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Origins (Part 3)

The swimming pool was quite large for a campsite and was housed in the same building as the cafe. There were benches on the two narrow sides of the pool where people would leave their bags, a series of open showers along the back wall with access to the changing rooms at either end and the remaining side housed the entrance and was made of clear floor to ceiling windows facing out towards the countryside and the main road used to access the site.

The pool and the cafe were separated by a connecting wall formed largely by a mirrored window that allowed the cafe patrons to look out over the pool while inside the pool area the mirrors ran around the three walls with benches creating the illusion of a far larger area. It was a little wet outside so I had spent most of the morning swimming and chatting with a girl called Mia from the Netherlands I’d made friends with. A car beeped its horn outside and after looking out the window Mia said it was time for them to go, she and her mother then climbed out of the pool.

They rinsed off the chlorine under the shower then headed to the bench by the cafe wall to collect their bags; at least I had expected them to head off to the changing room. Instead in full view of the cafe patrons and people in the pool almost in sync they removed their swimming costumes then walked back up to the edge of the pool to wring the costumes out. I was transfixed and so surprised I made no attempt to cover the fact I was watching them as I treaded the water.

They both had larger breasts than I did and though the mothers had clearly sagged a little she in truth still did not look old enough to be Mia’s mother. The other thing of note was that though they were blonde Mia’s fluff was almost jet black and her mother’s was not there at all, while I had heard of people shaving or waxing it and of course giggled at pictures in magazines with my friends this was the first time I had actually seen someone who had done it. Once they had wrung out their costumes they casually turned back towards the cafe picked up their towels and dried off while chatting to each other, making it clear that this was nothing unusual to them.

As Mia’s mother put one foot on the bench and bent over to dry between her toes I was able to see that it was not just the hair at the front that had been removed, soon they had finished drying and began to dress starting first with their bras, then pants and finally her mother pulled on a dress while Mia had chosen jeans and a t-shirt. At this point I was blushing furiously and more than a little lost for words, Mia just waved as she left and said “I will see you later Alice, yes?” to which I returned the wave and just about managed to say something to the effect of “yeah, later”… or something close to it. Once they had gone it was apparent how quiet the pool had become and it was obvious I was not the only person who had not moved in the past 10 minutes.

Gradually people started to chat and swim again and I could only imagine what the effect had been in the cafe, all those people sitting around having a tea or coffee with a cake not expecting anything out of the ordinary then two very attractive women stand in front of them, undress and spend the next 10 minutes completely naked! They were as casual as the German girl had been but this seemed far more daring and deliberate, it was a mindset I had not really encountered before but I was entranced.  I started to swim lengths again while thinking about what I had seen and in truth waiting for my blushes to die down at least a little before I got out of the pool myself to get lunch.

When I felt the heat had gone from my cheeks I swam next to the showers and climbed out at which point the silence returned as people no doubt wondered if I was about to do the same as my friends. This brought the redness straight back to my cheeks as I showered and while I did think about trying to copy them, possibly with a towel wrapped around me it was no more than a fantasy and as soon as I felt the chlorine had been rinsed off, feeling incredibly self conscious, I almost ran down to the bench opposite the cafe, grabbed my bag and sped into the changing room while avoiding eye contact.

The changing rooms were designed so that all that when the door was open all that would be visible from the pool area was a painted concrete wall (pink for girls and blue for boys). I dashed along this wall and into a pink square room with wooden benches on all four walls, high frosted glass windows to let the light in and several mirrors placed at seemingly random intervals. I took a seat while I got my breath back and composed myself, soon my heart-rate had returned to normal and I held my towel loosely around myself as I stripped off my suit.

I was the only person in the changing room and apart from the muted sounds coming from the pool it was silent, looking around to make certain I was alone and feeling a little silly I held a corner of the towels top edge in each hand then quickly flashed myself in the mirror. Laughing quietly I wrapped myself back up then making sure it was still quiet did it again taking a little longer to look at myself while striking a pose then almost jumping out of my skin when the door to the room creaked. Quickly putting the towel back around me I looked down into my bag and started selecting my clothes and putting them on the bench, when nobody came in I walked over and peeked round the corner to see the corridor was empty… feeling really nervous I dared myself to step around the corner still wearing the towel, I stood there for a few seconds before the door creaked and I darted back round the corner.

My knees were actually shaking as returned to my bag and looking in the mirror my blush almost reached my neck, I stifled a laugh as thinking logically I was being embarrassed and even anxious about being seen naked in the women’s changing room, it seemed even more ridiculous as I replayed in my mind what Mia had just done.  Slowly I took the towel off and placed it on the bench in front of me and stood there looking in the mirror daring myself not to pick it up when the door creaked, when it finally did I jumped again and went to cover up with my hands but forced them back, standing rigid and almost at attention. In the mirror I could see all the colour had now drained from my face and it felt like there was static all over me.

Though waiting there to be caught or discovered nobody came and as I breathed a sigh of relief my posture became softer once more, the tension of waiting to be caught was released and I could move again. The towel had been right in front of me the whole time and though I had resisted the urge to grab it I felt like I wanted to push my comfort zone further, so I turned around and walked slowly to the far corner of the room watching my reflection out the corner of my eye and vowed to keep going no matter what happened.

I repeated this exercise several times with each route becoming a little more elaborate, touching two walls then back, touching 3 walls or walking backwards. It was silly but I felt like I was being quite daring while it was becoming easier to do this my heart was beating rapidly and the static had certainly come back in force. On my final walk around the room I knew it really was time to get dressed as I had been in here a while but I  still wanted to go a little further, poking my head around the corner I checked that nobody was about to walk in then tensing myself stepped out in full view of the door.

If I was caught there would be no plausible excuse or alibi, this was something I had never even contemplated doing before and there I stood naked and shivering slightly with my arms firmly by my sides. The few seconds I forced myself to stand there felt like an eternity no matter how anxious I felt about being caught, finally with one last burst of courage I decided that if I could touch the wall behind the door then walk back it would be time to leave.

I moved forward slowly, placing one foot in front of the other with tenuous steps that brought me closer and closer to the door. Each step was more difficult than the last, my breath became short and my heart quickened as the fear of being caught grew. The stress I felt was almost unbearable and almost overcame me as I stood close to the doorway, were it to open now I would be exposed to the entire pool and unlike the casual nudity displayed by my friend it would be obvious I felt I was doing something I should not. Finally I placed my hand on the wall behind the door and the world came back into focus and the beating in my ears subsided a little, just enough to hear a lady say “Come on, can’t spend the whole day in here”.

Instead of walking back as planned I covered the distance to my bag in what may well have been a new land speed record.  Shaking terribly I threw my clothes on as quickly as possible foregoing underwear to speed the process, by the time the two women had entered the locker-room I was fully dressed and dragging a brush through my hair while being very grateful that my footwear did not have any laces. The older one looked at me with some concern and asked if I was alright, still shaking a bit I lied and said I felt a little off colour but would be fine, which seemed to be accepted. She and her friend then walked to the other side of the room and stripped off to get changed without a second thought. I really wondered what Mia would have thought if she could have seen my performance, which was truly put into perspective by these two ladies.

Putting the last few items in my bag I headed out of the changing room and through the exit near the cafe wall, while I had stopped shaking there was certainly a cheery glow about me. As soon as I got back to my tent I stripped off again so I could put my underwear on, just thinking about what I had done was enough to make the static come back and I wondered what I could possibly do next? My mother shouted through the door that she was leaving for a shoot in a few minutes if I wanted to join her, so I hurriedly redressed and met her at the car as she packed (liberating a few snacks from the cooler). The day was now set for me in that I would go on the shoot with my mother, meet up with Mia later and try to put out of mind the games I had been playing, at least until the evening.

2 thoughts on “Origins (Part 3)”

  1. How old were you at this time?

    For me at mid teens, it was similar in that I was nervous about my body. Wasn’t even sexual as it was excitement of being seen versus the lack of confidence to do it. If I could go back, I would be more confident because later in life I realized that I had nothing to be ashamed of. I would have done it more often.

    1. I was about that age too and like yourself its both the excitement and the tension caused by the possibility of being seen… I’d like to say with hindsight I’d have done it far more often but then I possibly wouldn’t have had quite as much fun!

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