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Skinny Dipping near a campsite

It was a truly glorious summer and each day I had went skinny dipping at a secluded spot almost a mile from the campsite. Despite having spent several hours each day swimming and sunbathing without a stitch on I had somehow managed to remain unseen by any hikers or explorers. On the penultimate day of the holiday I desperately wanted someone to see me, so after I’d finished sunbathing I gathered up my towel, clothing and even my shoes and sequestered them inside a hollow tree I’d found a little off the path earlier in the week.

I felt quite nervous leaving everything behind as unlike the fantasy of the forest glade the ground is actually covered in sharp stones, twigs and leaves so I had to be careful with each footstep and it would be quite difficult to run away. I avoided the cleared trail back to camp as much as possible but staying close enough that I could easily be seen from it if I wanted too. To complete my damsel in distress routine I covered my breasts with one arm and fluff with my free hand leaving my bottom exposed to anyone who might pass. This made the going even slower and stepping over each ditch or fallen branch with exaggerated care rather difficult. 

Whenever the wind blew the leaves, a twig snapped or tree creaked I would pause startled trying to see where the sound came from. The tension grew with every minute and towards the end I was genuinely shaking a little. Sadly after almost half an hour of carefully picking my way through the forest I was almost back at camp and had not seen a soul.

At this point though still covering up my front I started walking directly on the track that would take me directly back to the site and my tent. The site was almost deserted and I honestly considered turning back to collect my belongings but could see a family having a BBQ outside a caravan not too far from my tent and felt they would probably enjoy seeing me in this state. I quickly ducked into the undergrowth as a car passed by on the road between caravans and tents, I’m pretty sure they did not see me and if they did then they did not stop… but it took me a while to get my breath back either way.

Once I was back under control I waited to make sure the path was clear and dashed across the clearing before crouching down with my back against the wheel of a caravan on the same side as the family. While my breasts were still covered I needed to use my left hand for balance and in my current position everything below the waist was completely open and exposed had there been anyone in the caravan opposite or driving in the right direction. I could feel my cheeks were pulsing and I was certainly out of breath but after a minute I felt ready to continue and quietly crept behind the caravan where row of trees would provide cover from the next field allowing me to gradually make my way forward.

A lot of people seemed to be leaving the site now and I was sure I’d be caught every time I stepped out from cover to dash behind the next tent or caravan. It took nearly 10 minutes for me to cover the 30 metres or so to the family’s caravan. There really was no going back now but I still had to decide how to expose myself as I listened for a lull in their conversation. My initial thought was to keep my front covered and streak the last 20 metres or so to my tent, but that felt too quick after the adventure so far and there was always the chance I would not be seen at all… and since my knees were now trembling I was more likely to end up tripping up and actually injure myself on a guy rope or something profoundly stupid.

Instead I uncovered and turned to face the caravan, carefully stepping round behind it keeping my breasts and hips pressed against the outside wall, almost losing it completely as I stepped around a gas bottle and the regulator pressed hard against my inner thighs. Finally blushing furiously I had reached the corner unnoticed and after a deep breath covered my now very sensitive breasts with my right hand and arm. Standing an inch away from the caravan wall I leant my upper body around the corner using my left hand for support ensuring the family would see my glowing face and the right hand covering the more important aspects of my torso. My nakedness was very obvious and the shocked look on their faces was priceless as I stammered “Could I possibly borrow a towel please?” The family just stared at this point with the younger members clearly transfixed and the older more amused. The person I took to be the mother was stood at the grill said no problem and smiled as she threw me a tea towel from the back of a nearby chair. While I did not expose anymore flesh as I reached out with my left hand I did fumble the catch and it fell to the floor by my corner.

I’m pretty sure they could see I was completely naked from the reflection in the windows of the caravan opposite but decided to play along so I said thank you and instead of immediately explaining my situation made an effort to stay as covered as possible as I squatted down to pick the towel up while pressing my torso against the caravan. This of course completely disregarded the caravan being raised a good 15 inches off the ground so with my legs apart the whole family had a completely unfettered view of fluff and open vulva until I managed to pick up the tea towel which was almost out of reach. The collective direction of their glance let me know exactly how much they had saw before I stood up.

I sidestepped behind cover away from their direct glance and turned to face the windows of the adjacent caravan so they could watch as I tried to figure out how to try and cover myself with the clearly inadequately sized towel. After 30 or so seconds of being completely exposed as I attempted to cover my breasts and fluff while acting flustered. Finally I decided to hold it over my fluff before covering my breasts with one arm and returning to the corner, making sure they would be able to see my left side from my foot all the way to my left arm covering my breasts. Once in position I stammered “…do you have anything larger? I was skinny dipping at the creek and someone took all my clothes”.

She just laughed and said “We’ll if you were skinny dipping you’re clearly not that shy! May as well come on out!” I just looked at her in wide eyed terror. I was almost tempted but clearly my act was a good one so instead she sent her son to fetch me a towel from the caravan. I said thank you and pretended not to notice as after collecting the towel he dashed to the far side of the window I was leaning against to have a look at my exposed bottom. He quickly ran outside and returned to my corner and offered me the towel rather than giving it to his mother which made her laugh even more.

This left me with a difficult choice, given I was pretending they had not already seen all I had below the waist to just openly bare all in front of them would have spoiled my fun… so instead I stepped a little out from behind the caravan with only a small green towel and left arm protecting my modesty and twisted round to grab hold of the towel in my left hand. I could have stepped back behind the caravan at this point but instead pushed my arm a little further forward and trapped the towels corner under my right arm before nervously pulling it back until my front was covered before letting the tea towel fall to the floor so I could hold my new cover tightly against me.

The towel was too narrow to wrap all the way around me but was sufficiently long to cover my front from the top of my breasts to just below my knees. I stammered another “Thank you” as I stood there naked but for a small rectangle of cloth knowing the slightest breeze would expose me again. I’m sure I could have asked for and been provided with a larger towel but instead nervously sidled my way to the caravan on the other side so my back would not be exposed to my audience, though the son did sidestep to get another quick peek before I quickly turned away leaving him to return to his sister grinning from ear to ear.

My original plan had been to continue along the back of the caravans until I reached my tent instead I edged towards the front of the caravan which was less than a metre from the family. They were all enjoying the afternoon’s entertainment and though blushing furiously and feeling static in every movement I stopped long enough to say I would bring the towel straight back as I wasn’t camped too far away. Holding the towel tightly in place at the top and waist and my bottom pressed against the caravan while I twisted round the corner to see if the coast was clear. Though my front was covered my outer thigh and right cheek were obviously on show and as it was still quite early in the summer my tan lines were quite apparent  and the daughter was kind enough to comment on this which sent the mother into hysterics.

The coast was clear so with the family watching I continued to edge left towards the open area and carefully walk backwards while facing the family in order to continue acting flustered. This was fairly hard going and I was secretly hoping someone would catch me from my exposed side but by the time I was half way to my tent it was fairly obvious we were pretty much on our own. The family had obviously decided to see what I would do when I reached the tent and had all moved to the front of their caravan, at this point I heard a car start up… while I knew it was on the other side of the hedgerow it seemed the perfect opportunity so I quickly looked around me acting panicked, turned around and sprinted while exposing my bottom to the laughing family.

On reaching my tent I quickly turned towards the door and bent over to open the zipper, which meant the towel held in place only with one hand fell away from my body leaving only my breasts covered. Given the distance they would not have been able to see much but my attempt at modesty warranted a quick round of applause as I dived into the tent panting. I turned over and lay on my back with my legs splayed and towel still over my breasts, frankly anyone could have walked by at that point and I was so lost in the moment I would not have cared in the slightest.

It was 5-10 minutes before I could even think of closing the door and getting dressed… still on edge I opted only for the latter and pulled  the most conservative of clothes from my rucksack which ended up being a warm baggy t-shirt and a pair of knee length shorts offset with the flip-flops I usually wear around site. I felt more nervous trying to build up the courage to return the towel than when I was asking to borrow one, that the girls were both at full attention and poking at the front of my t-shirt did not help matters in the slightest. Finally after a suitable deliberation I approached the family once more red faced and towel in hand, it seemed the son had taken himself off to get a shower but the others were there and I thanked them again as I placed the towel over the back of a chair.

They were a nice bunch and engaged me in conversation about what happened and since they offered me a burger I was happy to acquiesce and told them of the river pond about a mile NW of the site. I even explained that I’d been going there all week but only dared to try skinny dipping today as I’d not seen a soul pass that way in all that time. They laughed when I told them it was only after I’d finished sunbathing I noticed my clothes had been taken and must have spent about an hour looking for them before braving the journey home. The story might have been less believable had they not seen the evidence of my lily white bottom, after I finished the tale of my daring journey back through the forest complaining that they could have at least left my shoes since there were a few nasty welts I thanked them again and made my excuses since I really needed to shower myself.

The rest of the evening I was a model citizen, and even got changed inside the shower cubicle before heading back to my tent. The following day was a different story though as I passed the family again on my way to the river, joking that this time I’d learned my lesson and was going hiking instead. This of course was a good reason to have my rucksack with me in order to retrieve my clothes from yesterday. My original plan had been to hike further upstream to a lake in the hills and swim out to the island in the middle but sadly there were too many people on that part of the track so I returned to my favourite pond after about an hour and it seemed a shame not to strip down and enjoy the midday sun.

After a quick dip I towelled off before standing on a boulder near the path that reached into the deep part of the river to perform a few yoga stretches to relax. It seemed that like every other day that week there was not a soul around and the boulder was a perfect basking spot having warmed up through the morning, so I applied my sunscreen to everywhere the sun could reach and lay on my front to watch the river. After 20 minutes of daydreaming I was about to turn onto my front when I heard the noise of people trying to be very quiet indeed and had a fairly good idea who they were… the almost stage whispered “It’s her!” rather giving the game away.
My rucksack was just about in reach but I was already feeling quite excited at having being caught out in the open, instead of diving for cover I pretended to remain oblivious and continued to watch the river for another few minutes. The warmness in both pairs of cheeks was letting me know that one way or another I would have to move soon or would end up being burned so I pushed backwards and sat on my heels while stretching upwards. Despite being naked I felt like I was teasing since I was pretty sure they could not see my front and the only part of me they had not yet fully seen.

After a short while still sitting on my knees I leaned forward over the rock to reach into my rucksack delighted at the intake of breath and excited comment as I felt my cheeks part exposing my most intimate area. It really should only have taken a few seconds to collect the sunscreen from the top of my rucksack but I made sure it took far longer. Standing once more on the rock I did a few more stretches before finally turning towards where I was sure the noise had come from and stretching my arms far over my head.

My heart was racing but I could clearly see several poorly hidden members of the family watching my every movement and trying to make as little noise as possible. It almost seemed cruel to tease them and make them stay in the shadows but it was fairly clear we were all having fun, so still facing them I applied another careful layer of sunscreen making sure every inch from head to toe was adequately protected, especially the more sensitive areas which received a double layer. Every part of me was now glistening so I could not postpone lying back down without it looking too suspicious.

After one last inspection and quickly running my fingers through my fluff a few times to remove some imaginary detritus from the river I lay back down on my rock with my toes pointing towards the audience. I lay with my legs closed and arms to the side for around 5 minutes while I stared at the clouds floating past waiting for any noise which would mean I’d have to stop my fun. At this time I thought about the soles of my feet which had not been covered in sunscreen so reaching for the bottle once more I slowly sat up moving my legs apart for balance. Leaning forward in this position opened everything up and it took at least a few minutes to make sure they were covered before I lay back down leaving my legs wide apart as I settled in for another bout of cloud watching.

It was a little hard to concentrate watching the clouds as I lay in every sense fully exposed for my audience and I was grinning from ear to ear while basking. They remained perfectly silent while watching though obviously being in public like this I could not do anything to ease the tension growing in my stomach. It was almost 20 minutes before I heard sound from them though at least one of the family had moved much closer and I wondered how this was going to play out, I deeply wanted them to walk out towards the boulder to have a closer look before alerting me to their presence giving me no time to cover up or being stuck there with only a bottle of sunscreen to cover my modesty.

Sadly it transpired they felt I might have been too embarrassed by this and quietly snuck back down the path. It seemed that my fun was over so it was time for one last swim before heading home, I’d just stood up on the rock again when I heard a very loud female voice say “The pond Alice mentioned must be around here somewhere!” I turned towards the noise and while they could clearly have seen me from where they stood the group were all pretending they had not noticed me at all, acting startled (and pretending not to hear the giggling) I dropped down behind the rock and started searching for my swimsuit.

The rucksack protected my modesty from the waist down but I had to rely once more on an arm to cover my boobs as they turned the corner and laughed as they saw me. The first comments were questions to the effect of “Have we caught you at a bad time?” and “I thought you’d learned your lesson about skinny dipping?” I was tempted to accidentally knock my bag over at this point and fully expose myself by reaching to catch it… but instead claimed “I’ve just got back from hiking and was changing into my swimsuit” finally managing to fish the top half out of the bag waving it almost as a trophy.

The daughter grinning responded, go right ahead we don’t mind I just stared and stammered almost pleading “could I have a little privacy please?” At this point matriarch laughed and told everyone to turn around for a moment, I stepped to the side of my bag and quickly pulled on my top while pretending to ignore their furtive glances as they asked if I was decent yet.

I loved their stolen looks and there were certainly more of them as kept repeating I can’t find the bottoms under my breath. After a minute or so I finally pulled them out of the bag and put them on and with a now full blush from cheek to chest announced I was decent which prompted an “aww” from several of the group. I apologised again saying I thought the coast was clear to get changed maintaining the pretence I was completely unaware of their presence for the last half hour. They laughed and said not to worry, several of them stripped down to their swimsuits and ran into the water straight away.

After a few moments while smiling nervously I said I guess I may as well join them to which they were kind enough to inform me slightly hopefully that I didn’t have to get the suit wet, I naively responded that I thought they’ve seen enough of me already today which again they found hilarious. Since I wanted to continue the pretence I had only just arrived it was of course necessary to apply another layer of sunscreen, which stopped all play until I’d finished.

I swam with the family for an hour before making my excuses to leave, once out of the water I announced quietly I needed to change out of this wet suit before walking home. I was politely informed I could change over by the rock if I wanted and nobody would peek and once again I was tempted, especially with at least one person insisting they promised nothing. However instead I politely declined their kind offer and walked a little way into the woods to change, this would have been quite private had some of the family not quietly swam to the nearside of the pond.

The obviously wanted a last memory so instead of laying my clothes out and changing behind a towel I simply removed my swimsuit and stood naked while wringing it out. Taking the opportunity to hang it over a near branch which just happened to be facing them. After spending a few minutes getting thoroughly dry (including my hair) I finally took my t-shirt and shorts out of the bag and after removing an imaginary twig from my insole started to get dressed starting with my flip-flops.

After packing I took the long way round through the undergrowth back to my boulder pretending once more to ignore my departing audience and still blushing waved goodbye to the family before setting off to my tent. I was completely on edge at this point and practically ran towards the privacy and release offered by the shower block. No doubt much to their disappointment and arguably mine I only saw the family once more before leaving and was entirely clothed the whole time. However I did take a chance at the lake in the hills and ended up hiding on the island until an entire party of 30-40 camera wielding tourists had left!

Love Alice.

2 thoughts on “Skinny Dipping near a campsite”

  1. Question: Not to sound condescending, but do you think the mother actually believed your story? From your given account of the situation, it sounds almost as if she wasn’t about to buy that story about your happenstance being accidental 😛

    1. The first time she saw me I’m pretty sure they were convinced, however from experience if its a genuinely safe situation people often have a little fun at my expense… it’s certainly not the first time someone has thrown me something far too small to cover up or on one particularly memorable occasion ‘accidentally’ drop the towel they were holding in front of me at the moment I’d raised my hands to take it from her.

      The phrase “come now you haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before!” is usually a good sign they intend to make sure a few people who might not have seen everything I have get a quick look before they help out. I love being embarrassed in this way so always play along, the pretend shock usually prolonging the moment far longer. I’ve also found that to most women in mixed company my bare bottom is clearly quite spankable since they usually cannot help but give it a quick slap as I pass by. It did not happen on this occasion but in fairness none of the girls in that group were close enough to take aim.

      As to the second time, I’m pretty convincing in my role. It was obvious they thought I’d probably been skinny dipping up there far more often than I said in order to be so casual about sunning myself on the rock… but clearly they believed I’d been caught unaware (having pretended to go hillwalking so they would not think to follow). In this way I was able to act embarrassed and nervous while protecting my modesty and for their part they did not comment on my little lie as I flustered nervously over being caught out there a second time or the previous half hours entertainment.

      Had they just burst out of the undergrowth I probably would have spent the rest of the afternoon around them while acting like a first time nudist… following a little gentle persuasion of course. This has happened to me far more often than people hiding in the bushes to watch.

      At the end of the day if they believed me or not they had the chance to watch an adorable auburn haired 22 year old in a state of nature and a good story to tell when they got home so there were certainly no complaints.

      Anyhow I hope you liked the story, I’ll post another soon… mainly because you have set me off thinking about the times people decided to have fun before helping.

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