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Spain Again

I was on my travels once more and staying on the top floor of a hotel in Spain, a place I have always loved at least in part because of how affordable it is. Unfortunately, I was in a more traditional area of the country and even sunbathing topless by the pool seemed to be frowned upon if not by the Spanish then the other guests of the hotel. To say I was disappointed was something of an understatement since the reason the Holiday had been so cheap was the large distance from any beach where I might otherwise have shed at least half my swimsuit.

Still each afternoon as the Spanish went off for their Siesta I would have a quick swim then return to my hotel room for a relaxing tanning session on the balcony. The shape of the hotel meant that I could only be seen easily by the rooms either side of me, but given the way people were reacting around the pool I sadly remained clad in my swimsuit unless I was fairly certain the other guests were not around and quickly redressed if they were. The people in the room to the left were a miserable couple who seemed to relish complaining about everything possible at the resort, and the last thing I wanted was a complaint to the Hotel manager.

It took three days until I was finally caught by the people in the room to my right, I was only topless but my white bits were still very white even in contrast to the pale pink of what was for me tanned skin. I was genuinely embarrassed to have been caught having drifted off while staring at the sky. Awaking with a jolt I quickly covered each of my boobs with a hand, taking in the surroundings I saw a young man quickly step back into his room out of sight before he started laughing at my reaction and his partner grinning said “Sorry to startle you, I was worried you were going to burn if you stayed out much longer”.

Looking at the clock in my room I could see I’d been out there for far longer than I realised, also from her phrasing they had been watching me for quite a while which caused me to immediately start blushing. I thanked her for waking me and apologised in case I’d offended anyone; it was clear that they weren’t but I was starting to find it funny sitting there in my makeshift hand bra when they had already seen the girls. She said it wasn’t a problem and smiled as hands still in place I walked back into my room to apply after-sun and a few more layers of clothes. So more suitably attired I headed back out onto the balcony and had a chat with the couple who were just admiring the view over the hills. They were friendly and I even ended up having dinner with them that evening before heading out to meet up with a few friends who were staying nearby.

The following day I returned to my balcony at the usual time, I was a little disappointed that they were both on their balcony. Her partner on seeing me made an exaggerated sigh commenting the view seemed a little overcast today, which earned him a punch on the shoulder while she greeted me more cordially. We chatted for a short while then went back to reading our books, after a few minutes he stood up, stretched and said he was going wandering kissed her on the forehead and disappeared. Mel commented he’ll be gone for at least a couple of hours once he starts, despite this I continued to read my book and only considered taking my top off once Id rolled over onto my front.

Pausing for a moment I said “I’d really like to get rid of my tan lines before I go back next week would it be okay if I took my top off?” She laughed and said “go ahead they were staring at us for at least half an hour yesterday, I’ll give you a shout if you fall asleep again”. So with permission I carefully undid my top and lay the straps either side to sun my back. Once it started to get a bit too warm I finally turned over to finish my tanning session. I was blushing a little which Mel seemed to find quite funny but I felt comfortable lying there while I finished my session. By the time her husband returned the show was over and I was fully dressed and chatting with Mel by the balcony again.

The next afternoon the same scenario played out again, her husband (Alan) left to go wandering and I stripped off my top straight away to work on those tan-lines. This time I started top-side up and it only took Alan 5 minutes before he quietly returned to the balcony claiming to have forgotten his book, as before I quickly covered the girls with my hands. Alan grinned and said “shows over already?” before Mel playfully punched him again commenting “It’s not like you haven’t seen them before! Now bugger off!” and he rapidly retreated book in hand. She laughed and said “sorry about that, I told him you stripped off again yesterday once he left and I thought he might do that… honestly don’t worry about Alan I’ve no problem if you want to sunbathe while he’s around”. At that she went back to reading her book and I went back to slowly cooking myself.

After another few days I’d started taking my top off in front of them both after swimming and applying the sun lotion on the balcony while chatting, Alan would usually disappear after a short time leaving me to chat with Mel. When he went wandering he usually didn’t return for at least an hour, one of our conversations ended up being about tan lines and how mine were starting to even out, I laughed pulling my bikini bottoms down at the side to show a perfect white line against the not quite pink tan I’d picked up commenting “I wish I could do something about this”. Mel laughed and just said “Go for it, Alan’s not around and I don’t care”. I gave the appearance of pondering this for a few minutes before saying “you’re really okay with this? what if he comes back…” to which she responded “well he’ll see a little bit more of you I imagine”.

So after another few minutes I simply said “What the he’ll, first time for everything” and stood up, while the balcony covered me to waist height anyone looking in the right direction could see I was topless and there were a few hotels in the distance where someone with a pair of binoculars would be able to watch. I looked around nervously for a few moments before placing my thumbs into the waist band of my bottoms before lowering them to my ankles and finally stepping out of them.

It felt wonderful to finally be sky clad on the balcony and feel the light breeze brush over my entire body without the fabric getting in the way. Mel looked at my bottom, laughed and commented “Point that in the right direction and you’ll blind someone”. My spell broken I laughed while blushing furiously and quickly applied some more sunscreen before lying face down on the lounger once more the way nature intended. Once my bottom started to feel a little too warm I finally turned over and started blushing again as Mel turned from her book to watch, which seemed to amuse her “we did wonder if you were a natural red, I’ll have to let him know”. This really caused my cheeks to glow and I laughed saying “you wouldn’t!” to which she responded “well if you fall asleep again he might find out for himself”, before turning back to her book”.

I loved the idea of being completely exposed on the balcony as I lay there sunning myself with legs slightly apart, my nipples standing proud in the gentle chill of a warm wind. Even with the static brushing over my skin from the situation I started to drift off a little and might just have done so had the door not slammed on the complaining neighbours side. Never have I moved so fast, my heart almost painfully pounding in my chest as I leapt from the sunbed fumbling briefly with the patio doors into the apartment and making it inside only moments before the other couple walked out onto their balcony. Once inside my knees were weak and I sank to the floor listening to Mel laughing hysterically and the other neighbours tutting at the noise they could not see.

My fun was over for the day so once the panic subsided I used the dresser to pull myself upright, then spent rather too long showering and covering myself in after-sun. When I returned to the balcony Mel had gone but the miserable couple were still there muttering under their breath as I retrieved my bikini from the lounger.

The following day I headed out after my swim and once more Alan and Mel were on the balcony to read and watch my daily strip tease. We chatted briefly and after a while Alan went off wandering again saying “See ya red!” as he left, causing Mel to laugh saying “sorry it might have come up in conversation, don’t worry he’ll be gone for a couple of hours “.  My cheeks were burning but I really couldn’t complain so I rolled over onto my front for a while expecting Alan to return any minute, after a quarter hour Mel looked over from her book and said “He’s really not going to be back for a while”.

After a moment’s thought I responded “I did want to lose the tan lines…” flipping back over to remove my bottoms before lying back down with my legs slightly apart facing Mel’s balcony. If Alan was coming back sooner than expected, it was clear Mel was in on it so I just decided to relax and enjoy the building anticipation that I might be caught. Sadly, I hadn’t been out there too long before the rather irritating neighbours returned to their apartment, cursing quietly under my breath I grabbed my bikini before dashing through the open patio door while Mel laughed.

I was to be honest a little annoyed since my sunning had been cut short now two days in a row and I had genuinely hoped to even out that white band over my middle. Trying to make the best of the situation I put my swimsuit back on and headed back out onto my balcony, once more the glaring curmudgeons on my left made it very clear they had no intention of starting a friendly conversation. It was almost tempting to really wind them up by at least taking my top off but that just seemed churlish so instead I talked with Mel and ignored their tutting at our audacity in breaking their self-imposed solitude.

As our conversation was drawing to a natural close Mel said “if you want a little privacy tomorrow why not come round? At least that way you’ll be able to relax a bit”. I still had a few days left so agreed that I’d take her up on the offer. So the following day having finished at the pool I turned up at their door in my damp swimsuit with a bottle of sun lotion. I knocked a little nervously and Alan opened the door smiling, “Mel said you might be round, head straight through, she’s on the balcony. Want anything to drink?”. I asked for a coke and ventured out, they had even set up a lounger for me, I greeted Mel and said “thanks for this, really getting sick of those two next door… they actually complained to the manager because I had my radio on last night, honestly it was on so quiet I was having difficulty hearing it!” She commiserated with me commenting that they had apparently closed their door far too loudly every night, especially those evenings when they had not actually been in the hotel.

Shortly afterwards Alan brought me a can of coke from the balcony and I thanked him and held it briefly against my forehead, cooling me down before opening it. He sat back on the chair facing Mel the sun lounger and we all chatted for a while. After a while he went back into the apartment to get Mel a drink and she said to me “I’ve said before but feel free to sunbathe however you like, neither of us are going to be offended”. I thanked her and waited for Alan to return before finally sitting up on the lounger and nervously untying the straps on my top, undressing in such close proximity while they were both fully dressed was far more intense for me and my hands did shake a little. My nipples were at full attention before I’d removed the top and all conversation had ceased as I let the material fall away from my body and placed it carefully on the ground beside me. I applied some sunscreen and considered removing the bottoms too… but instead decided to tease Alan by rolling them down to just above my fluff, revealing most of my tanlines saying “a girl has to have some secrets”. This done I pushed my hair back over my shoulders and lay down on the lounger with my legs apart letting the sun wash over my almost naked body.

Rolling the suit down had loosened it a little between my legs but not in such a way that anything could really be seen, even in the reflection from the tinted glass balcony. Alan simply smiled and said we should definitely have guests more often, which amused me. We continued to talk until I finally turned over onto my front, I did not adjust my suit so Alan got to see at least part of my still brilliantly white bottom which he referred to as a Waxing Crescent to and jokingly responded “Mel’s already told you I haven’t done that”, which was at least partially true. He laughed then said it was about time for him to get going, holding a strategically placed newspaper as he departed from the balcony. Just before leaving he shouted through “I’ll be gone a couple of hours so you don’t have to worry about your secrets being exposed today”. I decided to take him at his word and had removed my bottoms almost before the door had closed behind him, Mel laughed and commented “If only he’d waited a little longer”.

Alan was true to his words and I had redressed and departed before he returned, the following day was pretty much the same but on my penultimate day I’d decided to strip off before he left. Admittedly I was a little nervous as I knocked on their door that day and knew I was blushing a bit when they invited me in. We walked out onto the balcony chatting and I started my usual strip tease, slowly uniting my top and laying it down carefully next to my sun lounger before applying sunscreen. However, once I’d rolled the top of my bottoms down to just above my fluff I paused and looked over at Mel an eyebrow raised in query. She shrugged and smiled so to Alan’s surprise I continued bending over, slowly pushing them all the way down my legs till they dropped to the floor and then carefully stepped out of them.

Standing up straight and laughing I pushed my hair back over my shoulders and asked “so then, are my white bits still obvious?” giving him an opportunity to stare openly at my exposed fluff. It took him a moment to find his tongue but he finally responded “well I wasn’t expecting that… the tan seems to be coming along nicely, but you’ll need to turn round so I can see properly”.  I dutifully did a 360 turn so they could see my bottom and agreed with them it would take a little more work before it caught up with the rest of me.

I tried my best to continue the conversation while I applied sunscreen to my more sensitive areas before finally lying down on the lounger with my legs apart. While it would have been very difficult for Alan to look directly between them he was certainly appreciated my reflection in the tinted glass of the balcony. I thoroughly enjoyed being naked for them both and it was quite obvious, finally after almost half an hour I had to turn over onto my front and once Alan had clearly had his fill of my bottom he decided it was time to head off wandering once more. After he left Mel commented, “you were blushing the whole time” laughing as this caused me to go an even deeper shade of red.

As my sunbathing session drew to an end we talked about my leaving the next day and how inconvenient it was having to sit around for 5-6 hours after checkout before the coach arrived to take me home. Mel said I was welcome to leave my bags with them and hang out in their apartment till the coach arrived if I wanted, I accepted and dropped my bags off the following morning before having one last wander around the town. I arrived back just before lunch with a small gift from the local bakery for us to eat on the balcony, Mel joked that it was rather odd to see me walking around dressed so I said “…well I was going to go swimming one last time, and you’ve both already seen everything”.

I wasn’t wearing a bra but it was a very different experience as I stood and removed my sundress in front of them, after pausing for effect I took my time slowly removing my pants to stand naked once more. My bottom was almost as pink as the rest of me now so I had to ask to borrow some of their sunscreen, unsurprisingly Alan was happy to lend it to me. It took far longer to apply this time since I needed to cover everything from head to toe. Before I sat back on the sunbed I angled it a little more towards them so Alan would not have to look at my reflection to see everything.  We talked for a while before I grudgingly put my bikini on to go for a swim, I put my top on first and fussed over pulling up my bottoms complaining it seemed a shame to get them wet again. They both joined me by the pool and we spent most of the afternoon there before returning to the apartment one last time.

Time was getting short but I asked if I could grab a quick shower to get rid of the chlorine from the pool before I left, Mel said no problem so I quickly stripped off again, laid my bikini out on the balcony to dry and jumped in the shower. Having dried off I walked back out with the towel wrapped around me, Mel asked if I’d suddenly grown shy, so laughing I unwrapped the towel and flashed them before using it dry my hair and returning it to the bathroom.

Still naked I gave them both a quick hug thanking them for letting me use the room, Mel had found it funny that Alan really didn’t know where to put his hands and gave me a bear hug that almost left me winded. Time had almost run out so I quickly dressed and stuffed the now dry bikini into my hand luggage, they both helped me down with my bags and we said our goodbyes in the lobby. It seemed my hotel was the last pickup so it was not long before I was at the airport and boarding the plane home with another happy memory.

Love Alice

Adventures of an Exhibitionist