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The Sauna

Once I had been teaching at the club for a few months I decided it was time to push things a little further, the class had now become accustomed to me wandering around the changing rooms without a stitch of clothing. At the back of the changing rooms there was a door which led to the sauna and pool-area, fortunately for me only the former was written on its sign.

I knew most of my male class members used the pool facilities after the lesson, so I showered as normal and returned to my locker to prepare, ensuring that they would be in the pool when I was ready. The cover for what I was about to do was quite simple, since they were single sex saunas I could reasonably claim that there was no reason to wear clothes in them (a silly practice at best) and as the door only said sauna on it then it must logically lead to the women’s sauna. Nobody noticed as I walked to the Sauna door hidden behind a wall at the bottom of the changing room.

I was beginning to lose my nerve as I often do when about to do something really big so I took a deep breath then headed out of the door and straight into the pool area with the small rolled up towel tightly in my hand. Walking forward I used my free hand to push the damp hair out of my eyes, the pool area suddenly silent. Blinking once or twice I looked around as if only now aware of my surroundings while standing there as though stunned, a wolf whistle quickly followed by laughing broke the silence. As if in reaction while still facing the pool I made a fumbling attempt to cover myself with one arm over my breasts and the hand with a towel covering my fluff.

Looking around quickly and acting panicked I could see the real door to the women’s sauna was a little to my left, so keeping my hands in place I turned around and dashed through the door allowing the swimmers an unobstructed view of my bottom.

There were several other ladies in the sauna, a few of whom were from my class, notably all wearing swimming costumes. One of them asked if I was okay, giving me the opportunity to explain what had happened while I rolled out my towel on one of the benches and sat down. Once she had managed to control the fits of laughter she offered to fetch me a larger towel for when it was time to leave, something I thanked her for.

So that was the last time I was able to do anything like this at the health club though strangely the number of men participating in my weights class soared over the following weeks. It must be said that I did continue to use the sauna naked but from this point on employed a very large towel for the walk by the pool.

2 thoughts on “The Sauna”

  1. I love going to the sauna, but I must say I am in germany, so being there naked is the normal, luckly the pool is also clothing optional, so I get to spend a lot o time naked there…

    1. Germany and the Nordic places are far more sensible about such things, but that just means I have more fun here.

      I once spent a good hour or so sunbathing naked in a German park and nobody batted an eyelid, well apart from my English friends.

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