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Quick Beach Flash

It was one of those rare occasions I had actually worn my bikini under my clothes before heading out to the beach. When we arrived it was pretty crowded but we soon found a spot near the dunes with at least a dozen groups in close proximity. I talked with Julie while we lay our towels down and casually pulled my t-shirt over my head revealing my new top, obviously everyone else on the beach was in swimwear but anyone getting changed draws a little attention.  Still keeping up my conversation with Julie I hooked my thumbs into both the waistband of my shorts and bikini bottoms at the same time.

It was equally one of the rare occasions where I managed to shock Julie a little, I pulled the shorts and bikini bottoms down my legs in one motion and kicked them to one side of the towel without looking. Ignoring the wolf whistles I continued my conversation with Julie standing almost naked in view of the entire beach. To prolong things a little longer I asked Julie to pass me the sun-screen which she did while laughing, I simply asked “what’s got into you?” and started to apply the lotion.

I focused on my face and arms and after a minute finally looked down to notice my wardrobe malfunction, other groups were now laughing at my stunned expression I froze in place. Julie by this point was in hysterics and I remained frozen with my eyes wide for a good ten seconds holding the lotion bottle in one hand and the other in the process of applying it. Finally, I dropped the bottle, and covered my fluff with both hands saying “Why didn’t you say anything!” blushing furiously as I looked around for my shorts in a panic.

Spotting the shorts by my towel I quickly shuffled over and squatted down next to them, hugging one arm around my knees for balance while I extracted my bottoms one handed. I then remained in this position for a few moments trying to figure out how to put them on. Almost stuttering I asked “Could you please hold the towel for me?”. My ankles were not pressed tightly together so the group directly in front of us had a very clear view of my discomfort. Julie sensing, I was wrapping things up controlled herself enough to pick up the towel and hold it in front of me, blocking the view from only a single angle… this gave me time to stand up and bend over to pull my bottoms on.

I’d just stepped into them when Julie grinned and kindly said I’ll just lay this back out for you removing the towel with a magician’s flourish. I responded with a startled “No!” and stood there frozen again with one hand straight out at a missed attempt to grab the rapidly disappearing towel. It was only a few moments before I managed to pull the bottoms all the way up “muttering I am going to kill you under my breath”. It went without saying that everyone on that section of beach could be certain I was a natural red, blushing furiously I avoided eye contact with the other beach goers as I nervously picked a path through the crowds into the sea in order to cool off a little.

Julie still laughing joined me later to make sure everything was okay, I dunked her under the water for show and we called it quits, we returned to the towels to sunbathe after a quick swim. I was still blushing furiously on my return but made eye contact this time so people knew I was okay. At the end of the day most of the original groups had already gone but there were still too many for a second show, so sadly I pulled my clothes on over my suit and we headed back to the car.

Adventures of an Exhibitionist