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Not Quite Flashing on Nude Beaches

While I love travelling with my husband I have far longer holidays so often end up travelling on my own throughout the year, this in turn means that I often visit nude beaches on my own too. Despite my exhibitionist tendencies I prefer to control the situation and a lone woman on a beach can draw untoward attention, clothed or not. To resolve this issue I usually seek out another family or couple on the beach and ask to join them, genuine nudists are always happy to see me and I’ve never been refused when asking if I could set up near them.

However what I really love is finding a textile couple on a nude beach, on rare occasions they are not aware of the purpose of the beach but usually their aim is simply to see people with no clothes on. I especially love these couples when the beach is almost deserted, the sense of anticipation as I walk up to them fully clothed and ask if I could possibly join them for a while is immeasurable. I’ll always initiate conversation first and judge the situation though never mentioning the fact they are on a nude beach, I will only join them if I feel safe and comfortable.

My favourite couple were genuinely shocked into silence as I casually undressed in front of them, I waited until I was completely naked before acknowledging their wide eyed stares and asking “sorry… were you not aware this was a nude beach?” before following up quickly with “I can move on if this makes you uncomfortable.” To date nobody has ever declined my company when in this state of undress no matter how surprised they are. Admittedly I did tweak their sensibilities just a little, once they had become accustomed to my sunbathing next to them I decided to continue our conversation sitting up with my feet pressed firmly together and my legs butterflied, hands pressing lightly on my knees as they occasionally bounced… remarkably little eye contact was made.

I also love the couples who are there simply to see naked people, it’s usually fairly obvious from our initial conversation why they have visited that particular beach. On these occasions I will spend far longer than usual undressing and even longer applying sun cream to every inch of my body, all the time acting as though this is entirely normal nudist behaviour. I love having someone there to watch my few possessions while I swim naked (barring a small waterproof bracelet containing my car key), but I really enjoy having the chance to dry off in front of the couple on my return.

Another favourite trick is to spend as much time as possible on my hands and knees searching through my bag for sunscreen, with my bottom pointing straight at my audience so they can look without feeling guilty. If it’s clear they enjoy looking at me then I make sure I show them everything I can.

Occasionally I will join two or three young women on the beach, often they are clothed or topless and daring themselves to be on the nude beach. Usually my nudity will cause them to laugh which is often the reaction I most appreciate and on more than one occasion has convinced one of the more daring members of the group to join me by the end of the day. These are however the only groups who tend to see my bottom as a target and it seems to be a rare occasion when we reach the end of the day without a quick spank from one of the group to everyone else’s amusement. On more than one occasion I have jokingly bent the perpetrator of the crime over my knee and asked the group if she deserves to be spanked which usually leads to them being pantsed for a short while.

Being the only one naked in a textile group also allows me the freedom to expose a little more than I usually would often leaving my legs a half metre apart while sunbathing. This lets the people walking the beach to see naked people get their wish while I fulfil my own need to be seen… it also keeps away the sort of people I have no desire to talk too.

One thing I have noticed over the years when I’m walking the beach naked myself is how many textile families will engage me in conversation, it’s always slightly arousing being the OON especially when it is clear they have engineered the situation as an educational experience, combating the negative or unrealistic body expectations we have in society. I am always happy to let them look and answer any questions they might have (usually how long have you been a naturist, do you work out etc.). On more than one occasion I’ve joined them for a beach BBQ as a free lunch is always a bonus and in return they get a naked me as company.

The other experience I love at nude beaches (or not quite nude) are those occasions when I have not found a group to join but have found a secluded cove to sunbathe in. The expressions on people’s faces as they find me spread-eagled on the sand is always priceless, again I’ve never had a negative reaction but the people who are shocked or amused are always my favourite. If I’m really on a textile beach I’ll often pretend to be shocked myself, covering up while exclaiming “I thought nobody would come down this far!” which usually suffices in turning their shock to amusement. My first reaction is always to blush, which tends to add authenticity to my excuse.

Usually they will walk straight on saying something to the effect of “Oh, don’t mind us” while stealing the odd backwards glance. Though the funniest one was a wife who laughed and shouted to her husband “George come quick! You’re not going to believe what I’ve found!” I couldn’t help but laugh at the expression on his face as he reached the top of the dune which had provided me with shelter. Lying there propped up on my elbows with my legs apart I simply stated “Clearly I’m a mermaid, any moment now I shall return to the sea”. They seemed friendly so I engaged them in conversation and used my usual excuse that I’d been sunbathing here for days and they were the first to find me. It was about time for me to get going so as the conversation drew to a close I stood up letting George have a quick look at my bottom before I pulled on my sundress and walked barefoot down the beach to my car.

…I also love beach volleyball and have a short story about that for another day.

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