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Germany with friends

It is very different in the UK to Germany, I know when I went out there the only people shocked at my stripping off to sunbathe at a public park near Dusseldorf were the friends with me who did not know I’m an exhibitionist.

There were a few other people around who were topless or in their underwear which my friends had seemed shocked at, and commented how they could never do that. Since we were going swimming later that afternoon they honestly thought I would be wearing a bikini under my clothes as I started undressing.

The look on their faces as I removed my dress to stand in my underwear was perfect, my platonic life partner Mark was obviously enjoying the view and I feel a little guilty about him nearly choking on his sandwich as I reached behind my back and undid my Bra… one the girls said “Ali what the hell are you doing?!” to which I, now topless, simply responded “When in Rome”.

I was going to stop at this point and just sunbathe for a while chatting with them, but since they were all both grinning and shell-shocked I said “Honestly I could spend the day starker’s here and nobody would blink”.

Julie who was well aware of my tendencies “responded, I think at least some people might!” looking around the group meaningfully, which I simply took as a challenge. I turned around for a moment so my bottom was facing the group and said “I can’t see anyone in the park paying much attention”, which was technically true since my group were behind me though clearly a few people were glancing as I stretched my arms over my head for a moment. I lowered my arms slowly then just before they reached my hips said simply “watch!” and hooked my thumbs under the waist of my pants and slowly lowered them a few inches before pausing.

Ignoring the slight choking sound from one of the group who was clearly a little surprised I commented “See, not a soul paying any attention at all” then pushed them down further to fully expose my bottom. While everyone in front of me had a clear view of my auburn fluff all my laughing group could see was a well-toned bottom. I stood like that for a moment before starting to pull my pants back up just a few inches, which really was a bluff since there was an audible group gasp when I pushed them down to my knees a few seconds later.

Finally, laughing, I let them fall to the floor and took a step backwards before stretching once more. The look on their faces as I casually turned around to face the group was perfect half were shocked and nearly all were staring straight at me, be it trying to maintain eye contact or deciding whether to focus on my fluff or boobs. Julie was in fits of hysterics at this point with tears streaming down her face, which arguably drew more attention from the parks patrons than myself.

I tried to act as casually as possible, bending down with my knees together collect my strewn underwear and stow it away with the rest of my clothes. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat and it almost hurt not to laugh myself. I returned to my spot in the middle of the group and sat on the grass in an almost ladylike position with my arms behind me to accentuate my bust, legs straight with my knees together and toes pointing.

The group barring Julie were rather too dumbfounded to talk, there was a slight chill breeze in the park which made me tingle whenever it blew over me. I lay like that for a while casually eating the cake I had stolen from Marks lunch (he did not seem to mind), the group had started to become accustomed to my attire and were talking again, but Julie managed to silence them instantly by reminding me of the need for sunscreen.

I thought about just getting dressed at this point but I was enjoying the attention and the sun too much so accepted the bottle she proffered and applied the sunscreen starting with my toes, trying to be as casual as possible while applying it to any naughty bits… my nipples were very sensitive at this point and it took a lot of control not to gasp when I put the cream on.

Protected from the sun I lay down properly with my arms outstretched and my legs just slightly apart, not exposing anything indecent but just far enough that people in the group were trying to see without it being obvious. It was getting to the point where I would have to either turn over or get dressed when I told the group “I’m starting to feel a little under-dressed, is nobody going to join me?”

While a few had already stripped down to their swimsuits (which they had sensibly worn under their clothes) nobody was willing to go further, with Julie commenting that the boys were likely to be arrested if they did causing two of them to blush to the amusement of the entire group. I prolonged my exposure for a little longer by turning over onto my front to the disappointment of the group, until Julie commented that I had not screened my back. I considered asking jokingly asking if anyone wanted to do my back since I felt lazy, but Claire had clearly decided to have some fun said “I’ll sort that” without giving me a chance to respond before rubbing the sunscreen into my shoulders.

Claire worked her way efficiently down my body missing only the more intimate areas of my anatomy which I had already dealt with earlier myself, I practically purred the whole time. She commented on the tension in my shoulders and started to knead and compress the muscles between them, I was in heaven. It should be pointed at this point that Claire is a trained masseuse and I’d been her test client for many years, she also often practised her trade on friends while we sunbathed at the beach… though notably wearing bikinis.

I was not expecting it when she let her hands rest on the front of my shoulders and started lifting me backwards until my navel was almost visible, at which point Julie commented I looked like the prow of a ship which set me off laughing again. Despite the fact I’d been lying there face up for the last half hour it was amazing how many of the group moved for a better view as she held me there. After 30 seconds or so she slowly lowered me down releasing the tension and I have to admit it felt amazing and wanted it to continue so I did not object as she moved down to my legs and started massage the muscles there.

She talked through her demonstration explaining the techniques being used on each muscle, which encouraged the group to sit around my bottom half and occasionally ask questions. Claire mischievously pushed my legs a little apart as she moved up from the knees leaving me a little exposed to the occasional breeze. By the time she’d reached the top of my legs I felt like I’d melted into the grass and never wanted to move ever again, she was amazing. Sadly she stopped and I assumed the massage was over, while buzzing with anticipation that she would ask me to turn over. Instead she stood up and placed one foot either side of my hips while facing my feet.

Once in position Claire asked me to bend my legs so my ankles were over my knees, it took a few attempts to lift them up but she confirmed that was perfect before quickly leaning over and pulling them gently backwards and apart. Julie, commented thoughtfully “That’s not like any ships prow I’ve ever seen, it’d probably be popular though” before laughing. Claire had clearly decided everyone might want to see the last part of me which had not been fully exposed before we headed out.

I did not resist since I was enjoying the attention and after the brief shock was laughing myself, once the group had finished laughing at my predicament she lowered me down and gave me a quick slap on the bottom, commenting “come on Birthday girl, time to get dressed”. I rolled back over and sat in a slightly less ladylike position while blushing deeply, nearly all the group had situated themselves a little way from my toes having evidently been tipped off by Claire. Sensing things were starting to wrap up the boys were openly looking between my legs until I made eye contact with them… at which point they quickly looked away, amusing me no end.

Finally I stood up and stretched before reaching into my bag to get dressed again, it seemed churlish to bother with underwear so I just pulled the sundress over my head and put my sandals back on. The massage had clearly drawn attention from the other patrons in addition to the group so it really was time to get going.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful though I did have to put up with Julie lifting the hem of my dress to flash my bottom at the occasional passer-by and by coincidence causing the boys to walk a little more slowly in our group. It was a fun day and it did break the ice when it came to using the saunas later in the week… though the group found it hilarious when I used a changing room to put my suit on, the simple truth was that I needed just a little alone time before we went swimming.

Love Alice

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