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Mixed Spa Sauna

A few years ago I visited a spa for a pamper day with Julie being massaged, buffed and thoroughly beautified. The swimsuit ended up in my locker the very moment our beauticians made it clear I could wear whatever I felt comfortable with during the treatments, sadly they also handed me a robe to wear while walking around the communal areas of the spa.

The men and women who worked in the spa were all highly professional and as such not overly surprised to see me in my natural state during the treatments… and were always good enough to remind me to put the robe back once we had finished, on one occasion as I was already half way out of the door.

Spa robes are usually quite modest and substantial and these were sadly no exception, there really was no way I could make it accidentally fall open at the right time which was quite disappointing since the mixed areas were communal. I did however notice that in addition to the single sex saunas accessible through the changing rooms the spa also offered a mixed sauna near the main pool, so I agreed with Julie that we would take advantage of it before our final sessions.

The pool was not too busy as we headed into the mixed sauna area, just before the entrance there was a partitioned privacy area with open showers, hooks to hang your robe and a supply of fresh towels. Though only Julie saw I’d disrobed before I even reached the privacy area and headed straight into a cold shower to make sure I made the best impression. At her insistence I did take a towel with me before heading back out into the communal area but walked out into the open while nonchalantly wrapping it around me from behind.

There were no signs prohibiting nudity in this area but I left myself wrapped up until I was safely inside the sauna, as we walked in there were only two other women there and both were wearing swimsuits as they sat on the benches. They looked rather miserable to be honest so I decided it would be best to leave the towel on for a little while, and just chatted quietly with Julie on the far benches… however the very second they left I had the towel off and folded onto the bench behind me so I could rest my head on it.

Julie laughed and moved slightly down the bench declaring to the now empty room that she did not know who this strange person was, shortly after another woman walked into the room and Julie decided to continue this pretence. The woman nodded and smiled at me then sat on the bench near Julie, who she started a conversation with. I joined in and she seemed comfortable enough with this… the look on her face when two men walked in was priceless though, they both stared at me looked at each other apologised and walked straight back out.

After about 30 seconds one of the men popped his head back in and asked “This is the mixed sauna?” our new companion told them it was before either of us could. So while a little embarrassed they both came back in and sat on the benches on the right hand side on the room and at least made the pretence of making eye contact through the steam. Invariably both were wearing swimming shorts and for some reason one of them had decided to place the towel on his lap rather than sit on it.

After a few minutes one of the men stepped outside the sauna for a moment and came back completely soaked and a little paler, Julie asked if he had went for a cold shower (having continued the pretence that she did not know who I was) to which he responded there’s a plunge pool just by the door… this was something I’d clearly missed on the way in and decided to go and try it. Leaving the towel on the bench I asked the gent if it was the left or the right of the door and headed out to try it once he confirmed.

It was a little hidden away and it was fun to walk around the small open area with no clothes on as from the right angle I was clearly visible from the pool, one or two people did pay attention this time but I simply acted as casually as possible while dunking myself into the small pool. The sign stated the temp was about 1°C and while I’m not usually one for the cold it feels wonderful after being in the sauna.

After holding my breath underwater for about 30 seconds I climbed up the steps and back out into the communal area. One or two of the swimmers had obviously been waiting for me to return so I pretended not to notice them as stood facing the pool and pulled my hair back behind my head with both hands. Then headed back into the sauna and told the other women they really should try it, Julie (still wearing her swimsuit) said it sounded like a fantastic idea and wandered outside to give it a go.

For some strange reason before she had returned several other men and women had decided that they really needed to finish their swim with a sauna. I chatted with them so they would feel comfortable and as usual women found it funny and the boys while enjoying it did not quite know where to look. I even ended up with a little competition after Julie returned as one of the other women walked out for a minute and when she returned placed her towel the bench opposite the men so everyone could see she had removed her top in the interim. She was clearly a tease as for the first few minutes she lay on her front but soon sat up clearly enjoying the attention.

It was fun to talk to her, commenting on how much healthier it was this way wondering if anyone else might join in… sadly we British are an introverted lot and it was fairly obvious we would be the only ones. It had been another 3-4 minutes and I was starting to feel a little too hot again so I headed off into the plunge pool again, despite spending a full minute in there nobody saw me this time which is a shame as the girls were almost painfully at attention now. The heat of the sauna really hit this time as I headed back in, which stopped me in my tracks for a moment while my body adjusted.

By the time I’d sat back on the bench the competition decided to have a go of the plunge pool as well, she played with the towel once or twice before leaving it on the bench and heading outside clearly far more nervous about doing it than myself (even though she took the most circuitous route to the door), Julie commented “looks like you have some competition then Al” to which I replied “I’m just enjoying the heat” and leaned back against the bench while parting my legs ever so slightly while grinning.

The competition soon returned and having slightly larger boobs certainly drew their attention for a while, though I think everyone was still wondering if she would lose the bottoms too. Conversation in the group was now flowing more freely now which was nice as when other people wandered in they felt more comfortable about staying. After another few mins I was heating up again so headed out for another dip in the plunge pool. This time the competition headed out with me so we could chat while using the pool, she went first leaving me standing there on display for a full minute (a few glances) then stood there while I used the pool (though with her back to the pool itself).

We stood in the communal area for a short time and I dared her to lose the briefs while grinning, she was sadly not willing to go that far but it was good to know she was still having fun. A few more people joined us in the next five minutes but there really wasn’t much more I could do without getting us both banned from the spa so after twenty minutes we had to say our farewells. Julie finally having making it apparent we were friends as we headed out together, sending me back to collect the towel I’d left on the bench which I threw over my shoulder.

We quickly showered and dried off before heading for the days final treatment, Julie was now naked under her robe (though had no intention of showing off)… especially when it would be far more funny to walk out of the shower area with my robe in hand. I could have just picked up another towel to cover up but instead I gave her a 30 second head start before dashing out to the pool area and peeking out from behind the small privacy wall pretending to be embarrassed by my condition.

She was only standing about 5 metres away holding the robe ready for me while laughing. The centre staff and pool patrons looked on and seemed to find it funny too so I covered my boobs with my left arm and fluff with the spare hand before walking quickly towards her with my legs tightly together. I received a wolf whistle and this is one of those rare times where it is appreciated. Julie teased me by snatching the robe away as soon as I uncovered the girls while reaching for it, she did this once or twice and gave me a sign to know I would get it this time so I overreached a little with both hands so I’d be completely exposed to everyone.

I blushed furiously while quickly pulling the robe around me and heading off after the rapidly departing Julie who had pretty much collapsed into laughter as soon as she was round the corner and out of sight. In truth I was half expecting someone from the Spa to politely ask us to leave, but apparently this sort of thing is not entirely unusual when girls get a little tipsy (even though we were both quite sober). I did get my own back though as while Julie was in hysterics she did not pay attention to the couple walking to the pool who noticed she was currently sitting in a very unladylike position while not wearing any pants herself. As they passed she turned redder than I have ever seen her and it was my turn to laugh, after a minute I held out a hand to help her up and we headed to the final treatment for the day.

Other than stripping off for again for the treatment (and being told by another professional to put my robe on before leaving) that was the end of my adventures for the day. I’d built up a little tension by the time we had finished but fortunately my long suffering partner was waiting at home to help release it for me.

8 thoughts on “Mixed Spa Sauna”

  1. Alice, you would definitely like taking Julie to an Austrian mixed sauna! My BF, John and I went to a large one with one of my girlfriends, Robyn (who sounds similar to your Julie in that she’s always only been semi-brave about nudity thrills). In Austrian saunas it isn’t just optional to go naked it’s absolutely required and the facilities are mixed sex. Unlike the three of us as tourists, the hundreds of locals are used to this, but for us the idea of it was a huge adrenalin rush. We each had reservations about it on top of all of the usual modesty concerns. For John, he is very self-conscious about being circumcised. For me, I was wondering if my Brazilian waxing would freak anyone, whereas for Robyn it turns out she was harbouring concerns about being almost full bush. The change rooms were odd in that there were separate doors for men and women, yet inside they were actually combined. Unlike you, we were glad of our towels at first, especially as John & Robyn hadn’t seen each other nude yet. Our sauna complex was in the mountains. It was very large and very busy. It was packed with people resting up muscles from a day’s skiing, so had a high proportion of fit people. The demographic was somewhat younger than I’d expected, a lot of people in their 30s, & I’d say as many folks in their 20s as than in their 50s! We entered our first of several types of sauna as a small timid trio, following in behind a couple of ‘snow-bunny’ girls. There would be about 30 people in this sauna, & pretty tightly grouped in. The girls ahead got folks to shuffle up to make room for them both, unwrapping their towels and laying them out to sit on. Everyone else were also sitting on their towels rather than using them to cover up. We created our own space for three but ended up with legs almost touching each other as well as those of our unfamiliar neighbours. Although I’d thought myself the adventurous, exhibitionist one, I recall thinking wow is that really by boyfriend’s penis on show to dozens of strangers sat next to my naked girlfriend! I felt a combination of very awkward but also liberated and excited. Within 5 minutes you start to relax and observe that no-one really cares. Looking to the rows opposite, girls were as likely to sit with their knees apart as the men. Throughout the hundreds of nudes we saw across the various saunas, pools, changing rooms, & mixed open showers during the evening, I’d seen penises of all sizes from very small to very ‘omg’, and no-one cared one way or the other. The girls had the full range of hairless to hairy, but mostly trimmed or bald between their legs. A surprising number of men were clean shaven down there too. From John’s point of view, it turned out that indeed only a small proportion of men were circumcised, though sometimes it was hard to tell and neither he, nor anyone else cared in the slightest anyway. His other concern had been the usual “what if I get an erection” but he didn’t have that issue at all .. at least not until after getting to the hotel room. The liberating thrill of the evening’s experience hadn’t been sexual at the time, but back in the shared room, John & I felt very sorry for Robyn in her adjacent queen-size as she needed the earplugs and eye-covers more than ever!
    I do hope you try it Alice. You’d get Julie comfortable with it too. I believe Germany, Finland and other European places go mixed nude too. If you’re as exhibitionist as I think you are, we also came across plenty of places across Europe that were clothing optional, with a whole spread of proportions of people choosing to go fully naked versus swimwear to suit your tastes (from 95% nude, to places 50% nude, to places 95% swimwear)!
    Cheers, Sara (& John)

    1. Thanks Sara,

      I’ve been to several similar places in Europe with Julie and provided none of our male friends are around she will go native, but she’s not really the exhibitionist type herself and doing the same in the UK is a completely different experience. When everyone is naked nobody bats an eyelid after while (unless something really unusual comes along). I’m just fortunate to have a good friend who finds my hobby amusing and is always happy to help out.

  2. It’s just unfortunate here in the UK nearly all naturist nudist spas are frequented by predominantly men. I’m male but even walking around and sharing a Jacuzzi with other nude guys to me seems…to put it bluntly ‘gay’. I’d be in a sauna nude just relaxing when another single male comes into the premises then another followed by another bald single male. The odd couple might appear like a rugged looking man in his 60’s with a young girl in her 30’s or a partner his similar age who happens to be very wide but only 5ft 2. Come on us Brits let’s relax and have a bit of finesse.

  3. Alice its good to hear something like this.
    I remember going to a hotel sauna in Germany a few years ago.
    I got talking to an African girl. We were both nude. It was good to chat like that.
    There were a few glances i noticed her nipples were hard. She looked me up and down and smiled.
    I really should go back there.

  4. I’m into my 60s and have been taking Saunas for some 40 years. I regularly visited Germany for business and Austria for holiday so got so used to the nude saunas that I really don’t enjoy sitting in wet shorts in the spa section of my UK health club. This Club has 5 saunas including one self-contained one outdoors which would be ideal for those who want to go “continental” . By contrast the therapists there are not in the least uncomfortable with your being naked for a massage. To my mind it’s just an all round better experience to spa naked and it would be disingenuous not to admit to the visual experience as well 🙂 My partner had the usual English reservations when she first joined me in an Austrian spa but when she saw so many naked people of all ages and shapes she quickly threw the bikini to one side and now also prefers the naked experience. Neither of us has ever seen an erection developing in a sauna but my partner said that she’d probably take it as a compliment whoever it was
    We also take a regular holiday in Greece where the pool is right outside our patio door so we usually start the day with a 10 length skinny dip and just hope the lady on the security camera doesn’t mind too much ;-). In the same reesort I was astonished when the Indonesian ( a Muslim country) therapist used no draping when massaging my back and only a facecloth to cover my genitals when working on my front and even that seemed token when it moved so often
    On the “accidental” theme therapists have sometimes walked back into a treatment room with a bottle of water whilst i’m just getting off the couch and none of them gave panicked. Same would be true of occasional “draping malfunctions” where they get the towels or sheets wrong. I’ve also walked into unlocked showers and had people walk in on me but without a major incident. I think that if you are relaxed about being seen naked then the person who sees you usually is too.

    I can’t imagine going to a “naturist resort” but in the “right place” such as a spa then it seems a fab and natural thing to do.

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