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String Bikini 3 – Skinny Dip

I was on holiday with Julie and towards the end of the holiday I mentioned to her I really wanted to skinny dip in the hotel pool, at first she thought I meant at night as we had already visited the beach after an evening out for that very reason… but grinning I said more 12pm than am. I was already in the minority walking around topless while poolside, which was one of the main reasons the idea appealed to me.

Simply stripping off and jumping into the pool would soon get me (possibly us) kicked out of the hotel but I had a plan and showed Julie the long stringed bikini with kitty charm.

Whenever we went swimming that week it had amused me to see how many people suddenly felt the need to put on goggles (or snorkel masks) and watch me from under the water. While I’d been topless pretty much the whole time there was clearly something magical about watching the girls glide through the water, after a few laps we would sit on the side at the far end of the pool for a chat before diving back in from the same position.

After a few laps Julie was to either keep hold of the kitty charm or stand on it as I dove off for another few laps. Each time we stopped to chat the suspense was building and to make matters worse Julie was teasing me with several false starts, playing with the cat each time. Finally, she pushed herself up and stood on the edge of the pool and asked if I was coming, this was a chance to back out if I wanted since her foot was firmly atop the charm. Instead I said “A few more laps then I’ll be out too” and pushed off hard with my feet to ensure the bottoms would be left far behind only slightly aware of Julie laughing as the feeling of freedom washed over me.

It didn’t take long before people already in the pool noticed and many were now swimming under the water for a better look, while others found positions around the edge to watch me from above. On the return journey I switched from crawl to gentle breast stroke specially for my underwater voyeurs, as I got closer Julie was still at the edge of the pool laughing she asked “sure you’re okay there Ali, the waters not too cold or anything?” I just acted confused and “no problems, I’ll meet you by the sunbeds in a bit, and pushed off the edge into a backstroke which caused her to almost choke as I let everyone above the waterline see my fluff.

I pretended not to notice her casually pick up my bikini bottoms as she wandered off to the sunbeds red in the face, in all honesty I’d expected someone to call me out on my nudity by this point but it seemed that everyone was just enjoying the show. I managed another 10 laps alternating between breast and backstroke before I decided it was probably time to leave the pool. So this time when I reached the edge I pulled myself out of the water and stood tall as I looked around for Julie, it took a little while as she had moved our bags quite some distance away.

So I walked naked past a wide assortment of groups on their sunbeds who all grinned, said hi or tipped a glass in my direction as I passed acting oblivious to my state of undress, but not one of them thought to let me know how exposed I was having clearly decided to be in on the joke. When I finally reached Julie she was pretending to read a book while stifling her laughter and I just looked at her as though confused, for a brief moment I thought I might get away with sunbathing nude but it seemed she had thoughtfully placed my bikini bottoms neatly atop my lounger.

I froze in place for a moment acknowledging the gazes of those around me for the first time as my cheeks slowly turned bright red, and Julie lost control. I hadn’t planned what I was going to do so the first thing I did was cover my breasts with my hands to which Julie said “not sure that’s the bit you need to be covering there!” It only took a moment but I dashed around to the far sunbed, exposing myself again to pick up my bikini bottoms, the people around me were all laughing now.

I hurriedly tried to pull my bottoms on but it seemed Julie had been rather more ingenious than myself and retied them far too tight, something I only realised while bent over and the bottoms stuck just above my knees. Giving up I let them fall to the floor and covering my breasts as I ran back past everyone to the stairs leading to our room. I uncovered my breasts again as I ran up each level while the other guests watched me through the glass, Julie almost doubled over laughing while gathering our things and by the time I’d reached the top floor was heading towards the elevator.

My heart was once again racing as I stood peeking out from the doors at the top stairwell, for obvious reasons I did not have our room key so since the coast was clear I tried my best to hide myself as I stealthily moved closer to the elevator. It felt like an eternity standing naked in the corridor watching the light above elevator show how close my salvation was, I stood off to one side as the doors finally opened and pretended to ignore Julie making shushing noises.

She asked allowed “Are you out there Ali? I’ve brought your stuff up… I’m really sorry about what I did, but in my defence it was funny”, I responded I was there and guessing what she had planned uncovered myself once more as I stepped in front of the open doors to see she had encouraged a few guests to join her. As before I stood frozen as the other occupants of the lift took their time looking me over while grinning widely, after a few moments I covered myself once more and Julie said “Sorry, I tried to explain why I was laughing in the lift but I thought it would be better to just show them” before stepping out of the lift placing one hand on my shoulder as she guided me away towards our room, letting the lift occupants watch my departing bottom as the lift doors closed.

Once it was just the two of us again I uncovered and started laughing myself, it’s a wonder nobody opened their doors to see what the commotion was but by that point I was past caring. We walked to the room and Julie correctly guessed I would probably want the first shower and left me to it while she settled on a siesta. Julie did get in a little trouble for that one as the hotel manager was waiting for us in the lobby that evening, but he was struggling to keep a straight face as he informed Julie this was a family resort and her behaviour was unacceptable… it was all we could do to remain suitably chastised until out of earshot where we broke down laughing again too.

I remained clothed for the rest of the holiday, but it was fun to watch how many people paid attention whenever I sat on the edge of the pool and Julie was next to me.

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