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Skinny Dipping in the Snow

I’ve just spent a few days in Wales and have been enjoying snow that everyone else seems to hate so much, yesterday morning I decided to have a wander along a stretch of beach where the snow almost reached the shore.

After a mile or so I was starting to feel a little frisky and felt a nice cool swim would be the perfect way to unwind… while normally I hate the cold I have a very strange tolerance for running around nude when the white stuffs around. Having made certain I was alone I walked up a small bank to a partially secluded area and quickly undressed, leaving my walking gear hidden inside my waterproof bag along with my compact travel towel.

It was admittedly a little colder than I anticipated, my nipples certainly gave the impression of being frozen solid, but despite this I took a deep breath and without looking ran down the bank and straight along the beach and into water… the cold, static and the pressure of the waves rolling into me made me feel alive.

I’d only managed to walk waist deep in the water and it took me a few minutes to acclimatise, the water was probably warmer than the air but getting to that point where I was comfortable with the girls underwater took a while. So finally after a few minutes I happily spent some time in the freezing water swimming lengths, largely oblivious to my surroundings as I had to make sure I did not tire myself out too much.

In fairness I did notice the two walkers heading from the opposite end of the beach long before they noticed me, the colour of their jackets indicated it was a man and a woman so I felt safe enough. They had noticed me swimming which was obviously amusing since I was clearly mad, however as they got closer I switched from breaststroke to crawl so it would be fairly obvious I was at least topless.

I let them draw level while I decided what to do next, I’d swam a fair distance from my clothes at this point so if they had decided to take out their phones or cameras I could simply have switched back to breaststroke and headed back up the beach… however since they hadn’t I decided to have a little fun.

The woman shouted out “Nice weather for it!” at the top of her voice, it would seem impolite to ignore her so I stopped midstroke to tread water and shouted back “The waters lovely!”. In treading water they were able to see most of my breasts and all of my shoulders, I brushed the hair out of my eyes with one hand so my nipples would pop very briefly above the water. I shouted again “I didn’t expect to see anyone else out here!”, “Nor us!” and continued a brief conversation with the Welsh couple as though everything was completely normal.

The weather at this point was starting to take a turn for the worse and the water was getting a little choppy, but instead of saying my goodbyes and swimming up-shore I decided to take a chance. I shouted out to them again “Listen, the seas getting a bit rough so I need to get out…”, I paused for a second and followed up with ” and I left my swimsuit back at the apartment, if you’re offended I’ll head up the beach but I’d rather get out quickly!”

They shouted back it wasn’t a problem and they would turn around, this was very polite of them but nowhere near as much fun though I did consider they would have to see me at some point since I was a fair distance from my clothes. So I shouted back “don’t worry about it, my muscles are a little tired to be honest so I’d rather you just kept an eye on me”, which they seemed happy to do.

So with their permission I swam to shore, once I reached the point where my feet could firmly reach the seabed I stood up and half walked half swam as my body rose from the water, first my shoulders then my breasts and an audible gasp from the woman as my fluff finally emerged from the water. It took about a minute to reach the shore, standing naked in front of them I took another moment to pull my hair back over my shoulders so everything was in full view.

While I could now feel the winter chill on the wind as it blew over me I wanted to prolong things a little while so brushed off as much of the water as possible with my hands, starting with my legs and moving up my body arms and finally my breasts which felt rather tender causing a sharp intake of breath from myself. The cold water had resulted in me looking even more toned that usual. The woman commented “If I looked like that I’d never wear clothes either!”, which was nice of her.

Laughing I just said “Well I better go find my clothes before I freeze to death”, she replied “probably for the best” while grinning. Even though I was freezing at this point despite the heat I was also feeling across my chest and cheeks I’d only recently been waxed and really wanted to show off about the only part of me they hadn’t seen. So I walked past them for a short distance so they could see my bottom before ‘slipping’ in the icy snow.

My fall was well controlled and the ground soft but I landed flat on my back, by the time they ran over I had lifted myself up onto my elbows with my legs quite wide apart. I just laughed and said “well that was embarrassing” as they stood near my feet, her partner clearly enjoying the view once it was clear I had not been injured. After 30 seconds lying in the snow they each offered me a hand and helped me up onto my feet.

She quickly checked me over and brushed the snow off my back before giving me a quick spank on the bottom and saying “Good as new”, which caused me almost yelp “hey!” before laughing, and twisting round to look at the slightly redder of the two cheeks exposed to the elements. They asked how far I had to walk and I pointed to the bank about 300m away, they decided they would walk with me in case I fell over again which was kind of them.

So after a very slow walk in the snow where we talked about the local area we finally reached the bank and after thanking them I climbed up ahead of them, letting her partner have another clear view between my legs and quite likely my buttocks too. They waited at the bottom while I collected my bag, then I returned to the top of the bank still naked and dried off while we continued chatting before sadly (and coldly) getting dressed starting with my t-shirt and jumper so I could remain exposed for as along as possible.

The warmth running though me as I pulled on my jumper felt even more amazing than diving into the sea. Fully dressed I climbed back-down and said my goodbyes, they headed back the way they came (having spent longer than they anticipated ) and I headed back to the apartment in the opposite direction. As parting words they suggested I should head a little further down shore next time as it was far more secluded… and if one day I don’t want to be caught I might just do that.

Love Alice.

Adventures of an Exhibitionist