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Accidental Exposure at Work

I was working as an administrative temp over Christmas, the work was dull but the conversation and pay was pretty good. Another perk of working in for this particular company was that the manager helped people completing beauty courses at the local college to gain work experience; so every few days there was a chance to try heavily discounted treatments such as pedicures, manicures, aromatherapy and massage.

The latter one caught my eye as even though I was saving for my summer holidays I could certainly afford a few sessions at £2 a time. I asked about and most of the girls in the office spoke very highly of the masseuse in training, to them he was quite young (being around 19) and they said he was marvellous at relieving tension in the back and shoulders. Invariably most people I spoke too received their massage through their clothes… which was practical since the treatments usually took place during their lunch breaks and time was quite limited.

So I put my name on the list for an appointment the following day, the sessions all took place in the medical room which offered a first aid box, bed, stool and plenty of space. The masseuse certainly looked the part and was very professional, he talked me through the process of treatment and I opted to have him look at my back and shoulders.

Since he gave me the option I took my blouse off and sat on the stool in my bra while he expertly removed all of the tension from my shoulders. I’d been stopping off at the gym each night on the way home and had not been stretching enough so there was a lot of it. He was wonderful and I felt like putty in his hands, once the time was up I dressed and immediately signed up for another appointment at the end of the week.

As I sat on the stool at the start of my second appointment I asked if it would be okay if I removed my bra as I felt it just got in the way. He said it would not be a problem and offered me a towel to cover my front, and I held it there for at least a minute before resting it on my knees while I enjoyed the massage. He acted entirely professional and this really wasn’t about me showing off, after the session I dressed and signed up again for the following week.

After a couple of sessions I had stopped wearing the bra on massage days to save time and the towel was just left on the bed quite out of reach. So I was a little shocked when the door burst open with two of the men from the office carrying one of the girls who had tripped over an open draw. It felt like half of the office had followed them down and stood in the doorway while I sat there startled with hands on my knees not knowing what was going on.

After a few seconds while blushing furiously I cupped my hands over my exposed chest, but not before everyone had seen me. To make matters worse they had dropped her on top of the bed on which both my towel and blouse rested.

I stood up turning away from the door and managed a “What the hell…” they apologised profusely (only grinning slightly) the first aider quickly closed the door behind her and assessing the situation rather more quickly thanked the men and sent them out immediately (giving the crowd outside another glance at my bare back). I was actually shaking at this point since this was not planned and I was genuinely embarrassed knowing I would have to work with these people.  The first aider having checked the patient quickly retrieved my blouse and turned away so I could put it on, then I had to deal with the walking past the crowd outside.

I was struggling to process things to be honest (I’d already exposed myself far more but always on purpose) so I simply walked to my desk, collected my belongings and left the office never to return. Once I’d calmed down a bit it was funny but I really did not want to return so called in sick for a few days which after a mention of my family’s solicitors name they paid without question. I was also contacted by the college who wished to make amends and offered me a free full body session, which ironically led to the rest of my holiday being spent as a paid massage model wearing little more than a towel most of the time.

So a nice outcome and you would probably think I’d have learned my lesson about being in a state of undress during a work massage… sadly I had an almost identical incident several years later in another office. This time I was lying naked on the bed with only a towel covering my bottom and both the first aider and patient seeing rather more of me. .. The difference being the full exposure was entirely my doing this time!

Love Alice

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  1. A ‘masseuse’ is female.
    Masseur, definition is – a man who practices massage

    Hope this helps.

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