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Weekend Beach Break

I’d only really left the hotel room to spend a few hours wandering around town to pass the time while my hubby slept, it was 30ºC in the shade and I dressed appropriately in my hat, white button up sun-dress and sandals. My intention had been to find a store or bar with air conditioning and hole up there for a few hours, but since most of the shops were closed and the bars full of drunks I eventually found my way to the beach instead. To be honest I was a little jealous of the people swimming but I really wasn’t correctly attired and it wasn’t the right time or place to go skinny dipping.

The idea was making me feel a little frisky though and there were already quite a few people sunbathing topless, so after buying a beach towel from a vendor I found a clear spot on the beach then sat down making sure not to let my dress ride up as I did. I watched the sea for a few minutes before laying down and a few more before sitting up again and nervously undoing the buttons on the front of my dress to just above my hips. While my breasts were covered those looking my way could clearly see my nakedness between them, despite the number of people wearing no more than bikini bottoms it seemed this was drawing some attention from those around me.

I lay down again for about a minute before starting to fidget with the edges of my dress, noting the glances each time I did. The sun was boiling so I knew my time there would be limited, I sat up once more and looked around nervously before taking a deep breath and pushed the straps over my shoulders, letting the dress fall down my arms to rest my hips. Making sure not to make eye contact with anyone watching my impromptu strip I lifted my hands back through the dresses arm holes and leaned forward slightly before lying back down, clearly exposing the top half of my bottom to those around me.

I was blushing now and the girls made it quite clear I was at least a little aroused being seen like this, those people in bikinis didn’t really draw a second glance but a girl with her dress pulled down to her waist was far more unusual. Enjoying the sun and attention I reached down and pulled the material below my impromptu waist band up a bit so the hem was a little above mid-thigh. It wouldn’t have been possible to see up my skirt but I was amused by the number of boys giving it their best shot as they innocently walked to the water’s edge and back while glancing in my direction.

The heat of the sun was starting to take its toll though so I waited until another voyeur walked back from the water’s edge and sat up again,  exposing most of my bottom, this time holding the dress tightly in place either side of my hips as I turned round inside the dress before quickly laying down on my front. It only took a few seconds but anyone looking at the right time would have seen my fluff, I could feel the button maintaining my decency had slipped down a little exposing a few inches below the cleft so I leaned back a exposing my boobs again while pulling the waist back up… though not quite to my hips.

Once more despite wearing far more material than almost anyone else around me it was clear I was drawing the most attention, if I felt people’s attention was starting to wane then just  a little dress adjustment or leaning up to brush some sand off my arm while exposing my breasts soon brought them back again. Sadly it wasn’t long before I had to wrap things up since I had no intention of burning, as before I waited until someone was walking back from the water’s edge before turning over again but this time I pulled back a bit at the same time so the button that marked the makeshift waistband dropped below my fluff. I counted to three in my head before sighing then keeping my knees together I bent my ankles towards my bottom as I pushed myself up to sit on them.

The back of my dress lay on top of my feet leaving my now elevated bottom completely exposed and while the buttoned part of my waistband was now covering all but the top of my fluff it was straining a little, so I had to lift up a bit and let it drop down for a second before putting my arms back through their holes and slowly buttoning myself up again. After a quick stretch I quickly rolled up my towel while smiling people avoided eye contact pretending they had not just spent the last few minutes hoping for another quick glance. As I walked past their towels on the way back to the top of the beach it was funny to see them try and peek under my dress after they had already had a clear view of almost everything I had, but it was a practical dress and despite all their efforts they could only note the more sensitive parts of my anatomy standing out through the fabric.

I walked back to the hotel as fast as possible, on exiting the lift to my floor the corridor was empty so room key in hand I quickly took off my hat, pulled the dress over my head and tried to walk as slowly as possible towards my room near the end of the floor, the clattering of my sandals echoing on the marble floor. I almost walked round a corner without checking but stopped just in time to hear a few people talking, peeking round I could see they were standing in their doorways while they chatted.

There were doors all around me that could open at any time and every instinct in my body wanted me to cover up but instead I pressed myself against the wall waiting for them to wrap up their conversation while enjoying my increased vulnerability. After 10 minutes that felt like an hour they finally stopped talking and I heard two doors close at the same time as the elevator dinged. Since there was no time to cover up I gambled on them having returned to their rooms and holding my breath ran round the corner and down the corridor as fast and arguably as noisily as possible. I was fortunate not to have been seen but it took two attempts to get the key into its lock when I finally arrived.

I was completely on edge now and decided I really needed someone awake to help me apply after sun… fortunately he didn’t mind my method of rousing him from sleep too much and was all too happy to accede.

Love Alice

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