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Un-mirrored Glass

One of the gyms I used was undergoing a fairly major makeover and as I drove up that evening I couldn’t help but notice that none of the windows on the second floor were mirrored anymore. It was clearly an oversight since the short corridor between the showers and the female changing room was brightly illuminated, offering a clear view the occasional woman dashing past in an unusually large towel. It’s a mystery that they had not simply put newspaper up but it was an opportunity not to be missed, so instead of heading home I pulled into the carpark and headed inside.

At the far end of the changing room they had put up a notice apologising for the oversight and a large pile of freshly laundered towels, a plan already in mind I quickly got changed and locked my bag away before heading out for my workout. After a good hour the gym had started to empty and I was the last woman working out so I racked my weights, stretched out then headed back to the changing room. I collected the bag from my locker, headed to the far end of then looking over to make sure nobody was in the showers quickly folded the notice up into it. Without the notice I had something approaching plausible deniability.

My heart was beating harder at this point than it would have had I decided to just walk back into the gym naked. The deed done I headed back to the benches and undressed, after a quick once over in the mirror I grabbed a hairbrush before wandering down towards the corridor and picking up a towel to be carried over one shoulder. I stood by the partition wall savouring the moment and the static on my skin before confidently stepping out into the open.

I walked to the middle of the corridor before turning to face the window and look at my reflection, my muscles were still pumped from the workout and I flexed a little while grinning. I wanted to stay there until I was seen so I brushed my hair while I waited, it did not take long until I could see the headlights of a car heading down the same road I had. I purposely pretended not to notice them slow to a halt as I stood naked in front of the window, they turned the headlights off. I couldn’t prolong things much longer so I looked down at my fluff and pulled my fingers through it a few times before taking a last look in my mirror and heading off into the showers so my audience could have a quick look at my bottom.

I was pretty much on fire at this point but needed the shower after working out and since there was nobody else around I enjoyed a good 10 minutes under the hot water. Then it was time to go again I dried off everything from the neck down before heading back out with the towel wrapped over my shoulders and covering my breasts. My audience had moved on which was disappointing so I decided to play the same game again, brushing my hair in front of my makeshift mirror making sure to remove any tangles. I was having fun but had almost given up by the time another car came into view, this one slowed down but drove past which was disappointing until out the corner of my eye I saw them go 360 on the roundabout before turning off their lights and turning the car around to face the right direction.

I decided to stay a little longer and after another minute of hair brushing I really wanted them to see my breasts so I shrugged the towel off my shoulders and used it to dry my hair. By covering my eyes with the towel I was able to have a good look at the car, there was a couple inside and they were both wide eyed. After minute or so I figured there was still a little hair that needed drying but could only spend a few seconds drying there. Sadly there was no way I could prolong this any further so I put the towel back over my shoulders and gave my hair one last brush before heading back into the changing room.

My fun was almost over for the evening so I quickly got dressed and headed back to my car, I was still feeling on edge though so once I made sure nobody was watching I turned round in my seat and with the door shielding me slipped off my skirt before driving home bottomless. Nobody saw me in this state during the journey but my husband was rather glad to see me as I walked through the front door wearing only my blouse.

Adventures of an Exhibitionist