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Modelling for a massage class

I have often helped out as a model when Claire is teaching massage to a new college class, prior to my experience in Germany I was always properly draped throughout but loved the burlesque of the demonstration as each new part was unveiled and covered.

The first time I modelled after this time she improvised some common mistakes in practice, giving the students a flash of my bottom. When I did not object she left me uncovered a little longer while questioning her class about correct technique, she also made sure my breasts were exposed when I turned over and I played along as though it was planned from the start. The class were still getting used to working with naked or near naked people so their reactions were fun for me… it became something of a tradition when Claire found her drop off rates plummeted in classes when she exposed me in the first week.

Probably my favourite and most prolonged experience happened close to my birthday, as the class came in I was lying on my back fully draped. She started talking about how important it was to ensure the client was comfortable and proper technique was used at all times, I was already blushing wondering how she would expose me today… however instead of the usual burlesque she simply removed the cover entirely mid talk leaving me lying there completely naked and surrounded by her new group.

I was quite unprepared and blushed furiously while the mixed group scrutinised every inch of my body, the sensitivity of my nipples and suddenly nervous shallow breathing rather gave the game away that I was a little aroused but Claire just continued with her monologue as though nothing was out of place.

After five minutes of my lying there completely naked she finally asked the group for feedback on what she might have done wrong, grinning all the time. Once the question and answer session was over she asked me to turn over onto my front leaving my bottom exposed while explaining the techniques she would be using on my back… before finally asking her class where she should place the drape.

I almost thought Claire intended to leave me exposed for the entire lesson but finally she asked me to lie on my back again, commenting that if they apply the technique correctly they will be seeing rather less of Ms Fisher from this point. After letting them see me once more she draped me properly and demonstrated how they should get me to turn over without being overly exposed.

At this point I thought the show was over, instead she asked me to turn over again so she could successfully demonstrate how to reverse the procedure. Then on completion whipped the drape off again before asking one of the students to try. I lay there naked for at least another minute before one of them volunteered, she let 2-3 different students try the technique and left me exposed while commenting on their performance each time.

Finally she had me lie on my front and pulled the drape to just above my bottom before demonstrating a basic back massage, which I desperately needed by that point given the tension I was feeling… before once more letting some of the students practice on me before they worked on each other (through their clothes).

At the end of the lesson once I believed everything must finally be over she talked about how this had been an unusual lesson and that dealing professionally with nudity was vital and that by the end of the course they would be completely unfazed by it.

She then took the opportunity to remove my cover one final time before asking for a round of applause for her model for the evening. I am quite used to receiving a few cheers for my exploits but not normally from people no more than a few feet away. Once the clapping had died down she dismissed the class and I sat up, dangling my legs over the side of the bed. After almost an hours class I was still blushing from ear to chest as people milled around talking to Clare and often myself, some taking the opportunity to take a quick peek between my legs which was now more exposed on the raised bed than when I had been lying down.

I made no attempt to get my robe by the bed at any time and more than one person walking down the corridor did a double take as the class opened the door to leave…. one student who was clearly born in a barn left the door open after she walked through, leaving it open for at least a minute which is a long time when small groups are being dismissed all over the building.

Once all the students had left Claire asked me if I’d had fun, the reactions of people outside the classroom looking in had left me short of breath again and I could only say “yes” while grinning. She asked if I wanted to head home straight away but I shook my head and lay back down while grinning, it was my turn now and part of my payment was always a fully body Massage , I had definitely earned it that day. Claire sighed commenting almost wistfully “no early night for me then…” and went on to give me one of the best work overs in my entire life.

I did agree to model more classes with her in the future (providing she still had a job the following term!) but we had to agree that any exposures would be far briefer, It is worthy of note that for some strange reason the uptake for her course almost doubled the following term… I really can’t think why.

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