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Sorry people, no pictures.

As in the past this will be a text only website.

There are many reasons for this but if you really feel you must have pictures to make it work for you then feel free to pretend I’m a 170 stone builder from Essex called Nigel who enjoys wearing high heels as he types.

I can clearly state this is not case but if you really just want pictures this is not the place for you.

At the moment I’m still undecided about adding a links page… though still wonder if somewhere there is a archive of topbits forum, which in many ways inspired me to start writing my own adventures down.

5 thoughts on “Gallery”

  1. I had hoped for pictures you took of the landscape you talked about… well, but a stone builder ‘s nice, too.

    1. I could, but that’s never enough.

      Without a face my bits are pretty much like anyone else’s and there’s plenty of photos of those out there for those who want them. On the off chance someone I don’t want to know about my hobbies finds this site… well it’s only writing, but if I were to include a photo then there’s no deniability since my body is pretty distinctive.

      It’s a shame how common digital cameras are now, when I attend festivals where nudity was once commonplace the odd boob flash is now a rarity which is documented by a thousand smartphones. On only rare occasions have I knowingly let someone take pictures of me, and on those occasions my face was not in them unless they were taken on my camera. The closest I have gotten to being photographed recently was a group of Pokemon hunters last summer, who likely regretted having switched off AR mode as they walked into my sheltered cove of the beach. Seeing the phones I quickly covered up and they moved on apologising.

      One of my hobbies for a while was having Julie pull my shorts down to my ankles while I was doing unassisted pull-ups on a tree branch in a crowded park, I’d hang there for a second so people could see before dropping down to cover up. It would only last a few seconds then I’d pull my shorts up and chase after her (notably out of site of the crowd)… very occasionally I’d wear shorts she could easily pull over my running shoes. If I did the same thing now the event would end up recorded in every imaginable media known to mankind!

      Anyhow I digress, no photos but I’m sure google can help.

  2. you could always hide your face and any other distinguishing features like tatoos, keep your kit on and post a pic but holding a sign to say you are Alice from accidental alice, or whatever. I’m sure you don’t feel the need to prove anything to anybody but I love the stories and would enjoy them even more if I knew you were actually a 30-something woman!

    Either way, keep it up-the stories and the ‘accidents’!

  3. I like that there’s no naked pictures. It makes your website safe to read at work, on the train, etc., but I would love to see scenic pictures, landscapes, castles, etc. We holidayed in London last year, and made it out to Stonehenge for a day, and I think the English countryside is just beautiful. A friend is touring Scotland right now and posting pictures on Facebook, and I’m so envious that we didn’t make it up north on our trip.

    Even if you were to post pictures of you, with the wealth of pictures available on the internet, it would be almost impossible to know for sure that any pictures you posted really are of you, short of having something in the picture that identifies you. And then there’s Photoshop, so even seeing is not really believing.

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