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Room with a View

Hi Alice,

I have an experience I’d like to share with you of living across from an exhibitionist such as yourself, at the time I was living on the third floor of an apartment block with two homes on each floor and another block almost mirroring my own directly opposite. Typically, I would leave the door to my study open so the natural light would spill out into the passageway… this also gave me a clear view of the surrounding gardens and the kitchen in my neighbour’s apartment.

I should emphasise my aim was not one of voyeurism, I hadn’t bothered with curtains or blinds in that particular room since there was nothing to hide and while there were occasional signs of life in the apartment opposite I really hadn’t paid that much attention to it. So, I was rather surprised one evening to be greeted by the view of my neighbours rather attractive bottom as she was using the kitchen stove wearing only a short white t-shirt. Clearly lost in a moment she appeared to be dancing to music I could not hear, swaying her hips and arms in a slightly subdued if nonetheless hypnotic motion with her exuberance likely curtailed by the fact she was actually making dinner.

I turned on the light in my study which by chance coincided with the moment she spun around giving offering perfect view of her neatly trimmed dark bush, matching her long brown hair. We both just stood there stunned for a few moments before she regained her senses and dashed off out of sight. I’d enjoyed the show but laughed as it was apparent she had not thought anyone would see her, since it was late and my study offered the only window that would let anyone see into her apartment. I sat down at my desk to work through the day’s correspondence and politely pretended not to notice as my now clothed and visibly embarrassed neighbour returned to view and closed the café style curtains.

The curtains stayed shut for several weeks after that, though the lights were on more often. I continued with my usual routine of sorting through my mail and answering any emails before working on whatever project I was tinkering with at the time. Then one day the curtains were open again as I walked into the study the woman opposite was once more cooking and dancing, but fully clothed. She turned briefly as I switched on the light and waved with an embarrassed smile, which I returned then we both got on with our respective tasks. This exchange would take place once or twice a week over the following few months, simply an acknowledgement of each other’s existence.

Things changed slightly one Friday evening, she was wearing a grey wool dress which fitted her figure perfectly and as usual we waved and got on with our tasks. However, this time I noted out the corner of my eye a very rapid movement as she lifted the hem of her dress up at the back very quickly flashing her bottom. It was over in a fraction of a second and it took me a moment to process what had happened, she was now laughing as she continued cooking. I smiled and returned to my work, she finished making dinner then left the kitchen once more.

Over the following weeks she continued to tease in this manner. I quickly caught on that her game was to see how many times she could flash her bottom without getting caught, and have to admit that my work was slowing on those days she wore a dress or long t-shirt of any description. Trying to catch her movements without being noticed myself to prolong both her and my enjoyment of the situation.

After a month or so of playfully teasing in this fashion she had clearly decided to up the ante so one evening after fidgeting more than usual she lifted up the back of her t-shirt and held it there until I raised my head. She continued to hold it there as though counting under her breath, after 30 seconds she lowered the t-shirt then turned and waved condoning finger at me before laughing and returning to her task. I have to admit I just sat back and watched her finish cooking to see if she intended to go any further but that was clearly all she planned for the day.

I did not see her again until late the following week, when I first arrived she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt but on noticing my presence left the room and returned without the denim. She waved at me smiling and I returned our greeting, she then wandered over to the stove it was not long before she started raising her shirt over her hips to flash her behind while dancing. This continued for about 5 minutes before she turned to make sure I was watching then smiling faced away and rolled the shirt up so her bottom was permanently exposed as she finished cooking. Once her meal was complete she rolled the shirt back down then turned around and waved before leaving the room.

Over the next month or so she would occasionally do this but usually simply flashed her bottom once or twice while cooking, often teasing by acting as though she was going to roll up her shirt but choosing not to do so. On rare occasions, I would see a little of her front as she swayed while dancing, but this was not by her design. While she occasionally still wore a dress it seemed she soon settled on long t-shirts for her games, occasionally she would raise the whatever she was wearing higher up her back, so it was tucked around the top of her arms and likely resting with her breasts exposed, but she never turned round to show her front.

The next major development came when after a few flashes she rolled her shirt up much earlier than usual, then after a few minutes paused and stood stock still for at least a minute. Finally, after turning to look at me briefly she returned her gaze to the stove and pulled the T-shirt off over her head. She was clearly very nervous at this point and visibly shaking as she stood there completely naked the shirt dangling limply in one hand. Finally, she let go of the shirt and pretended to continue cooking while slowly swaying her hips, obviously, I was transfixed and hoping she would turn around but after a short time she ducked down and pulled the t-shirt back over her head before turning to face me with a mischievous grin and red face, then waved before closing the curtains for the evening.

This happened another few times over the next month and as before she grew in confidence and seemed far less nervous, though never turning around. I’d already figured out that she watched for my car to arrive before getting ready, on one day towards the end of the month she was standing facing the window as I arrived slightly late and after waving at me mimed if she should remove her shirt, to which I nodded an assent. Biting her lip she slowly grasped the bottom of her shirt and raised it to an inch below her pubis, pausing briefly then pulling it off over her head in a single practiced movement to reveal her… shorts and t-shirt underneath. We were both laughing and she was struggling to stand upright, after a few minutes there were still tears in her eyes but she stood back from the window again and slowly reached her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and faced me as she lowered them to the floor, ensuring the second t-shirt fell down behind it giving me less than a second of exposure.

She mimed again if she should raise the shirt and I acceded once more, standing in a wide legged stance she gripped the front of her shirt and started to raise it once more before stopping and waving finger at me while laughing. This happened once or twice before she finally turned away from the window and pulled the shirt slowly up her back to reveal this was her last item of clothing. She swayed back and forth with the t-shirt held just below her breasts, probably not aware due to her distance from the stove I could see pretty much everything from the waist down reflected in the glass its door. It made for a pleasurable few minutes but clearly spent she then pulled the shirt back down and waved before disappearing from view.

Another month passed before the next development, she was not there to greet me but with a clearly controlled effort walked nervously into the kitchen wearing the t-shirt from our first encounter, exposing everything below her waist. With arms rigidly pinned to her sides she turned to face me giving me a clear view of her bush and despite the distance the crease beneath, smiling she raised one hand to wave then turned back towards the stove to finish preparing her meal. This time she made sure to turn around at several points in the evening if only briefly.

Over the next few weeks she entered wearing in this attire pretty much every day, and was soon having fun as she danced around the kitchen. Occasionally she would face away from the window and remove the t-shirt entirely, but would not turn around while completely naked. The next change to her routine came when one evening she stood still while still facing away from me and placed one hand over each of her breasts before turning around to face the window with her legs slightly apart. This was the first time I had seen her so exposed from the front and she was beautiful, I did wonder if this was to be the final reveal but she simply stood there grinning as she moved her hands away with only her fingers left covering her areola before spinning back round and running from the room laughing.

The next time she did this she stood for a little longer, while I had yet to see her completely exposed she slowly moved her hands and massaged her breasts clearly shaking as she did so. Once she stopped the massage she paused for a while and turned around, instead of bending at the knees to pick up her shirt as usual she placed one arm over her breasts and bent at the waist. The first time she did this her legs were tightly together and the dip took a matter of seconds to complete, but by the third or fourth time she had moved her legs apart and was taking far longer.

Over the next month she continued in this vein sometimes just dancing in her usual playful manner and others just showing almost everything she had, the day she finally revealed everything was also the day the “For Sale” sign went up outside. On that day, I had arrived home before her by a good hour and was just about finished my work when her car pulled up, she got out noting the light to my study was on headed straight upstairs and turned on the kitchen light. She stood away from the window dressed in a very flattering and elegant purple dress, waved then slowly began to dance.

She then kicked off her shoes and carefully removed her dress without missing a beat in her rhythm, letting it drape over one of the chairs nearby. This done she removed her thong quite quickly and continued to sway and spin gently before finally reaching behind her back to unclasp her bra before turning around and removing it in one motion holding at the end of her outstretched arm for what seemed like an eternity before letting it fall to the floor.

Placing one hand over each breast she turned back to face the window and looked directly at me before smiling and slowly moved her hands away to reveal everything, holding her arms wide from her body. Having finally removed exposed the last part of her body she decided to continue dancing, no longer concerning herself with facing away. After a short time she seemed out of breath and lay back against one of the counters as she caressed herself, focusing mainly above her waist but every now and then letting a hand brush the top of her hips.

It was not long before she smiled and stopped her dancing, blushing almost to her chest before leaving the room and clothes behind. The next time she turned up at the window she was wearing a longer t-shirt once more and facing me lifted it all the way up to her neck, this only lasted a few seconds as she had clearly decided to spend more time teasing and it was not raised again for at least a fortnight though she often gave the impression she was about to do so. After a few weeks of occasional flashes of her bottom she finally decided to go all out again then as before reverted to occasional flashing or walking around with only a short t-shirt on.

Inevitably the SOLD sign eventually appeared outside and it was time for her to move on, she had clearly decided to have one last adventure before leaving. One Friday I came home from work and she entered the kitchen wearing only the same short t-shirt she often did, but I could tell something was different. There were a large number of packing boxes visible in the kitchen, instead of the usual playful dancing or flashing she smiled then after pausing for a moment faced me as she pulled the shirt straight over her head and dropped it to the floor.

Standing naked she danced slowly while caressing herself, clearly becoming more aroused as time passed. Finally, she lay back against the counter with her eyes closed while massaging her breasts for far longer than she had before, her knees shaking momentarily before she paused. Taking a moment to catch her breath again she began dancing once more seeming lost in thought, then finally moved a chair to the centre of the room and down with her legs together, I moved to make sure I had a better view as she slowly spread her legs to reveal her engorged lips fully for the first time. Though already visibly wet she still played with her breasts with her eyes closed, pressing her shoulders into the chair as she raised her hips off the seat with each stroke, convulsing as her muscles tightened and relaxed.

Eventually she slowly moved one hand between her thighs to bring herself to climax, which did not take long. I thought this would be the end but after a minute’s respite she continued to bring herself to orgasm again before finally spent she glistened as she lay back against the chair panting, her legs wide apart and her arms hanging down her sides. Finally, still smiling she stood up and blew me a kiss, leaving me one last view of her naked body before walking out of the room.

The following day the removal vans came and that was the last I saw of her, though she did leave one last gift as the following week I received a small parcel containing a white t-shirt with the message “Thanks for a wonderful year, Love Sarah”. It was odd that despite having never spoken a single word we both intuitively understood the nature of our relationship and it was only now that I finally had a name for my wonderfully playful exhibitionist neighbour.

Having read your stories, I feel you share a similar outlook to Sarah and I hope you continue to enjoy your adventures long into the future.





Adventures of an Exhibitionist