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String bikini 1

Julie is both my best friend and enabler, if I wear anything that can be untied while poolside I can always rely on her to loosen a few bows or spirit away a towel. Unfortunately, she can’t always be with me when the urge strikes but I have over the years came up with several creative solutions to help me lose an article of troublesome clothing.

The bikini itself was quite substantial both front and back and when tied it properly it was even suitable for swimming and diving, but the designers had tied some rather elaborate bows for the showroom which when undone meant the strings were far longer than usual. I first realised the potential of this as I crouched down to pick up my sunglasses and the string briefly caught under my heel as I stood up, this set my mind racing and I started experimenting the moment I reached my room.

After a productive half hour in front of a mirror I had learned that I could easily make the bow come apart as I stood up by trapping one of the strings under my heel, leaving the front of my suit hanging open or with locking knot end up with the suit left around my ankles. The only difficult part for me was deciding which option to try the following day at the pool.

My first attempt by the poolside was not however successful, after a very distracted swim and sunning session I finally clambered off my sunbed and crouched down to collect my belongings… only having to flick the string a little to make sure it ended up under my heel. Taking a deep breath, I looked straight ahead and stood up quickly awaiting for the look of shock or amusement from the couple near me. Unfortunately, on the wet tiles I was standing on the string just slid straight out, even with the weakened knot. I dropped my sunglasses so I could try once more but if anything the string just came out even faster than before.

I was to be honest a little disappointed, once back at my room and standing on carpet it worked straight away, since I really needed a little naked time anyway I walked out onto the balcony before removing my top and hanging it out dry. The balconies were quite low risk but enjoying an ice cold coke while exposed to the elements helped to ease my tension somewhat. A little later that day while shopping I noticed several places selling cheap plastic charms to hang off bracelets and figured out the solution to my problem.

My anticipation built slowly over the next day until finally after having swam and sunbathed for the best part of an hour I knelt down next to pack my bag. The small netsuke cat now firmly wedged under my heel was not particularly comfortable but I had made sure to choose one without any sharp edges. This time as I stood the cat remained in place as the knot fell apart exposing my other kitty to the people on the sunbeds next to me… however since it was trapped under my foot this pulled the other half of my bottoms down to my knees. So instead of a 5 second flash followed by an embarrassing readjustment they ended up watching my exposed behind for a prolonged time after I quickly turned around to preserve my modesty and attempted to pull the suit back up with cat firmly trapped under my foot. Finally, I took my foot off the charm and pulled my bikini bottoms in place, holding the strings in one hand.

Blushing and apologising profusely I quickly gathered my things and dashed off to the elevator. The combination of laughter from those who saw and clapping ensured that I certainly hadn’t offended anyone but I was glad to find refuge as the doors slid shut in front of me. I was on fire by this point and feeling a little reckless, so instead of retying the bikini I placed it in my bag which I then used to cover my modesty while standing at the back of the elevator. My heart was racing as I finally reached the 10th floor, the odds of somebody going up were low but if anyone was waiting on the other side to go down it’s fair to say the bag wasn’t that big.

Without even checking to see if the coast was clear I sprinted out of the elevator as soon as the doors opened, naked barring my bikini top. A wolf whistle at my departing bottom indicated I had at least some company but there was nobody around by the time I’d reached my room. I paused by the door with my knees shaking but not wanting the experience to be over quite yet.

On a whim I stood in the middle of the corridor and removed my top placing it in the bag with everything else and forced myself to walk back along to the far end of the corridor by the fire escape jumping at every sound… then I decided to walk around to the stairs at the other end of the corridor. I’d almost reached the corner when I heard two laughing couples talking about a streaker who’d sprinted past them few minutes ago.

The voices were getting closer but the adrenaline kicked in and I was back in my room in record time. After a short time when I regained full control of my legs I stood naked on my balcony once more reliving the past 20 minutes in my mind.

Adventures of an Exhibitionist