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String Bikini 2

One of my better habits is keeping a gym bag with my workout and swimming kit in the back of my car at all times, so I can exercise whenever the inspiration hits me. This was especially useful while travelling the country as it was not unusual for me to pass a gym, pool or beach to work out at. One thing that some people may consider unusual was that the bag always had two swimsuits in, one practical (though without any lining) and one string.

The opportunity for the string bikini arose when I visited a small swimming pool in the south of England, the changing rooms were mixed and consisted of 30-40 floor to ceiling cubicles with one or two attendants around. It was a very well designed setup that ensured everyone’s modesty was preserved, which on that particular day was far from what I wanted. The one thing in my favour was that the door locks were just below the height of my hips so I quickly undressed and changed into the string bikini with netsuke charm.

While waiting for the sounds of a larger group passing the door I carefully looped the string with the charm on it behind the latch and gave it an experimental tug, as expected the side of my bottom came undone exposing my fluff and the charm fell free behind me. It did not take long after retying the string before I heard a group chatting as they walked towards the pool, so I took a deep breath, looped the string behind the latch and opened the door.

As soon as the group was only a few cubicles away I picked up my bag and walked out letting the door close behind me. The charm was held tight by the latch and as I stepped forward the tie came undone leaving the front of my bottoms to fall towards one side exposing my fluff to the group. They burst out laughing and acting shocked I dropped by bag and quickly turned to face the cubicle while attempting to make myself decent, unfortunately it seemed the charm had actually managed to pull the door latch rather than falling free… so both the door and myself were quite firmly stuck.

After pulling on the string for a moment or two (probably making things much worse) I paused and turned back to the group holding the front of my bottoms in place with one hand though everything to the left of my fluff from toes to boobs was still open to their gaze. Blushing red I simply stated the obvious in that the string was jammed in the door, they were still laughing but the men in the group politely departed while one of the women stayed behind to help.

She tried to release the string by pulling gently from the door, but the string was taunt and it is possible her help actually made things worse. We tried moving me closer to the door and when that did not work she had the bright idea of me turning 180° so my right hand side would be closer to the door freeing up some more of the string. This of course meant twisting the bottoms around my right leg which meant that for a short time I was standing there pretty much naked from the waist down, it would have been easier to simply take the bottoms off at this point but I just blushed a deeper red and stood there with my bottom exposed and covered my fluff with both hands… until the next group walked by seeing me in that state, most laughed one whistled.

I quickly spun back around to face the locker but all that did was let them see my see bottom as they walked slowly past, the bikini now being more of a garter by this point. Once they had passed I turned around again pressing my bottom firmly against the door while covering my fluff with both hands. My companion apologised while commenting it seemed pretty stuck and left me standing there while she went to get an attendant. At least 2 or three groups passed me in that state and all found it funny as blushing from head to toe I would apologise for my current state (though nobody minded) and declined any offers of help as the attendant was coming.

I really should have asked to borrow a towel or simply took my own out of the bag at my feet, since everyone seemed to find it funny it never seemed to occur to them to offer me any sort of cover. After about 10 minutes my helper returned with a young male attendant who was trying very hard to look as professional as possible and most notably had also failed to bring a towel to help me cover up. Having brought the attendant, she said good luck and disappeared to re-join her group and from the smile on her face I did wonder if it had taken so long just so she could find a male attendant.

The attendant took a bunch of keys from his pocket and found one that was really just a flat piece of metal to turn the outer screw on the lock. He then pointed out I’d need to move away from the door in order for him to reach the lock, at first I just shuffled a little to my left which while maintaining my modesty simply made the string more taunt. He tried the key in the lock but it would not turn, he asked if I could move any further away and it was clear that it wouldn’t be possible so still blushing and not making eye contact I moved forward as I turned around again, letting him see my bottom for a brief moment before stood facing him once more.

Another group wandered by the top of the row, likely having heard of my predicament by now since they were laughing before they arrived, the attendant looked over and urged them on telling them to use the cubicles on the other side. Trying the key again it was still tight so he said looks like we might have to just cut the string, I’m really sorry about this. I had no intention of letting that happen unless it was truly stuck so I had a moment of inspiration and said there’s one more thing we can try.

While he watched I took one hand away from my fluff and tried to untie the remaining knot, it had become rather tight in the struggle so I paused took a deep breath then removed the hand covering my modesty. He really should have looked away but I was having fun, after a minute or so of undignified struggle I finally managed to release the knot and the suit fell away towards the door.

It took me a seconds of standing there with everything on show before I covered up again with one hand and tried lifting the bikini bottoms upwards, the attendant had stepped backwards as I walked towards the door so they were standing behind me as I fiddled with the suit. One final group passed the top of the row and I pretended no to notice as they walked past, at least one person quickly peeked back around the corner for a better look at my front. After a little jiggling I finally felt the charm come free so holding the bikini in position I asked the attendant to try the lock again.

I held my position with both hands holding the bikini above the lock, he could probably have just reached over but instead went down on one knee before placing the key in the lock and turning it. As the door opened he smiled and turned his head without thinking “saying, job done”, at this point he was no more than a foot away and realised he had pretty much been speaking to my fluff. He quickly stood up and blushing himself stepped back, I had not covered up but thanked him for his help, he told me to have a good swim and walked past me smiling.

The show was over but since I heard his footsteps stop before passing the end of the row I decided to put the bottoms on in the aisle and let him enjoy looking at my bottom for just a little longer. Now decent again after almost 20 minutes of exposure I picked up my bag and walked over to the lockers, rather happy that not a single person had suggested I put the clothes in my bag back on… and of course there were always the open showers for when Id finished my swim.

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