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Spain (Part 2)

Last days in Spain

After a few days of avoiding the hotel pool I started to go swimming at sun-up each morning while it was still quiet, Julie of course still flat out from the previous night. I would pull on my black and grey racing swimsuit grab a towel and head down stairs to the pool in my flip flops. When I arrived at the pool each morning there would be a hive of activity as tables were cleaned, chairs straightened and rubbish taken away, within minutes it would be as though no-one was ever there.

Usually I would be joined by one or two other early-bird swimmers but not that many since it seems that most people in the hotel were still sleeping.  After half an hour in the pool I would lightly dry off poolside then head back to the apartment, our third floor balcony overlooked the pool and apart from a few thin bars was completely open.

It was possible to look onto our balcony from those on the rooms either side or from the hotel building opposite, each day I would dare myself to stand on the balcony peel off my suit and dry myself in the morning breeze.  Knowing that at any moment someone could walk out onto their balcony and catch me or watch from afar without me ever knowing was enough to give me that tingling of fear whenever I stepped out there.

When I first went onto the balcony I was very quick, slipping the suit off and drying myself as fast as possible looking all the time to see if anyone was watching, by the third day I was pushing myself a little further in that I would first throw out the towel and drape it over the balcony to catch people’s attention then slowly remove my suit and do the same. The anticipation and fear of being caught was immense and I looked forward to it every morning.

By the end of the first week I had begun taking my swimsuit and towel straight in once I was dry then walking back out onto the balcony to practice a little yoga. While I am sure someone on the other side of the hotel must have been watching since there were some people sitting out there with newspapers and coffee, nobody close to my apartment ever walked out onto their balconies while I was standing there. However I nearly had a heart attack when one day Julie woke up early without me noticing and burst out laughing when she saw me standing out there in the tree pose (which I had been holding for almost 10 minutes).

I helped her move the table back onto the balcony and joined her out there for some coffee after a quick shower and putting some clothes on. It was shortly after being caught by Julie that we met Craig and Andy as we left the hotel for the evening.  They were both very attractive, charming, good dancers and articulate intelligent conversationalists… since we were not seeing anyone at the time we saw no harm in having a little fun. After having decided who we might pair off with the fantasy was shattered when Craig decided it was time to dance with Andy.

With hindsight it was probably obvious but at this time such things were not quite as open and they were the first openly gay people I had met.  While it may not be politically correct to say so it seemed such a waste to me (especially after a few drinks), still they were wonderful company and we ended up pairing up for tours and clubbing for the rest of the holidays. It made a nice difference from having to fend off inebriated almost catatonic louts.

During one of the evenings it was mentioned how I got up at the crack of dawn to go swimming at the hotel, Andy mentioned he was something of an early bird and claimed he might join me but I never expected him to actually turn up the next day. While we swam our laps I would often flirt with him mercilessly (I know, I know) but again we both had fun and he joined me to swim every morning for the rest of the holiday. Since he stayed around in the pool after me I decided it would perhaps be prudent to end my little displays on the balcony of a morning and instead spent a little more time swimming.

On the morning of our last day we met up at the pool as usual, put our towels on the same sun-bed then dove in, racing to the other end of the pool. During our usual flirt sparring as we swam our lengths I mentioned Id always wanted to go skinny dipping in the pool, I had not expected to be taken seriously but he took me up on it commenting “when else would I get the chance?”. I played coy as though my bluff had been called for a few more lengths then whispered “Okay, meet me at the other end” to see if he would play along with it.

Sure enough he followed me to the other end of the pool grinning from ear to ear, no doubt still thinking I would never go through with it. Once we were both there I looked around to make sure nobody was watching held my breath then let myself sink to the bottom of the pool, after quickly removing my suit I pushed off the bottom and emerged next to Andy. He was laughing and a little shocked at this point and I was trying not to giggle, looking around once more to make sure the coast was clear I handed my suit over then swam in a crawl to the other side of the pool, on the return journey I used a breast stroke which allowed me to look around.

I could see some people were looking down over their balconies and my heart was beating far faster than this exercise would cause, when I reached Andy again he was holding the suit out for me but I shook my head and used the ledge to propel myself backwards and continued to swim the length on my back gazing up at those people looking down as though in a dream… it turned out to be my last length as what I had not realised was that he had been trying to tell me one of the receptionists had came out and was not very happy with my behaviour.

I was near the far end of the pool when I finally noticed her shouting at me to get out, looking at her while treading water I indicated that perhaps my attire was not entirely suitable to getting out at this moment and if I could just collect my suit… she was having none of it. So I swam over to the steps and pulled myself out of the pool, now completely exposed and covered in goose-bumps from the now cold morning breeze.  At this point I was more than a little scared since I did not know what was going to happen, I stood with one arm over my breasts and red in the face while the women continued to berate me in broken English causing quite a scene to say the least.

A few other early bird swimmers were emerging from the hotel now and were quite happy to watch the show; Andy finally came over to my side and began speaking with the women in Spanish which seemed to pacify her quite a bit. I’m not sure what he said since my Spanish was terrible but I picked out things like last day, my fault through as much through his hand movements as anything. After about 5 minutes she finally seemed to relent somewhat then looked at me smirking and said “never again” before turning on heel and walking back into the hotel.

The whole time I had been standing there completely naked and watched by people on their balconies, around the pool and one or two of the hotel staff who had obviously got wind of what was going on. I was glad that I was still damp from the pool so it was less apparent just how turned on I was by all this, it finally occurred to Andy that he should probably hand over my suit at this point and I took it gratefully using the hand which had been covering my breasts.

He ran off to get my towel while I made an attempt to put my suit on, normally a simple thing to do but my hands were shaking so much he had returned with the towels before I managed it. Wrapping my towel around me he guided me by the shoulders towards the stairway and we took the lift up to my apartment. Once we were at the door he said “Don’t worry about it, one day you’ll laugh about it… it was fun until Ms Fawlty turned up” made sure I was okay then gave me a quick kiss on the forehead before heading off to his own apartment.

I collapsed into the shower feeling completely and utterly spent, gradually letting the warm water revive me as I found the release I desperately needed… followed by a sharp cold burst to bring me back to reality. Julie of course slept through everything, still naked and feeling relaxed I walked out onto the balcony one last time in truth with a tear in my eye since I was truly sad to be going home again and would miss waking up to this view every day.

After a minute I left my suit and towel on the railing to dry and walked back into the apartment to set about the mundane tasks that needed to be done, repacking our clothes and souvenirs while preparing a light breakfast since the next meal we had to look forward to would include a packet of peanuts and a cube of a mysterious pink substance with a passing similarity to Blancmange.

We met up with Craig and Andy one last time in the hotel bar so we could say our goodbyes, Andy of course being kind enough to recant the entire tale to Julie with several hilarious embellishments with particular reference to the underwater miming. By the time the bus arrived we were all in fits of laughter and it saved me from what might have been a very emotional day, after we boarded Craig and Andy stayed by our window and finally waved us off as the bus pulled away.

Well that’s the Spain arc complete, it was only a short one but there is a reason I wanted to complete this story a little earlier than the others. We both kept in touch with Craig and Andy over the years exchanging Christmas cards and with the advent of email rather more regular correspondence.

On 7th July 2008 (On the day of The Pride in London) Craig and Andy will become husband and husband through a UK civil partnership, and I could not be happier for either of them. Myself, Julie and both our partners will be going to help them celebrate and Andy has promised not to tell too many people how we met.

Love Alice x.


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