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Cindy Crawford 1

When I was younger I had a brief infatuation with a poster of the model Ms Crawford sunbathing, in it she lay naked on the grass but covered her bottom with a pair of denim shorts. At first glance she appeared clothed but the more observant viewer would note her bare thighs and hips.

Denim shorts were not really my thing, but I still bought a pair and carried them around in my rucksack for several weeks waiting for the right opportunity. I actually chickened out several times since this was quite early in my career as an exhibitionist, and on one occasion I nearly had a heart attack when a bunch of ramblers turned the corner just as I was about to start playing with the top button.

However one summers day I had found a warm meadow in which to bask and having being undisturbed for a good half hour I stood up and listened for any indication I might not be alone. There was still birdsong so I nervously removed my shorts and lay back down on the grass with by feet pointing away from the footpath.

I was still wearing my t-shirt but the sensation of the grass tickling the more hidden parts of my anatomy made me feel far more naked, after a moment enjoying the sun on my bottom I draped the shorts over it and settled down to read for a while.

Admittedly I did not get much reading done, and it took all my nerve not to try and hurriedly redress when I heard the first hikers walking past. They looked over at me and waved before heading on their way, probably wondering why I was blushing quite so much but seemed otherwise oblivious. The pressure of my pubis grinding into the ground as I arched up to make eye contact probably caused a few odd facial expressions too.

After the third or fourth group of walkers I was finally starting to become a little more confident in my subterfuge, and while still red in the face happily talking with people as they passed. The final group though paused a little longer than the others, and I only knew I’d been rumbled as they walked off down the trail before shouting back “By the way, I’m pretty sure that’s not how you wear shorts!”

I was frozen in place at this point not knowing  how I should react, fortunately they just laughed and continued on their way. As soon as they were round the corner I redressed and pretty much ran down the trail in the opposite direction to get back to the campsite.


Adventures of an Exhibitionist