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Impromptu model

I had a short business trip in Kent and was staying at a place called Broadstairs which is also an occasional nudist haunt, before leaving my Husbands parting words were “send me a postcard” so I thought I’d have a little fun with that. I left the hotel at first light the following morning, it was already warm and it really was a pleasure to walk down the deserted beach.

After about 30 minutes I reached a small alcove with a passageway set into the cliff face, investigating I found there was a locked gate a few meters in so after another look outside I undressed leaving my swimsuit behind with my bag. Feeling the breeze across my chest and between my legs was exhilarating as I stepped out into the open, the beach was still deserted so I walked slowly over the rocks and made my way down to the sea for a quick skinny dip, the cold water certainly woke me up but I enjoyed the feeling of freedom that can only come from swimming sky clad.

One or two lifeboats went past on some sort of training exercise and while I could see the crew on board did look in my direction they were clearly in no position to stop and appreciate the view, but I did take that as a sign more people would be around quite soon and I’d have to wrap things up soon if I wanted to get the perfect postcard to send home.

So reluctantly I swam back to shore and slowly walked back to my bag letting the breeze dry me off, the clothes were staying put and instead I pulled out my camera and travel tripod before walking back outside and onto the covered side of the alcove. The first few photos I took were of the cliffs and in the light they were beautiful, but it did not take long before I was playing with the timer on the camera before running in front of it and alternating between acting silly and performing yoga poses. I then spotted there was something of a small natural narrow shelf along the cliff face with lots of raised rocks and decided I really wanted to try and do the splits along that line.

It took at least 6 attempts of setting the timer then walking quickly over the uneven rocks before climbing and balancing on the ledge, using the palms of my hands to take most of the weight while the soles of my feet rested on the rocks either side before I finally came close to getting the shot I wanted of me smiling into the camera from both pairs of lips. I should have just done a few trail runs without the camera but the photos of me not quite getting it were quite fun too. Had I been less focused on my task there is the possibility I might have heard the couple open the locked gate and walk out of the passageway, they would still have found me naked since my clothes were right by the gate but the shock on my face as they walked round the corner and found me in all my glory was quite genuine.

I was staring at them wide eyed unable to speak for at least a few seconds and it’s fair to say neither of them were looking me in the eye at that point, my legs were starting to shake from both adrenalin and exertion. As I carefully lowered myself back to the ground before covering my more sensitive parts and stumbling an apology the woman started laughing and commented that she had thought there were some free swimmers around but this was a new one for them. The rabbit in the headlights routine was genuine and I started to shuffle back towards the passageway while keeping my bottom to the wall, she grinned mischievously as she asked who I was taking the photo for and I responded an anniversary gift for my husband.

I stood naked in front of them covering my breasts and fluff she asked if I managed to get the photograph I wanted, to which I responded that in each shot either my eyes were closed or I hadn’t quite managed to get up there in time. They were obviously far from offended so on a whim I simply said well there’s not much more of me you can see before uncovering up and nervously walked over to the camera before returning with it to show them the pictures. Standing in front of them I flicked through the shots I had taken, one of them was pretty good but she kindly volunteered to take the picture for me and since she seemed to know how the camera worked I agreed. Her partner really hadn’t said much at all by this point and would probably struggle to describe the hair on my head, but seemed rather happy about the turn of events.

So I turned around and carefully worked my way back up the rocks and onto the ledge, the static coursing through every muscle in my body was making it far more difficult… but it did give me far more time to secure my position as I slowly spread my legs between the two rocks while lowering myself onto the ledge. Once I was fully exposed I smiled into the camera and she took the first shot, then commented that it would make a much better photo if I wasn’t holding myself on the ledge with my hands.

There were a few handholds in reach above my head so she suggested I could try and reach for those, I tried but clearly felt too far off balance so they decided to help. So with my permission she and her partner each placed one hand on an upperthigh and hamstring and the other on my shoulder and gently pushed me further onto the ledge so I could reach up with my hands free. Unfortunately, this caused my shoulder to press too far into the sandstone so after brief deliberation they placed their other hand a little lower on my rather sensitive chest and I finally managed to grab my handholds.

I was starting to shake a little by this point as the static was flowing everywhere at once and it was very clear how much I was enjoying things, but after a few moments they gently released the more sensitive parts of my anatomy and took a few shots before I lowered myself back down. I was exhausted at this point but the photograph did look good and felt like it was time to say goodbye, it was at this point her partner piped up and suggested it would look interesting if I covered myself in sand before climbing up there.

I have to admit it was very easy to talk me into this, the only consolation I made was borrowing a pair of sunglasses so the sand would not get in my eyes. Obviously to make the sand stick I needed to be wet everywhere so they watched as I picked my way back to the shoreline and stepped into the water. I was exposed to half the beach in this position and there were clearly a few people in the distance so I quickly dived under the water then headed back to cover while pulling my hair back, which she took an opportune picture.

I then lay down on the soft sand in front of them and they helped by covering any parts I missed, we chatted a little while we did this and it turned out her name was Lauren. She asked if I would like a another photo before heading up to the rock again, and suggested she could take a few pictures of me with the sea as a background. This seemed fun so I stepped back out from my cover again and we took a few more pictures as people got closer (still about half a mile away), for the final picture I sat on the stones with my legs spread showing the one small part of me that I really didn’t want any sand in.

Finally, I climbed back up on the rocks again and got myself in position for the final photos before I climbed down Lauren brushed the sand off my breasts and fluff which caused me to audibly gasp and took one last photo. It really was time to go now as I could even start to hear other people on the beach but before I could get changed I had to wash as much of the sand off as possible, so peaking around the corner I could see they were still a fair distance and since I was on something of a high decided to walk out into the shallow ankle deep waters of the shore and wash away the sand in full view.

Two things happened at this point, the lifeboats returned and definitely slowed down this time to watch while I waved to them and the couples walking down the beach decided now would be a good time to stop and watch for a while. It probably lasted no more than a minute but it felt far longer.

I went back to Lauren and their partner and collected my camera, they asked if they could take one photo of me before they left, as you are aware I am always hesitant about that sort of thing and Lauren read me clearly and quickly said “You could turn around so your face isn’t in it?”, which seemed reasonable so I agreed. I ended up posing for three photos, one with both of them in it and they each took a photo of their partner with the crazy naked girl. As mentioned before I do seem to have a rather spankable bottom and it seemed for her photo Lauren had finally exhausted her reserve on that score and for a short time I had a markedly redder bottom.

It really was time to leave and as I walked round the corner, the people walking down the beach were now only a twenty or so meters away so had a very clear exposure of me heading up the steps into the tunnel. It seemed a little cruel not to stop and wave before I disappeared inside laughing. I quickly pulled the sundress out of my bag and over my head before following Lauren’s suggestion and heading up the steep stairs beyond the unlocked grate to the top of the cliffs.

The journey back to the hotel was largely uneventful but given I was not completely dry there were more than a few double takes as I walked past.

Adventures of an Exhibitionist