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Duke of Edinburgh

I was helping out a friend by assessing part of a university Silver group with about 60 people, their intention being to jump straight to Gold level afterwards. I had a fantastic time working with my teams throughout the day and it goes without saying I decided to camp at the site rather than retire to a B&B.

Obviously I was on my best behaviour and had no intention of doing anything naughty… however while wandering the site I noticed the door to one of the shower cubicles had quite a substantial crack in the wood and from the right angle you had a clear view inside.  There were one or two people from the group milling about, chatting and playing Frisbee (flashing LED’s around the edge) and I chatted with a few of them before joining the other leaders and assessors for wine and gossip.

By 11pm most of the participants had taken themselves off to bed and the conversation was drawing to a close at our end, we were a little tired having had to chase down more than one errant group whose navigation needed a little refinement. I made my excuses then wandered off to collect my wash kit, as I approached the shower block there was still a small group of students playing on the field nearby but all of the lights in the shower block had been switched off.

To this day I am uncertain as to whether this was down to the ingenuity of the students or simply a timer to save money for the site… but I couldn’t help but gravitate straight to the cubicle with the broken door whose defect was now well hidden. Once inside the first thing I did was switch the light on then sit down to undo my boots, from this side of the door the crack seemed far narrower so after a few moments thought I decided to act completely unaware and started to undress. There was no shower curtain, instead there was simply an alcove on the same wall as the shower head in which to place your things.

By the time I’d taken off my heavy jacket and placed it in the alcove I could clearly hear the Ultimate Frisbee was getting a little quieter, it may have been my imagination but I’m pretty sure it stopped entirely the very moment I pulled my t-shirt over my head shivering at the cold breeze across my back.  The sports bra came off next and I turned around, making sure to stand where they would be able to see my boobs clearly while I was fiddling with the belt on my trousers before taking them off, making sure they were carefully folded before before placing them in the alcove.

I really wanted my hot shower now as despite the situation most of the Goosebumps were from the cold, but before I finally took my pants off allowing them to see everything it seemed more fun to tease them by opening up my wash kit on the stool, placing the things I would need in the shower and then counting the two minutes necessary to brush my teeth properly while the girls bounced slightly with the vigorous motion.

Facing away from the gap I pulled my pants off and placed them on the pile with the rest of my clothing, unless they were almost right outside the door they would not have been able to see below my waist, but the static coursing over my skin on hearing them shush each other meant I no longer focused on the cold. Pausing only a moment to pick up my pouf building the sense of anticipation as I stepped into the slightly raised shower which would give them a far clearer view.

I should really have been a little more careful when I turned the shower on, but I was not thinking entirely clearly and was hit by a veritable geyser of freezing cold water the shock of which caused me to jump backwards (the group outside gave the game away by laughing then shushing each other once more). I stepped out of the shower and adjusted the thermostat with only one arm under the spray until it was at a far more enjoyable temperature. This done I spent a few minutes washing myself from head to toe then stood with my back to the wall looking up so the spray could hit my face knowing everything was on display.

Sadly I could not spend too much longer in there and turned around to switch the shower off, with the shower no longer drowning out the noise I heard a pair of rapidly departing footsteps from outside the door which amused me since at least one of the group had obviously wanted a closer look. I pulled my hair through my hands a couple of times and brushed as much water off my body using my hands before finally reaching for my towel.

It would have made more sense to step out of the cubicle but instead I decided to prolong my moment just a little longer by drying off facing the door, it took no more than a minute but I felt rather sad when I finally had to get out of the shower and get dressed once more. Had this been a normal camp I’d have been heading back towel clad but this was not an option today…. I still dressed from the bottom up though to prolong things as much as possible.

Finally the show over I gathered my few things, turned off the light and stepped outside the shower unit, if I had not done this then it would have been hard to pretend to be completely oblivious to my surroundings. The group were moving around again but given their position it was fairly obvious they had chosen a good spot to watch, on passing I noticed they had managed to acquire a few bottles of Stella (expensive stuff for students!), sadly for them it was meant to be a dry camp and as an assessor I could not ignore it… but they seemed all too willing to share a bottle with me and chat for a while so it seemed to me that the rules could be bent just a little.

I always wonder what they say in interviews when asked what they enjoyed most about their expedition…


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