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Pull Ups

It was quite quiet at the gym this evening and I could not help but notice that two young men were spending more time watching me than on their own workout. It really was quite funny since they clearly believed they were being discrete as they constantly moved to the equipment that would keep me in sight. Since they were being polite I decided to tease them a little by pulling off my t-shirt and track pants before heading onto the treadmill.

My sports bra and lycra running shorts though skin tight are still perfectly suitable gym attire but looking in the mirror it was fairly obvious my audience would not be finishing before I did. Pretending I did not notice them at all I continued with my workout, set the treadmill up to 10mph and ran my best for the next 20 minutes or so until the other patrons of the gym had moved on. As hoped the two men were still working out so I returned to the weights area looking slightly exhausted and decided to finish my workout with a few pull-ups.

I took me a few attempts to reach the bar since my legs were feeling wobbly but once there I was easily able to manage a full set with a wide grip. It really was time to leave but I wanted to both show off and show them a little more of me so I swapped to a narrow grip and pulled myself high enough that my nipples were just above the bar after my third rise I acted as though it was taking all my effort and let my thumbs slide under the front of my sports bra before dropping down while keeping tight hold of the bar.

It worked perfectly and the bra stayed around my wrists while I dangled in front of the mirror with the girls open to the world, my audience was transfixed so I decided to take the least rational action and act a little panicked while trying to lift myself back up the bar rather than simply release my grip. After several feigned attempts which did nothing more than raise me a few inches and drop down I made one last pull to the top then dropped down bra in hand. Since I wanted this one to look accidental I looked quickly around me so they could have a proper look then covered up with one arm, grabbed my kit and dashed off to the locker room before anything could be said.

Once on the other side of the door it was hard to stop laughing so it’s just as well nobody else was around. I quickly stripped off and showered, really I wanted to walk back out there but sadly this is the best gym I have found so no point in getting banned yet…


3 thoughts on “Pull Ups”

    1. I did once have a Spanish hotel owner berate me for skinny dipping in their pool but strangely I have never been banned from a gym, a naked woman is welcome almost everywhere. There were a few close calls, once for using a unisex sauna in my natural state, and one for exercising top free in the weights area.

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