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Communal Showers

I’ve just come back from travelling the UK, whenever I needed to burn off a little steam I’d find a local pool and pay for a session. Typically these later sessions were adults only and I was fortunate enough to find one with a changing room that led out into an open communal shower area, walled off from the main pool.

At the time there was nobody around so after a quick shower I walked out to the pool area and casually completed my laps. I’d been chatting with a few people in between laps and as the session drew to a close we all headed out of the pool and into the showers.

The only real purpose of the showers was to rinse off the chlorine, but I kept up my conversation with my mixed group as I stepped under the shower head and turned the water on. After a few moments without a pause in the conversation I hooked my thumbs under the shoulder straps of my suit then casually pulled it down to my waist.

This stopped other people from talking as the silence suddenly enveloped the tiled area, I pretended not to notice the surreptitious glances of people staring at my exposure. Still facing the wall I took the time to slowly wash the top of my body, it seemed that suddenly almost everyone else had decided to take far longer to shower that day.

Finally I teased them a little, pausing with my thumbs under the waist of my suit before pulling it down past my bottom to let it fall to the floor by my feet, then kicked it just a little way behind me so I was not standing on it. As before I took my time slowly pushing the streams of hot water over my lower body to remove the pool water.

The real fun was in trying to act as casually as possible, everyone in the communal shower could see I was now completely naked and clearly enjoying the attention (the girls gave it away), but had only really been able to watch my bottom with the occasional side view of my breasts and fluff if they were in the right place.

I really wanted to show them everything so I with the water still running I turned so my back was to the wall and turned my head up into the shower, giving everyone a full frontal exposure. There really wasn’t much left I could do so I half turned my torso to turn off the water then squatted down to pick up my suit, which let one or two of the luckier patrons see between my legs.

Standing up I noticed the drain in the centre of the shower area and took the opportunity to walk to the centre of the room and spend a minute or two carefully wringing the water from my suit before casually rolling it up and walking off into the locker room to get dry.

The moment I stepped around the corner the conversation started again, and it was all very positive with typical comments including “Did I really just see that? I wish more people did that”, my personal favourite “Her English was perfect… I wonder where she comes from, probably dutch the with the red hair” and the traditional “Well it looks like the cuffs and collars match on that one”.

I’d clearly made their night as well as my own, and it was amazing how many friends I had made when I returned the following week, and the jostling among one of two of the younger men for the showers directly behind mine.

It really was a shame that on my third and final visit a member of staff met me on the way in to very politely inform me that in the UK patrons do not undress in the communal areas… so this time I stood under the shower as normal and simply commented “I’ve been told we must remain clothed while in the showers, this is foolish we have nothing to hide” and stripped off the suit straight away.

A few people laughed as I turned to face them grinning, once I’d finished showering I wrung out my suit in the centre of the room as usual then stated “I have the feeling I will not be allowed back here soon”. Then having brushed the water off my body then casually walked into the more private area of the changing rooms to dress.

Chances are that nobody had actually complained about my antics, but had certainly mentioned them in passing!

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