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Spain (Part 1)

As a Brit going abroad offers many opportunities such as experiencing another culture and that rarest of things known as sunshine. Generally speaking it also means you will be staying somewhere with a pool and hundreds of people you will never see again. However I would often travel with my friend Julie, who I have known since primary school. She has long known of my little kink… and finds it hilarious.

She is also a willing accomplice and helps me out occasionally, in part because it appeals to her sense of humour and in truth it gives her free reign to pull the kind of stunts she would probably try anyway. To celebrate the end of our first year at university we decided to holiday at Benidorm in Spain which offers all the beaches, swimming pools, nightlife and with a little effort culture you could ask for.

The hotel was thankfully not an 18-30 place since ironically neither of us can stand those places (too blatant) and as you might expect topless sunbathing was considered normal. This meant of course that we would have to be a little more creative, so on the first day we went to the pool I wore what looked to be a fairly modest two piece bikini but the bottoms were tied at the sides. Julie was under instruction to untie the bottoms when it looked like I was sleeping.

So we arrived at the pool and acquired a couple of Sun loungers as far away from the bar as possible, covered everything that was visible with sun cream and settled down to waste a morning of sunbathing and swimming. About 11 o’clock after a few drinks I pulled my hat over my eyes and basked in the sun, it was a pretty good impression of being asleep as I was in-fact starting to drift off until I felt the slight tugging on the knots as Julie undid them under the pretence of putting some more cream on me.

A little while later Julie loudly said “I do believe my glass is quite empty, an intolerable situation I’m sure you agree… especially given it is your round Al”, in opening my eyes I could see under the brim of my hat that several people obviously noticed what had been done and were discretely pretending not to look in my direction. Looking down the strings from the top half of my bikini bottoms were lying down the between my open legs and could guess the lower strings were lying either side of me, she had done a good job. Normally by this point the fear would be setting in but thanks to the combination of alcohol and sun I was just enjoying the moment.

So I responded “Subtle as always J, what would you like?”, while pushing myself slowly up into a sitting position then placing one leg onto the ground either side of the sun bed. As the material on the front of my bikini bottoms fell onto the sun-bed I yawned and stretched my arms as far over my head as possible. The group of teens on the other side of the pool could not believe their luck and watched jaws open, while they could not see everything they had a very good view of my fluff.

To give them something to remember I lay back again raising my right leg up onto the bed turned my head to Julie and said “Are you sure it’s my turn?”, everything was now on full display to anyone around the pool who cared to look. Julie was trying her best not to laugh at this point and almost stuttered out “Yes I’m quite sure, I’ll even sort the money out for you” at which point she slowly counted out a few small notes then held them out for me.

As though reluctant I took the money then swung my raised leg over the bed and stood up, taking care never to look down. After another quick stretch I walked along the pool towards the bar, by this time I had most people’s attention and pretended to be oblivious to those quietly speaking to each other and pointing. The best thing was that because I was still wearing my bikini top it made it appear that I was completely unaware of my predicament.

I’d just passed the far end of the pool casually ignoring the odd wolf whistle when a German lady in her 40’s indicated in broken English that I should look down, I looked at the floor then back at her as if not understanding at which point she mimed where to look by tapping her hip. Her husband burst out laughing at this point as I realised my situation and my cheeks started burning. I did not cover up straight away acting shocked while standing there in no more than my sunhat and bikini top. My realisation was the point at which other people around the pool started to gaze openly, laugh and wolf-whistle.

Julie meanwhile had packed up our things and chose that point to shout her farewell as she disappeared through the doors into the hotel, something not in our original plan to say the least. By this point I had used my hands to cover up my front and begun edging my way back to my sun-bed, on seeing Julie I gave up all pretence of modesty and streaked past everyone as I tried to catch her.

Fortunately the doors she had chosen only led to the stairs and lift since if the foyer had been her port of call we could have been in trouble, though there were several very shocked people as I ran up the stairs to our third floor apartment. As soon as I reached the door I started hammering on it for her to let me in, which she did after only 10-20 seconds of leaving me to sweat in the corridor. As soon as I got through the door we both collapsed to the floor laughing, it was a good few days before I was willing to show my face at the hotel pool but it gave us a good excuse to get out of town and do something other than sunbathe.

It was a great start to the holiday though we agreed that in the future anything like that should be left to the end of our stay. Apart from a little playing about on the beach and occasionally losing my top (which hardly count when everyone else is topless already), there was only one other incident which occurred on our last day… which I shall recount another time.

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  1. I love your stories Alice and the untied bikini bottoms reminded me of fun we had when in Maspolomas last year. We had my husband’s friend with us who had recently separated and my husband had been begging me to shave or wax completely. One day on the beach they dared me to show my bare slit to the world so while in the sea his friend untied my bottoms. I came out of the sea pretending I was shocked and then played around trying to find them. Several people had noticed and were giving me smiles.

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