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Café Blinds

I’d rented an apartment in Florida for a fortnight with a few friends who were not aware of my exhibitionist tendencies, which of course meant that despite the many wonderful opportunities offered by the pools, sun loungers and Jacuzzi’s around the complex I would have to behave. We were there for the very family friendly theme parks so the best I could hope for was showing off my bra through a river rapids sodden t-shirt. It goes without saying that by the second week the urge to show off was growing strongly, and untying my bikini straps to avoid tan-lines was really not cutting it.

In the late afternoon while the heat and humidity forced many of my companions to have a siesta I would sneak out for a quick dip in one of the pools further away from our apartment… but there were always too many families around to show off properly, though I probably fuelled a few teenage fantasies letting my boobs show for a fraction of a second while retying my top. I did have one bikini mishap in Aquatica but the staff were on hand to let me know instantly and even had a towel standing by just in case (damn their efficiency), and once properly tied the top was very secure.

Towards the end of the second week I noticed that the plantation blinds on my second floor bedroom window could be converted into café shutters, which is to say the bottom two thirds would be shut to provide privacy from the road while the top third would let in the light. It goes without saying I converted all three instantly and longed for the evening, as the third floor balconies on the other side would have a perfect view. I angled the dressing table mirror so it would let me see anyone on the balcony and then headed out for a swim with my friends.

When we returned an hour or so later I noticed there were several mixed groups taking full advantage of their balconies, there was only time for a quick shower before we all headed out for the evening but it seemed a perfect opportunity for my first exposure. I almost ran up the stairs ahead of my friends pausing only for breath when I reached my door and calming myself before stepping inside.

Making sure not to look out of the window I stood in front of the dresser and did a few arm stretches so the movement might draw their attention, this did the job and a few people glanced quickly in my direction before returning to their conversations. When I pulled the T-shirt over my head they paused a little longer, but I certainly had their attention the moment I reached behind my back to untie my top. I fiddled with the knot a little longer than necessary before finally letting the straps fall away and the top drop to the floor. The people who had been watching quietly were now trying to get their companions attention without alerting me.

I pulled my hair back over my shoulders to prolong the moment as long as possible, then placed my thumbs into the waistband of my bikini bottoms and quickly slipped them down my legs to ensure I maintained the pretence of casually undressing… a strip tease at this point would have made it obvious I was aware of their attentions. Now that I was completely naked I collected my bikini off the floor and walked past all three windows to the wardrobe where the towels were stored and spent a good 30 seconds standing in front of it selecting the fluffiest one I could find. On closing the mirrored door, I could see the people furthest away were almost hanging off their balconies to see my bottom.

Sadly, it was now time to shower so I walked back along the windows, choosing a path that would give them the best possible view of everything I had and hoping they could not tell at that distance just how aroused I was by this, it had been a long week. I almost collapsed to the floor from the tension once I reached the other side of the door. I showered more quickly than I normally would, knowing my friends would take far longer, then dried off wrapping the towel tightly around me.

Taking another deep breath, I stepped outside the bathroom door and pretended to ignore the groups looking in from the other building. Trying to act completely natural I stood in front of the dresser and raised my arms away from my sides as I dried my hair. I watched my voyeurs in the mirror and their rapt attention with every stretch willing the towel to fall away once more. However, the towel was quite secure and I enjoyed a good few minutes teasing them. Once my hair was done it was time to both get dressed and expose myself again, so I walked back towards the wardrobe casually throwing the towel onto the bed as I passed.

I then spent the next few minutes carefully choosing the perfect outfit, each time I removed an item of clothing from the wardrobe I would hold it in front of me then turn around to admire myself in the dresser mirror opposite. While they had already seen my fluff I was enjoying teasing them by hiding my front once more, though my back was fully exposed as I returned several items to the wardrobe. Having settled on a suitable light dress I threw it over onto the bed and walked back to the dresser to pick out what I would be wearing under it. There were at least 6 people watching me at this point and it’s fair to say there was little if any conversation… though all were doing their best to make it look as though they were not staring.

Had it been one of my trips with Julie then chances are the dress would have been my only item of clothing that evening, but this group were rather more conservative so instead I spent a moment or two choosing my underwear before dressing over by the bed. I started with the bra first to maximise the time I would spend naked but it did not take long before I slipped the dress over my head and headed off to the lounge to meet up with the others. I managed to maintain an almost neutral expression on my face right until I stepped outside my bedroom door and out of sight, at which point I was grinning like a Cheshire cat having eased the tension of the past week.

We returned quite late that evening and I honestly didn’t know if I was going for a repeat performance or not, I left the light off as I entered the room and could see there was only one couple on the middle balcony. After a brief deliberation I decided on a little show before bed, so I stepped into the en-suite bathroom, turned the light on and left the door open. I had hoped to see the couple in the mirror that ran along the far side of the bathroom wall but sadly this was not possible, however I had no doubt at all they would be able to see me very clearly. Since I wanted things to look fairly natural I washed my face at the sink, brushed my teeth then carefully pulled my dress off over my head and removed my bra. I stretched again in front of the mirror before placing both items over one arm and walking back into the bedroom.

I could see they were both still watching so I turned the bedroom light on to give them a better view and carefully put my clothing away, the problem was that with the lights on I could not see them at all, which was nowhere near as much fun… so I turned the light out, the TV on and lay topless on the bed, illuminated by it’s warm glow while I channel surfed. In the near darkness it was now possible for me to observe my neighbours easily and they were clearly enjoying the view… and the shadows cast on the wall by my breasts and erect nipples amused me. After 20 minutes or so I finally started to feel sleepy so I turned the TV off and settled down to sleep. The neighbours also decided it was time to head back indoors so my adventures for the evening were over.

I woke up early the next morning as the light streamed through the top third of the shutters, there was nobody on the balconies opposite so they missed my 20-minute nude yoga session. Since I knew my friends would still be in their beds I quickly pulled on my shorts and sports bra and headed out for an hours run around the lake. The humidity was already high even though it was early and by the time I returned anyone watching would have thought I’d decided to go swimming instead, so every contour of my body was clearly on display as I returned to the street by our apartment. One of the couples who had watched me the day before were eating breakfast on their balcony and did a double take on seeing me sprint the last 100m to stop outside our front door.

I decided to do my post run stretches on the lawn outside, favouring those that would really stretch the small amount of material covering my body as much as possible. They were watching but politely averting their gaze at the same time so I decided to continue the show indoors, while as always acting completely oblivious to my audience.

This time I undressed immediately on walking through my bedroom door and threw each item of clothing into the en-suite as I removed it. First I took off my sports bra, then had fun awkwardly removing my shorts without taking off my shoes before finally sitting on the edge of my bed to remove the shoes. Since they had quite a good angle on my position I lifted one ankle onto my knee to inspect the sole of my foot as though a blister might be troubling me, which of course let them see between my legs for the first time.

After spending a minute or two massaging my foot I could think of no reason to justify staying in that position any longer, so I stood up and repeated the stretches I had already carried out on the front lawn before grabbing a towel from the wardrobe and heading into the bathroom to shower. Now that it was light I had a better view of the couple in the bathroom mirror, and by the end of my shower they had been joined by another couple. I felt it would be rude of me not to let them see me too, especially given how hard they were trying not to look through the window, so once I’d dried off I wrapped the towel around me once more, picked up a bottle of after sun, walked back out into the bedroom and stood in front of the mirrored wardrobe.

I played with my hair for a short while before finally removing the towel once more and lying it flat on the floor behind me. I contemplated the lotion for a moment before placing it on the floor and turning around so my bottom faced the mirror, then started to perform my morning sun salutations once more. The expression on their faces was priceless as they watched me stretch as high as possible to expose my front then everything else in the mirror when I leaned forward with my legs far apart. After a week of wearing more conservative clothing outside my breasts and bottom almost glowed against the tan I’d developed (which is to say a slightly pinker colour than usual), and having waxed everything underneath meant there really was no fig leaf in place.

Finally, with my eyes closed I adopted a tree pose and held it for 5 minutes on each side, my enjoyment of the situation making the balance quite challenging. The yoga complete I set about applying the sunscreen over my entire body, even the parts which had not recently seen the sun. Looking over at the clock there was still about an hour before anyone else in the house would even think of waking up so I decided to lie naked atop the covers of my bed with my eyes closed waiting for my alarm to sound.

I had dozed a little before the shrill beeping kicked in so switching off the alarm I stretched out again and noted only one couple was still out on the balcony now, who had not seen my earlier performance. So I headed into the bathroom again, brushed my teeth, wet my hair then let them watch as I dried my hair and chose the perfect outfit for our final day.

We did not get back to the apartment until very late that night and I was rather disappointed to see nobody was out on the balcony, the group had become somewhat distracted and our plan to return early to get packed had somehow turned into staying to watch the fireworks, see a band then comment on the worst of American telesales shows while eating Ben and Jerrys. During this last section I briefly returned to my room collect some more snacks and while there was still nobody around I turned on the en-suite light just in case anyone was occasionally checking on the room for my return.

When everyone finally decided to head upstairs to pack or sleep (some having already packed the night before) I entered my room and sure enough there was a woman reading a book on the balcony opposite, as I walked into the en-suite and she quickly ran through the balcony doors of her apartment and returned momentarily with her partner who then pretended to look at a newspaper while I contemplated what to do next.

I needed to pack, shower and really wanted to show off for the couple on the balcony so I returned to my bedroom and turned the lights on before standing in the most visible position for their balcony and slowly undressing. Taking care to fold each item of clothing perfectly and placing it on the bed, happily returning to my natural state and certainly no longer even slightly weary. After a very quick stretch and quick massage of my hip where the dress material had been rubbing me all night I walked over to the wardrobes, opened them and carried my empty suitcases over to the floor by the bed.

After posing in front of my mirror with a few outfits I finally placed my clothing for the following day onto my dresser then spent the next half hour carefully folding each item into case as neatly as possible. Taking advantage of any opportunity to bend over or squat down while facing the window, I had thought they would have watched me for a while before turning in themselves, but as I sat down heavily on my last case to close the buckles I could just about make them out in the wardrobe mirror happily enjoying the show.

I dragged my cases out of the way and decided it would be best to get showered next since I might not have time the next day, as on previous evenings I turned out the bedroom light but left the door to the en-suite open. I spent as little time as possible in the shower, dried off and once more exited the en-suite with a towel wrapped around me, happy to see the couple were still there awaiting my return. Since they had been so patient I turned the light on once more and removed the towel and laid it out in the middle of the floor.

I started off with a few highly controlled sun salutations to warm up before moving onto forward and side stretches, first with my legs together then wide apart. Keeping my legs apart I stretched my arms as high over my head as possible, holding that position until my muscles started to ache before collapsing forward once more. Despite being in clear view the whole time there was parts of me that they were unable to see from that position and thanks to the static charging over my body I really wanted to show them.

It was also starting to get very late and just about time to wrap things up so I stood up and turned around with my bottom facing their direction and placed my legs chest width apart. After a few breaths I leaned forward as far as possible then let my head drop slowly to the floor before placing my hands behind my crown and pressing my elbows into the floor. Now fully inverted I let the weight transfer from my feet and moving my legs further apart let them raise an inch or two off the floor. This was a difficult position to hold but having practiced it many times before I knew pretty much everything below my waist (both front and back) was now on full display. I held the position until my stomach muscles ached then finally raised my legs up to perform a full headstand, giving them the best view of my fluff they could possibly ask for from the balcony.

This was a position I could hold pretty much indefinitely so for the next 5 minutes I maintained the pose as rigidly as possible, breathing deeply while completely on edge. When I could finally take no more I moved my legs apart and slowly lowered them exposing myself once more before standing up. The blood was very much pooled in my head adding to the natural blush I always develop in these situations. Not ready to call it a night quite yet I stood looking in the mirror for a moment and tried to adopt a tree pose, however I had been edging for quite a while and placing my right heel against the top of my left thigh was enough to make my knee buckle and it was only by chance stopped myself from falling over, holding a rather ungraceful half squat pose.

Since Yoga was no longer on the cards I stood up straight decided to examine myself in the mirror instead, standing far enough back that they would be able to see everything I could. I started by massaging my breasts, biting my lower lip with as caress causing my knees to shake a little this alone was almost enough to take me over… once I could stand it no more I moved my feet slightly apart and looking directly into the mirror moved one hand down to my stroke my fluff and finally between my legs releasing all the tension I’d built up without making a sound.

I now stood there open mouthed, panting and genuinely embarrassed at having completely lost myself in the moment, but at the same time I enjoyed how vulnerable I felt and rather than covering up I sat on the edge of my bed facing the window with my legs apart and arms behind me until my breathing settled once more.

Feeling completely exhausted I forced myself to stand up once more and set about turning off the lights, on turning out the bedroom light I could see one half of the couple was now heading indoors but the other still seemed to be sticking around for a while, even though the room was pitch black… which gave me something of a second wind.

My mind went into overdrive with possibilities but I decided to stick with acting as though nobody could see me, I lay back on my bed and turned on the TV, muting the sound before flipping through the channels. The light from the TV illuminated me once more in a blue glow, I pretended to watch the TV while secretly looking at the mirror on the dresser which let me see my audience on the balcony. After a few minutes it looked like they were finally calling it a night, however it turned out she was only speaking to her partner through the door before sitting down at the table again to watch me.

I waited until she started to stand up as though about to leave before moving my hands from my sides to start playing with my breasts again and had to stop myself from laughing at the speed they sat back down. My heart was still racing but this time I took things slowly, after a few minutes and without looking away she backed towards the door and called her partner back. I let them watch me play until I was completely exhausted and finally started to fall happily asleep… I was almost adrift when I heard the first sharp clack.

I opened my eyes not quite knowing what was going, pushing myself up into a sitting position I looked around bewildered. Then the next clack drew my gaze straight to the window they were throwing what later turned out to be boiled sweets at, they waved at me laughing and I stared back wide eyed for several seconds before covering my breasts and fluff with my hands, which caused them to laugh even more. It goes without saying I could have just turned off the TV or wrapped myself in the blanket on top of the bed but instead I clumsily stood up attempting to preserve my modesty with only my hands before dashing into the bathroom out of sight.

I peeked around the edge of the door and they were still sitting on the balcony watching, I was exhausted but decided to have a little more fun given I felt pretty certain my apparent shock had been convincing. I debated which towel to wrap myself in and after some deliberation held the hand towel against my front before stepping out of the bathroom once more, avoiding eye contact I shuffled my way towards the bath sheet I had left on the floor earlier exposing my bottom once more as I squatted down and briefly everything as I dropped my cover to wrap the sheet around me. I then turned off the TV, and stood stock still considering my next move.

Since they were still waiting around I headed over to the door and turned on all the lights in my room before walking over to the first of the blinds and reaching upwards with both hands I closed the upper shutters. As hoped this led the towel once more dropping to my ankles leaving me fully exposed again for a few moments, still blushing I dropped to the floor naked with my knees covering my chest. After a few fumbled attempts I managed to wrap the sheet back around me and holding it in place one handed dashed to the far blinds to close them with my free hand.

This left the final blinds, above which my voyeurs were waiting and there was no way left for me to accidentally expose myself to them again but to simply close the shutters seemed a disappointing end to the evening… so I pulled my suitcase over to the central shutters and stood atop it so I could l look over the top at them blushing, the couple waved at me once more. I looked up and down the street to make sure the coast was clear then stepped down off the case out the way… then repeated the exercise twice more leaving them a little confused.

I walked up and down the middle of the room where I knew they would be able to see me as though thinking something through then returned to my position.

On the third time grinning I removed my towel and threw it high behind me, now standing naked yet hidden behind the shutters causing them to laugh and motion for me to stand back for them. Instead I shook my head then waved at them before carefully closing the final shutters to ensure they could not see anything, almost laughing as I did.

After about 10 seconds and before they disappeared I opened the full shutter slightly and peeked round, they had been about to leave but sat down again. I retreated behind the shutter but left it ajar, then making sure I had my balance opened it a little further and this time stuck my head and one arm around to wave at them… again they laughed and motioned for me to open the shutters, I shook my head again and retreated behind once more. The next time I opened the shutter I placed my leg around ensuring my fluff was covered… then closed the shutter and repeated the tease on the other side.

Having teased them in this manner for several minutes I stood a little back from the shutters then started to open both at the same time… pausing then closing before more than a crack of light had shone through. I did this two or three times before finally opening the shutters wide and exposing myself completely, letting them see me without any barriers in the way. I was visibly shaking and blushing at this point and they both stared appreciatively.

I turned around so they could view my bottom while I tried to control my breathing, when I turned back round she gave me a thumbs up. I stepped down off the suitcase and moved it out of the way so they could see everything from head to toe. Unsure what to do next I did another spin for them, then still shaking reached up covering my breasts staring at them like a rabbit in the headlights, smiling she mimed a headstand and her partner nodded. I responded by turning away for a moment as though contemplating it then without making eye contact turned fully around placed my feet shoulder width apart and slowly lowered my head to the floor.

From this position I could see them both staring between my legs and after one or two false starts I finally managed to manoeuvre into a headstand. All of my muscles were tightly contracted and it was a struggle to hold it for more than a minute in this state but I was determined as this time I knew they could see everything. While my breasts all but disappear in a headstand it was very clear how much I was enjoying this, but finally with as much control as possible I lowered my feet back to the floor pausing briefly half way.

I stood back up and turned around, I observed they had moved closer together and really there were only two ways I could go now and I had no intention of closing the shutters yet. Given how hard they stared between my legs during the headstand I once more started to play with my breasts while looking away nervous, then making eye contact sat on the side of my bed facing them. They watched me do this for several minutes before I finally I pushed my knees apart to expose myself, forcing my hands back to my breasts.

Finally, when I couldn’t take anymore I slipped a hand below my fluff bringing myself to climax… looking over at them panting I found another wind and lay back onto the bed before lifting my feet onto the edge so everything was as open, finishing with two fingers deep inside me and my back arched. I removed my fingers lowered my feet back to the floor, stroking my fluff while gripping my left breast and panting exhausted again. As the adrenaline started to ebb I knew I couldn’t stay awake much longer so I forced myself up onto my feet and walked towards the shutters smiling.

Just as I was about to close them they made a begging motion and asked for one more twirl so I obliged, turning around slowly so they could see everything once more then as I placed one hand on each shutter they waved a final goodbye and stood up as I brought the two doors together. I barely managed to turn the light off before I fell onto the bed and asleep as my head hit the pillow.

When my alarm went off at 6am I felt like I hadn’t slept in a week but with only an hour before the taxi arrived there was no time to spare. Thankfully there was nobody around that morning to watch me hobble from the bed to the shower, which after last night’s exertions was certainly needed (so much for saving time). After an all too short shower I dried off and all but ran back into the room naked and quickly dressed before dragging my cases downstairs to the lounge… grateful none of my friends had stepped into my room to see me in a rather undignified naked pile atop the sheets.

While it’s a long flight back to the UK from America I think it’s fair to say I slept nearly all the way home.

Love Alice.



Adventures of an Exhibitionist