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Origins (Part 1)

The beginning…

I remember the day I became an exhibitionist very clearly, it was the middle of summer and I was on holiday in Wales with my mother. It was really a working holiday for her in that she spent most of the time either teaching or on a shoot, while I would occasionally join her it was not unusual for me to spend the days back at the campsite. On one such day having made use of the sites pool I was heading back to the tent to drop off my towel and bathing suit, walking along the main road of the campsite and generally just enjoying the sun.

I was not paying attention to anything other than keeping an ear open for passing cars, but there was one sight that caused me to pause for a while. In one of the rows ahead there was a small blue one man tent next to the road and half through its doorway was a young woman on all fours wearing nothing but a baggy grey jumper. The jumper itself was so high up her back that from where I was standing you could clearly see her breasts and well… pretty much everything else she had.

A car drove past at this point and the driver beeped their horn as they were close, the girl poked her head out of the door and gave them a quick wave before she returned to whatever task she was busy with.  I pretended that my shoelace was undone and continued to watch, shortly after this the people from the neighbouring tent came out and start talking to her in what I believe was German. At this point the girl simply backed up out of the tent, stood up and brushed the jumper back down whole taking up the conversation without missing a beat… I was absolutely amazed; the casual manner of this woman shocked me.

I continued back to my own tent pretending not to have noticed that she was half naked, but the memory and idea of this moment just kept playing through my mind over the next few days, a seed had definitely been set.

One thought on “Origins (Part 1)”

  1. I get it. I remember the first time I saw someone accidentally naked in public. I was at a neighborhood grocery store and a woman came in wearing overall jeans and no shirt. I was much younger than her. Her breasts were swaying out of the sides while she walked around the store. I was fascinated.

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