to go a girl a little older than me got out and started getting changed at the benches seemingly unworried about the attention this was drawing. I made my mind up that I was going to do the same, this was a big step for me to say the least, I had done this sort of thing when no-one was around and I had been seen many times already this past week but this would be the first time there could be no doubt that I intended what I was doing. After a few false starts but I finally pulled myself out of the water and headed to my towel on the bench.

The people that had joined me from the arcade seemed to pay attention as soon as I unrolled my towel and put my t-shirt on the bench. The other girl was just finishing getting dry now so she still had some of their attention. I knew I would have to do it now before my courage ran out, still facing the bench I reached behind me, removed my top and placed it on the bench. Then taking a deep breath I hooked my thumbs under the waistband of my bottoms and as casually as possible pushed them down my knees before letting them fall to the floor so I could step out of them. I had never stood naked in front of so many people before and could feel everyone’s eyes on me. While I tried to control my blushing and look as casual as those from other countries who had done this throughout the week I knew my cheeks were flushed.

As I haltingly reached for my towel someone said my name so instead I steeled myself and turned around to see them all staring up at me, not just the boys either as it seemed pretty much everyone Id been speaking to had congregated onto this section of the pool. I loved that everyone was trying to memorise every single curve and freckle on my body and fought hard to resist the instinct to cover up immediately. It was a little funny as some it seemed were more were more embarrassed than I was (at least how I appeared outwardly). The girl who had said my name waved and laughed so taking a step towards the pool I waved back and said ‘Hi’ while grinning, my knees felt like they were shaking but I held firm. After a few moments I turned back to the bench and picked up the towel to start getting dry, another of the girls started talking to me and before long most of the group had found their tongues and we were chatting as we had been in the pool.
I wasn’t in hurry and wanted to prolong things as long as possible so whenever I was asked a question or anything dignified a response I stopped drying myself; this was rather good fun as it was obvious that the only reason they kept asking questions was to slow me down.

At no point did I try to cover up and after about 15mins of chatting I decided I should really finish getting dressed even though I didn’t feel like it. To stretch things out a little longer I spent another min drying my hair then put my towel on the bench and picked up my Bikini so I could wring out most of the water into the gutter. Once this was done I sat on the edge of the bench and raised my legs up one at a time to dry my feet, one of the lads stuttered quite a bit as he was half way through a question when I started (I stuck to my rule of pausing to answer), once this was done I did the same again to put my trainers on then hopped off the bench turned around and rolled my bikini up in my towel, finally I picked up my t-shirt turned around and pulled it over my head. In all this time not one of the group had moved from around the pool, to finish off the show I turned around bent over a little to pick up my towel (knowing how the t-shirt rides when I lift my arms) then walked to the edge of the pool to say my goodbyes. By this point Id been wandering around in the nude for nearly 20 mins yet as I walked to the door of the pool they still followed me around the edges to get a last quick glimpse.

If I was hungry before I was now ravenous so I popped into the store to buy some chocolate to eat on the way back to the tent, eating the choc was quite fun as well as whenever I lifted the bar to my mouth the hem of my t-shirt followed suit. I think one or two people in the store got a quick flash while I was selecting and paying for it as well… Its hard to describe my feelings at this point basically I was absolutely ecstatic, I felt invulnerable, giddy, excited and possibly slightly delirious. Id gone far beyond what I perceived my limits to be then went a step further… I was truly enjoying this and I was managing to remain calm enough to do so.

I popped into the shower block on my way back to the tent, literally so I could get the chlorine out of my hair and rinse out my bikini properly. This was rather fortunate as on my way out I bumped into Dawn and after a few mins she told me they were having a BBQ and asked if I’d like to join them… A BBQ who could resist those partially cooked chunks of meat ridden with stomach churning bacteria, however given all that awaited me at the tent was a tin of beans and an apple I readily agreed. I figured at this point since the bikini was a bit wet I’d better take the opportunity to pop back and change into something else but Dawn wouldn’t hear of it the food was about done and it was only her and Lee so I didn’t need to dress up or anything. I finally relented, after all I’d built up quite an appetite during my last half hour at the pool. It looked like I was going to stick to my dress code after all.

When we arrived at Dawns tent it was pretty obvious the food was not quite ready, the biggest hint being Lee playing about with the BBQ while shouting the time honoured curse of “Light Ya B*****D!!!” pausing only to say hi. It looked like I was going to be here for a while so I cleared it with Dawn to hang my stuff up to dry, it wouldn’t take long while it was as warm as this.

While Lee played with the BBQ I sat at the patio table with Dawn chatting and playing cards, as we were talking quite a few people from the pool passed it appeared that everyone knew me for some reason. One or two wandered over to chat but once it was obvious that the t-shirt was staying put for now most of them moved on. Being a good host Dawn invited those that stayed for a while to join us as there was far too much food and it would just go to waste, I think it a tradition pretty much everywhere in the world that whenever people shop for a BBQ they purchase enough to cater for a small army regardless of how many people are attending.

After an hour or so Lee had finally got the BBQ going and it was hot enough to start putting food on, it was still going to be a while but I wasn’t too worried as I had been eating bits of bread and salad to keep me going. It was still pretty warm so I decided to take advantage, once a break arose in the conversation I wandered over to the ropes at the back of the tent stood behind my towel. In doing this I would be on show to pretty much everyone other than my little party for a few seconds but I wanted to do things fast so people wouldn’t realise what I was doing. Lee and Dawn may have had their suspicions but I wasn’t about to let them know for sure quite yet. In order to add a little suspense though pulled my t-shirt over my head and threw it so it rested half over the top of my towel then reached out and removed my top from the guy rope and put it on, then pulled the bottom half on… which is pretty difficult to do whilst wearing trainers. When I stepped out from behind the towel I could see the people from the pool had been quite transfixed by my little tease.

I just acted like nothing had happened and continued talking, though I think Dawn had worked out the mathematics behind what I was wearing now and what was on the line nobody mentioned it. Come 6:00pm the first of the food from the BBQ was done and I don’t mind admitting that I more or less barged my way to the front of the queue, there’s only so much bread you can eat in a day… though in the future I will remember that standing next to a hot spitting grill is not a good idea in any state of undress.

By eight oclock everyone was sated and people were starting to go their own way till eventually there was only myself, Dawn, Lee and a seemingly bottomless icebox filled with beer. It was still warm even though the heat had now gone from the day so it didn’t seem odd to be sitting around in my bikini. After the conversation started to ebb Lee brought up the idea of monopoly which is a game I have always loved, there are so few opportunities in life to be called capitalist scum by friends and family alike. We played several other games (the highlight of which was scrabble which is a fantastic game to play while ever so slightly inebriated since no one questions anything you put down on the board… which is a great help when you’ve memorised all the 2 and 3 letter words in the scrabble dictionary! By the time we were finished it had been dark for several hours, I felt we could have stayed up all night talking but I had to leave the next morning so I said my goodbyes.

I made to head off to my own little tent when Dawn piped up behind me “you’ve forgot your towel”, so I headed back to collect them and I think Lee noticed that all I collected was a T-shirt and a towel so we said goodbye again and off I went. It probably would have seemed odd to anyone looking outside to see someone wandering around in a bikini at two in the morning but it was deadly quiet and it was obvious there wasn’t a soul around. About the same time I reached the shower block I realised I absolutely stank of smoke so I decided it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get yet another shower to get rid of the smell.

Once showered I used the water to rinse the bikini out as well as the smoke that seemed to have permeated everything. Obviously this meant Id be wearing the t-shirt back to the tent but Id pretty much intended this anyway. As I headed out of the shower block for the second time that day I bumped into Dawn, though this time she had Lee with her, both with towel and wash bag in hand. It seemed they’d had the same idea as me, we were saying our goodbyes for the third time that night when Lee said, “I’m sorry but I have to know what were you wearing under the raincoat yesterday?”, this earned him a raised eyebrow from Dawn.

I answered simply “Well, I didn’t want to spend the journey sitting around in wet clothes” which made them laugh. It turned out they were pretty sure that about the all I’d had on under my shirt while I was hiking was me but hadn’t wanted to say anything in case it made me uncomfortable. Dawn then jokingly said what “What I want to know is what you had on under your shirt today?”. Probably because I was a little drunk I raised the hem of my shirt a little and gave them a quick twirl, while me and Dawn were laughing Lee was suddenly lost for words. When he finally regained the power of speech he couldn’t believe that I’d spent over an hour wandering around in it and he hadn’t noticed.

After a little while we said our final goodbyes and I headed off in our separate directions I got as far as the light that marked my row before I had another little idea. I turned around and whistled to get their attention, pulled the t-shirt off over my head and gave them a final little twirl, then when Id stopped laughing enough to stand up properly shouted bye while waving the shirt over my head then sped off towards my tent trying not to fall over as I was laughing so hard. Once I was at the tent I threw my t-shirt inside then hung the towel and bikini out to dry, taking a seconds to enjoy my last few moment of freedom I finally headed into my tent to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Wales (Day 7)”

  1. wow.
    I know I’m unfashionably late to this party but I just found out about your site, and it’s really lovely. This story in particular was just excellent and the end reminds of me a similar personal experience. Cheers for that!

    Also I love your gallery, you look exactly as I imagine you. 😉

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my story, I hope to write more but real life has really been taking up so much of my time. Though I must admit to having taken full advantage of the 33C temperatures of the past two days.

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