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On a Train (Part 2)


I announced “Right then, I’m going to grab a quick shower” and left my case open for Julie to explore, we only had an hour so I didn’t spend too long showering. Once I’d dried off and fixed my hair I walked back into the room to see what I’d be wearing. My case was all closed up but Julie had left out my black dress, sandals and purse. The dress was actually quite modest but since that’s all she left on the bed I knew it would be a fun journey and was laughing as I pulled it over my head. I was grateful the material was quite thick around my bust so it would not be obvious how little I was wearing. I checked myself over in the mirror and Julie confirmed I looked fantastic, it did not take too long before the phone in the room rang to let us know the taxi had arrived to take us to the station. Julie stretched as she stood up from her seat, smiled and said “last chance to change your mind Al” knowing what my answer would be.


The taxi ride to the station was uneventful, the only tip the driver received was monetary, though I was starting to regret not having brought a coat with me since it was getting a little chilly.Taking great care to get out of the taxi in a lady like fashion, we collected our bags and dashed into the station which was thankfully a lot warmer. It did not take too long for the train to arrive and if anything there were even fewer people heading back north than had been present on the way down, we headed into the quiet carriage and dropped our bags down by the door. A small group had arrived before us and set up camp on the seats facing each other near the middle, we decided to take the seats past them at the far end of the carriage. I really should have expected it but almost squealed when Julie laughed while lifting my dress over my bottom, I pushed the dress back down before dashing to our chosen seats. The group we had just flashed laughed so it seemed we were in the clear for whatever Julie had planned.


Julie was still near the group laughing by the time I reached our seats, they kept peeking round and I just looked mortified in my seat. Eventually she joined me and whispered this will be a fun trip. We kept a low profile for the few hours but once we were sure the ticket inspector was out of the way Julie wrote “round 2?” on a pad of paper. The group had been talking quietly but went silent when we both stood up and headed towards the back of the carriage as though heading to the loos. I was blushing from ear to ear and avoiding eye contact, my hands notably positioned to stop Julie from flashing my bottom again.

So this time when we were right next the group she stepped forward and lifted the front of my dress as far as my belly button, then quickly stepped backwards holding the material tight against me. I pretended to be mortified and struggled with the hem rather than covering myself up so they could all assure themselves I was a natural redhead. After what felt like an eternity she finally let go of my dress and I almost fell forward before dashing towards the exit as it fell back below my hips. Once through the doors I stepped into the alcove to catch my breath. I could see Julie was laughing and talking with the group, since she was occasionally pointing in my general direction had clearly thought of another way to amuse herself.

After a few minutes she waved to the group and headed down the carriage towards me grinning like a Cheshire cat. I acted as though I was angry with her and she apologised, offering to buy me a drink before we headed back which seemed like a fair offer so we headed down the train to find the dining cart near first class. Once or twice I thought she might be considering flashing me again but had clearly decided our fun for this evening was to be in the quiet carriage. Having fulfilled her promise of a free drink she quietly asked “so how naked are we going to go this evening?” while grinning, which meant she clearly had something in mind but wanted to clear it first. After some thought I proposed that I was happy to lose the dress for a while, but only if they were the only group in the carriage.

Since it was clear the group were enjoying my discomfort and there was nobody else around it seemed like a safe bet, so we waited until the next station stop had passed then Julie carried out some reconnaissance in the quiet carriage while I finished my drink. After 5 or 6 minutes Julie returned, clarifying that nobody else had joined them and she had chatted with the group so I should just go along with whatever happens. The story was that I had lost a bet with Julie and she was just having a little fun at my expense, they were happy to play along. After another minute or so we headed back to our seats, I ad-libbed a little and on reaching the door insisted Julie walk ahead of me to which shrugged her shoulders and agreed immediately. I pretended not to notice some of the girls in the group had switched to the other side of the aisle and the boys were diligently reading magazines so as not to make eye-contact.

Blushing from ear to ear I walked towards our seats with my heat thudding louder with each step… I focused on Julie as though I expected her to dash back at any moment. As we passed their table I was a little confused that nothing had happened but that only lasted for a fraction of a second as one of the girls on each side ducked down and grabbed hold of an ankle while laughing. My look of surprise was genuine and as I turned my head towards them Julie dashed back towards me and had the dress off over my head in under a second before running down the carriage holding her prize triumphantly. In fairness I facilitated her action by leaning forwards with my arms stretched towards her while the dress turned inside out as it passed over my head.

I stood in this awkward position for several seconds fully exposed to the entire group, one of the boys having slunk down slightly in his seat for a better look at my bum. By the time I’d actually had the conscience to cover up my front Julie was at the far end of the carriage and the two girls having released my ankles were in fits of laughter. I awkwardly tried to dash towards my dress while the group laughed at my rapidly departing bottom, but it was slow going in the loose sandals. As I got close Julie winked at me then threw the dress over my head towards the girls again, I revealed my front to Julie as I slowly attempted (and purposely failed to catch it). Having acquired my dress the girls headed to the other side of the train and once more I turned around and dashed towards them covering my fluff with one hand and boobs with my right arm.

They waited until I was 2/3 of the way down the carriage before throwing the dress back to Julie so I’d flashed my bottom at the boys again. This time I only used my right hand to try and catch the dress and it was a very near miss. I turned to face the dress with one arm still outright for a moment before covering up again and dashing down towards Julie. After a couple of runs I couldn’t keep avoiding the dress so instead I decided to stop near my seat and take off my sandals so I could move faster and it always feels far more intense to be completely naked. While I did this the boys in their group had moved to the edge of their seats to watch and were able to see me completely naked in profile, with my footwear safely out of the way I covered up again and started to walk towards the girls. This time they threw the dress over my head as I stood next to their seats so their friends got a really close look at my breasts as I tried to catch it.

As I ran back towards Julie one of my nemesis who was struggling to stand returned to her seat, eyes running with tears from laughing. I had been intending to catch the dress this time but as I have mentioned before to a certain sort of person I have a very spankable bottom and this was clearly one of those occasions so I really should have expected the sudden sting causing me to fumble the dress as it sailed overhead once more and perhaps kept the hand covering my fluff firmly in place instead of moving it to cover my posterior as I yelped. While it did not last long this gave the group another full frontal of me so I decided to stop covering up as I dashed back towards Julie.

This time she threw it to the girl in the middle rather than the one at the far end, and she held out the dress as though she intended to hand it over. I was moving quickly and made no inclination towards covering up, acting as though somewhat resigned to my fate… so as I got closer she first made as though she was going to throw back to Julie then instead sent it up onto the luggage rack above their seats. I just stood there and stared at it for a moment, really just letting the other occupants of their seats have a good look at me while they smiled from ear to ear.

Ultimately they were about to get an even closer look as I put one hand on the luggage rack and pulled myself up placing one foot on the nearest seat then as the train rocked jerking over slightly as I placed one foot on the far seat for balance. One of my audience decided to take full advantage of this view my sitting on the floor with his back to the window while I reached up with my free hand to collect my errant dress. At this point I’d been so focused on the dress I did not notice the dark windows suddenly brighten as we passed through another station, fortunately we did not stop but we were half way through the station as I quickly dropped to the floor and covered up and there were certainly people on the platform.

Once the danger had passed I slowly hoisted myself back up again, sweating a little from the exertion of the past twenty minutes which made my muscles show up quite nicely. Pausing slightly to let them have one last look between my legs I finally grabbed the dress from the luggage and walked back to my seat naked before putting it back on. The other girl had clearly been considering my bottom a good target but was struggling to maintain enough composure to aim. Typically of such occasions the boys were speechless and the girls (including Julie) were killing themselves laughing. I believe I spent the rest of the journey blushing from ear to ear and rather wishing access to my good husband.

They group apologised later in the journey by sending the spanking emissary with a can of coke from the dining cart, but outright blamed Julie for their actions. I just laughed with them and indicated I would have my revenge on her later to which she simply arched an eyebrow at me. Other than a game of travel scrabble and taking my life into my hands by having a quick nap nothing much else happened on the journey until we were ready to leave. I’d assumed the game was over but as I bent over to pull my luggage out from the bag drop Julie lifted the dress all the way up to my armpits saying “We really didn’t say goodbye properly” before picking up her bag and speeding off the train, leaving me to sort myself out to a round of applause.

Only our group saw me buy it was pretty risky as there were a lot of people around, it did however set me back on edge making the vibrations from the bone shaker bus we took home rather more interesting than I expected.

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  1. One of the best story on this site!
    I would love to be in such situation!
    Nude, exposed and fighting for clothes – sounds like dream. 🙂
    I am man, but You are my inspiration in such actions.

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