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Library Adventure

Back when I was at University their libraries were all open 24 hours a day, students would sign in via keycard. My favourite place was the quiet room in the building on the humanities campus which for some reason still had the best selection of computing, science and engineering journals… if only because few other students from my faculty ever headed out there.  Being something of a night owl I would often cycle there in the early hours of the morning and have the place all to myself.

The sound insulated room was very relaxing and the absence of any noise barring my own breath and the turning of pages made studying a pleasure. However one night during my second semester I started feeling a little frisky and felt like playing a little. I stepped out of the room and quietly scouted around the library to make sure I was alone, it was rare for anyone else to make use of the facilities but I wanted to make sure.

Not certain that I was alone I returned to the quiet room, removed my shoes and stripped to my underwear. Shaking slightly I hid my clothing under the desk and walked out into the notably chilly corridor and dared myself to walk further and further away from the door. It had been quite a long time since I had last exposed myself in this fashion so the anticipation of being caught or escaping unseen felt quite raw. Though jumping at every noise I was enjoying peeking round each shelf and darting from one aisle to the next, I even briefly ventured up the spiral staircase to the open plan second floor then dashed to front door of the library and back.

Noticing the sun starting the rise I knew it was time to wrap up for the night and headed back down stairs to get dressed before heading home again.

It was a few more weeks before I returned to the library and after a few hours study I felt like playing again, having kept my roommates purposely unaware of my exhibitionist tendencies it really was something I needed to relieve a little tension. Since I did have tests coming up I decided to keep studying but this time I stripped from the waist down so if anyone walked into the quiet room my state behind the desk would not be immediately obvious. Every time the door moved slightly I would blush reflexively tighten the muscles in those exposed areas.

I did this several nights in a row, as the thrill started to wear a little I would push the envelope further by venturing out while bottomless to collect books from first the near aisle and gradually further away or going topless instead of bottomless. One night I even fell asleep at the desk while bottomless and only woke up by chance before the dawn crowd started to appear in the library, while it was something of a rush to wake up like that I started to take a little more care to at least have a nap before heading out at night.

It was almost a month before I was finally caught for the first time, I was studying at my desk in the middle of the silent room facing the door and naked from the waist down when another student walked in with a pile of books, given this was the quiet room he simply nodded an acknowledgement of my existence then set up by a desk facing a wall. Chances are he would have noticed I was barefoot but assumed I’d be wearing a skirt. Having become almost blasé about my little hobby during the past four weeks I was now very nervous, and blushing furiously but the feel of static and the rush of blood to my cheeks was wonderful. I sat like that for almost an hour pretending to be reading the books on my desk, rather hoping he would head out to pick up another text so I could quickly get dressed again.

When he stood up, stretched and yawned it appeared I was about to get my chance, but instead not even looking at me started walking towards the back of the room looking quickly over my shoulder I could see he was stretching again. My options were to try and quietly grab my bag with the skirt in and dash out the door or face the front and sit there like a rabbit in the headlamps, the former would have been more sensible but I chose the latter. I listened as he turned round and took almost three steps before pausing and laughing, having noticed my naked bottom through the gap in the chair back. I felt mortified at being caught but it did relieve a little of the tension so I turned and said a rather eloquent “…erm hello.” He responded simply with “Hi”, even briefly meeting my eyes.

He just leaned back against a table enjoying the view while smiling, I felt safe so decided continue sitting there and indicated that had been a little warm… and this was the first time I’d ever seen anyone else in here. It was clear I was very nervous, which he acknowledged and just laughed and headed back to his seat thanking me for helping to wake him up a bit. He said this as he passed the side of my desk, so even though I was leaning forward he could clearly see my left hand side and my fluff. This was confirmed as he said “well you’ve nice legs I’ll give you that, natural redhead too”.

I was breathing quite heavy at this point, once he was sat down he paused for a second before turning around and said “Feel free to take your t-shirt off if you still need to cool down”, waiting to see how I’d react as I was clearly blushing from ear to ear at this point. I thanked him and managed to laugh saying I was a little shy, which he found funny. He took another quick look under the desk and said he’d turn round so I could get changed if I wanted. I felt safe and it really was time for me to leave so nervously I thanked him quickly stood up before he could turn around letting him have a proper look at me. Having stood there for a second I turned around and bent my knees slightly as I dipped down to pick up my bag and place it on the table so he got a good view of my rather well defined bottom and probably a little more.

Since my hands were shaking it took far longer than it normally would have to pull on my skirt, I could have left at this point but pushed myself to prolong the experience by sitting down while I tied my shoe laces… putting one foot on a near chair so he would have a clear view between my legs. He did ask if I was interested in having a little more fun in the quiet room, but seemed happy enough that I didn’t really want to do that.  Had I not already been dating at that point chances are I would have made a move on that front since he was rather cute.

Now that I was decent I said “right I’m off, night”, he waved and watched as I walked towards and stepped through the door. He had been a perfect gentleman about the whole thing so once I was in the corridor I waited a few minutes and took my bra off from under my t-shirt, normally I did not wear anything other than a nylon sports bra which would have took more time to remove but in my night ventures I’d taken an effort to have matching underwear for wandering the aisle.

Taking a deep breath I stepped back into the room and he looked round smiling when he saw it was me (probably thinking I might have come back for another reason), but I said just wait there a second and he just turned around in the chair properly. Once I was certain he was staying put I said I I felt he really did deserve to see everything, but remember no touching and lifted my t-shirt to my neck to expose my boobs. They are quite small but then so am I and even now they are very pert.

“Very nice” was his comment as I lowered the T-Shirt to leave, I’d just opened the door again and he said I didn’t really see everything that time though… while grinning. I was pretty turned on at this point so thought what the hell. Shaking slightly with excitement I untied my shoes and placed them one by one on the table, pulled my t-shirt over my head and lay it on top of the shoes. Then finally pushed the skirt down over my hips to the floor and stepped out of it, folded it neatly and added it to the pile.

He was about to get out of the chair but a quick wave of my finger and he sat back down again so I gave a quick twirl, it was very obvious how excited I was at this point. After counting to 30 seconds in my head I reached for my t-shirt to get dressed again then said… ah you haven’t seen everything then turned back to face him and lifted one leg onto a nearby chair to and again counted to 30 while he stared between my legs.

He asked if I was seeing someone and I said I was, “lucky man” was the response. Feeling completely wired I got dressed again in front of him starting with my shoes. Pausing at any point he asked a question for me too answer so it probably took at least 15 minutes to finally pull my t-shirt over my head. Now completely on edge I said now no telling your friends in a mock serious tone and headed out into the hallway. All I can say is that riding a bike home in that state was bloody dangerous to say the least so it’s just as well there were no cars around.

I’ve no idea if he did tell his friends or even what his name was but we didn’t bump into each other again, which was probably for the best. The one problem is that I felt unable to return to my favourite library for quite some time, but towards the end of the academic year I ventured there once more and as before once a few nights had passed my exhibitionist tendencies came to the fore again.

I was very nearly caught walking around on the top floor of the library naked one evening, someone had clearly heard me and a female voice shouted out “Hello, anyone there?” clearly a little nervous themselves to hear noise then silence. I stood stock still in the aisle waiting for the tell tale sign they had dismissed the noise; they asked “Hello?” one more time before I heard their footsteps again. I felt terrified as I snuck along the shelves peaking through and trying to figure out where they were without being seen. Finally I reached the shelves near the spiral staircase leading down, I would be completely exposed to most aisle for about 5 seconds while I made a dash for it but ultimately took a deep breath and ran hoping the carpet would cushion the sound of my bare feet.


I was almost silent reaching the stairs but made quite a noise going down as they vibrated heavily with each step, which frankly just made me run faster. To say my blood was pumping by the time I reached my clothes hidden behind the journals rack would be an understatement but I dressed in record time and set off to leave the library. Id reached the first floor before I forgot about my own panic for a second and thought of the girl on the top floor who was probably a bit spooked by my actions. So swallowing any pride that she might have seen my streaking through the library I put my earphones on and headed back up stairs to make sure they were okay.


Fortunately the computing books were on the top floor so I would have a good excuse to be there, so I wandered around until I saw her and as I had thought she did look a little nervous. So I pulled off my headphones and greeted her, commenting that she was the first person I’d seen here at this time in months. She asked if I’d been up here earlier, and I said I’d just been reading up here since the view from the windows was amazing. Clearly she had not seen my naked dash and seemed a little relieved that she had indeed heard someone. After chatting for a few more minutes I indicated it was time to go, and put on my headphones as I headed home. Again it was a while before I returned there just in case.

My last notable library incident was during my final year, once again I was in the quiet room naked from the waist down when a couple of first years walked in laden with books. However this time being unaware of the usual etiquette they walked straight up to my desk introduced themselves and started chatting, while I’m certain I was blushing a little (since I even now I do so very easily) I managed to maintain the conversation about what I was studying without arousing suspicion. It was only when Clare walked around the desk to have a quick look at the book I was using that my cover was literally broken as she blurted out “you’re naked!”

I know I was blushing furiously at this point, her partner said “really?” and quickly skipped round to stand next to her and have a quick look but was otherwise silent, as she playfully hit him on the shoulder for doing so. I scooted a little further under the table to cover myself and thinking on my feet said “Well this is embarrassing, I’ve been coming here for months and never seen anyone… and always thought it would be fun to streak the library. I’d finally dared myself to do it and you two wandered in while I was, erm… getting ready”.

Clare was laughing and said “you should totally do it!”, I pretended I was too embarrassed but after a few minutes cajoling allowed myself to be coaxed into it on the condition that they would keep watch for me, so Paul wandered over and opened the door and looked out into the corridor saying it was clear. I paused for a moment, took a deep breath and pushed the chair backwards as I stood up letting them both clearly see my recently manicured fluff. I’d had everything underneath waxed leaving the front cut to a clear triangle starting half an inch above my bare lips, this combined with the results of my climbing training in the gym meant I really looked at my best.

I pretended to stall for time with my hands on the desk breathing nervously, I think there could have been a hundred people walking down that corridor and neither of them would have noticed at this point. Clare said “come on then!” thinking I was just going to go out as I was, but instead I slowly started to unbutton my blouse, fumbling with the odd button to prolong the experience. They watched as the blouse opened to reveal my bra. My breathing was genuinely stilted as I removed the blouse and placed it on the floor by my shoes.

I reached behind me to remove the last item of clothing, shaking a little as I did so… on the spur of the moment I pretended to be fumbling the catch due to how nervous and asked if Clare would help. She grinned and happily stepped away from the door and stood behind me, she deftly undid the catch and started to lower my bra, pausing just above my nipples and asked Paul if he was ready rather than me before letting it fall to the floor. She was laughing and he just stared, taking in the sight as I stood there arms by my side muscles slightly tensed and unmoving. I asked as casually as I could “…so what do you think?”

Very nice, was the response from Paul before the sharp slap of a hand across my bottom from Clare, which caused me to both yelp and really made me jump given that I was completely unprepared. Clare was finding it very hard to stop laughing at this point but it was very obvious how turned on I was given my nipples were engorged to the size of fruit pastilles and my blush ran from cheek to chest.

She told Paul to have a quick look in the corridor and he confirmed once more that it was clear and she put one hand on my shoulder softly pushing me around the table. I walked stiltingly forward so I was now standing completely naked in front of both of them. I covered my fluff at this point but then commented “…really not much point in that now”, removed my hand and nodded that they should open the door. Clare stepped forward and they each opened one of the doors wide as I stepped between them into the corridor.

There was a very cool breeze in the corridor which told me that one of the windows had clearly been left open and it felt electric as it passed over me. Clare ran past me to the end of the corridor looked around and shouted “clear!”, I looked terrified and indicated she should keep her voice down to which she just stifled a laugh. After taking a deep breath I looked over at Paul who taking in every nuance of my bottom then walked down the corridor as quietly as I could using the wall for balance. After a few minutes I finally reached Clare who asked “where next?”

Paul quickly caught up a I pointed to the far corner and off she dashed, this time she just gave me the thumbs up so I ran over covering my breasts this time, my pulse absolutely racing. Paul commented that it’s not a proper streak if you cover up and insisted I run between the two of them again so laughing I decided to accede. We managed a complete circuit of the basement pausing only by some comfortable chairs while I caught my breath. They sat down and watched as I stood there with my hands on my knees. I was very fit but this sort of thing was exhausting, all of us were grinning from ear to ear.

When we reached the quiet room again I think they both thought that was the end of the fun, but as I was enjoying their company I said “…my plan was to streak the library, that’s the basement done!”. Clare was standing behind me again and another slap across my bottom almost took me over the edge, I’m not normally into that sort of thing but on that night I was enjoying it. I held my breath and rode it for a little while until I was back under control and headed towards the spiral stair case.

We went up floor by floor carrying out a complete circuit of each one, occasionally stopping for a quick rest. On one or two occasions Paul or Clare would tease me by asking for one of the heavier volumes on the bottom shelf. I think Paul in particular was hoping I would bend over at the waist or open my legs as I squatted down to retrieve it, but I in turn teased and amused them both by doing so in as ladylike a fashion as possible.

Even when I sat down and lay back on one of the covered foam chairs between them I kept my legs closed so all they could really see was the base of my lips beneath my fluff. After half an hour we finally reached the top floor and I took my time on this floor pretending to be more tired than I really was. Obviously by this point I was no longer pretending to be nervous about the situation even though my head was spinning. As stated I was completely on edge and when I saw the large glass windows looking out over the river I knew how I wanted to finish my streak. I ended up doing two circuits of the top floor once with them running ahead and checking as we had all the way up and a final one where I just took off and ran it as fast as possible.


On the final lap I paused by the window while they caught up and said “I’ve always wanted to do this”, I can perform a handstand perfectly well but pretended to do it clumsily. This means kneeling on the floor with my hands palm down by my knees, then with my feet apart raising knees onto my elbows and straightening my back. Finally giving Paul a clear and unobstructed view between my legs and buttocks. Clare was the one to comment how smooth everything was though!


After I’d counted to 20 and was starting to shake a little I tightened my back muscles and raised my knees till they were over my head before finally straightening my legs. I was grinning like an inverted Cheshire cat by this point and held the pose for a minute or two before lowering myself down again. I paused for breath and Clare said do it again! With the lights behind me anyone looking in that direction would have seen what I was doing but I was too turned on by that point to really care.


This time I turned away from the Window saying I should really show them both sides and performed the same routine again. This meant I was able to watch my reflection and their expression in the window, my breasts form two tiny peaks when I do headstands but both of them we’re transfixed by my waxed nether regions. This time I tried to hold the pose as long as possible but Claire thought it funny to reach down and pinch one of my nipples which almost toppled me.


Once I regained my balance I decided to prolong things just a little longer and slowly opened my legs as far as possible, while I could not quite manage the splits in the position I made a very convincing letter Y. Clare decided to help again and laughed as she helped push my legs a little further apart for Pauls appreciative eye.


Since they had now literally seen every part of me I felt sated and suggested we had better head back and slowly closed my legs before bending at the waist as I lowered them to the floor and raised to a standing position. They were both grinning at this point and we quickly dashed down the stairs to the basement not checking to see if anyone else was around. As we headed through the door of the quiet room Clare took the opportunity to give me one last smack on my bottom which did make me jump even though I was half expecting it.


Normally the exhibitionism is enough for me but that night I wanted a little more and knew what would finally tip me over, so instead of getting dressed I looked over at Clare and asked “could you do that again?” Then gripped the desk in front of me as I bent over slightly, Clare laughed as she acceded and I felt the jolt run all the way up my spine. I said and again and once more she did this time three or four quick smacks each one causing a sharp intake of breath. Then there was a fifth one that was not as hard but clearly from the opposite side and I laughed a bit this time and said okay take it in turns. Laughing they alternated until after no more than a minute they had brought me completely over the edge.

The release was amazing and I collapsed to the floor panting with my eyes closed and head resting against the desk, leaving my legs apart so they could see just how turned on I had been. It took me a while to calm down to the point where I could get dressed again but it finally came. I think it is fair to say everyone had fun and they were both going to be all over each other once I’d left but we said our farewells I headed out for the long cycle ride home, feeling every single bump in the road.

Soon after this I finished my courses and completed my Masters at another University but as an Alumni I have occasionally visited the library and on more than one occasion been caught running around in my underwear but never anything quite on this level.

Love Alice.

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