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Birthday Beach

It all started when I decided to have everything waxed before I went on holiday, while hardly excessive my bush had always been quite thick and without careful attention the odd hair would always sneak out of my bikini bottoms after swimming. In the past I’d always just trimmed it back a bit myself but while I was at the salon getting my nails done I noticed the price list… and on a whim enquired how long a bikini wax would take, there had been a cancellation so after a brief consultation and upselling I stepped into the back office and undressed having agreed to have the hair removed from under my arms, legs and general bikini area.

They left my bikini area till last so finally I removed my underwear, it was the first time I’d ever done something like this and despite realising it was quite ridiculous I was very embarrassed at the same time. The aesthetician asked how much I wanted her to leave behind, indicating several different styles I could have… I decided that since no one else was going to see it I should just have it all removed to save time, apparently, this would cost a little more but I was not overly worried about the cost.

As I mentioned it was quite thick so over the next half hour she trimmed the hair with scissors then proceeded to apply and remove the wax, the pain from waxing my legs was nothing in comparison to this, but I concede to enjoying it just a little and was quite red in the face for other reasons by the time she had finished. The full embarrassment soon returned though when she indicated I should flip over and she proceeded to remove hair I had not even considered. Once the procedure was over she brought out a mirror so I could see the final result and I just stared at my shorn kitty smiling, it looked so smooth and shiny.

She said I could take all the time I wanted but I’d need to settle up at the front desk for the extra work then left the room, I reached down to touch myself just to see what it felt like and audibly gasped as I was completely unprepared for how sensitive everything was. I slowly stood up admittedly a little weak in the knees as even the lightest touch was setting me on edge, I tried to put my underwear back on but I could barely walk when I did that so I had to return home commando under my dress. I could feel every breeze and my embarrassment increased when I saw how red my face was in a shop window. I ended up taking a taxi home rather than the bus since the prospect of trying to sit still in front of so many people did not seem like a good idea.

Once I had paid the cabbie I almost ran upstairs to my room and stripped off in front of my mirrored wardrobe to admire her handiwork more closely. While I could technically have just stripped from the waist down I wanted to be naked, I loved how it looked having never thought of doing something so extreme before, my chest to the pit of my stomach we’re aching as I sat down onto a footstool, spreading my legs in front of the mirror I was amazed at how different everything looked and even though it was almost too sensitive to touch I easily managed to bring myself to climax several times before I was finally too exhausted to even consider standing up.

I had to call in sick to work the next day mainly because I was so turned on I was barely functional and gasping whenever my newly shorn areas touched a chair or a slight breeze came through the window… which is why I did not think of throwing out the itemised receipt from my treatment, which my rather nosey friend Shia took it on herself to read through when she came by to see how I was doing. She’d already complimented me on my nails as I sat there in my hastily donned robe, then when she went into the kitchen to make us a coffee shouted through “looks like you’ve had something else done too!” while laughing, causing me to blush furiously.

She came back in wielding two mugs, “You are a dark horse, let me see!” to which I responded simply “That is not happening”, Shia then said “but who else will see it… unless there’s someone I don’t know about” as she grinned mischievously. I informed her that as she was well aware the only things in my life were myself and a very active imagination, and apart from a little more teasing that was the end of it. Now we were very close and would think nothing of showering or changing in front of each other at the gym, but I had no intention of opening my robe to sate her curiosity, with hindsight it might have been better to give her a quick flash and have done.

When we left for the islands a few days later I’d put it completely out of mind, but we were sharing a room and as I started undressing for bed that evening we were both a little drunk and she stopped talking and sat cross legged on her bed with her chin resting on her hands saying “I finally get to see your new look then” grinning from ear to ear. At this point I only had my undies left on and had she been quiet I’d probably have taken them off before throwing on my PJ’s, facing Shia I said “you’re incorrigible!” and sighed, pulling the band down to a just above where my bush would have been “you really want to see this?” to which she nodded staring at my crotch. I pulled them down a tiny bit more before releasing the band saying “well you can’t” and laughed as I grabbed my PJs and dashed out of the room to change in the bathroom, the cry of “Tease!” echoing behind me.

She was in bed by the time I returned and we talked about life the universe and everything before drifting off to sleep. Nothing was said the next morning but it was obvious that she was a little fixated likely because I was usually so straight laced. The next few days passed without comment as our group of friends spent the days basking on beaches and drinking in bars, never to excess but we had a good time. Sometimes we would sunbathe topless if the crowds on the beach were quite small, but the tops tended to go back on when walking around the beach, it was that sort of group. I was still a little on edge so it only took the slightest breeze for my nipples to stand proud. I have nice boobs, not too big, not too small but when they are at full attention my nipples have been described as having the size and shape of fruit pastilles and while they look perfectly in proportion to their surroundings it did occasionally draw comment from the group such as a grinning “Well, someone’s enjoying the sun!” and “if we lie here long enough I think we can use them to tell the time”.

They really only did it to make me blush, which frankly did not take much and I gave as good as I got. Once or twice Shia played with the strings of my bottoms but clearly had no intention of really doing anything, untying tops had been a game long before we decided to start sunbathing without them so this was no different… and I had done the same to the others in the group, everyone knew if they drifted off they should check their straps before moving, unless they wanted to flash a few strangers first. At one point, it was revealed that I’d had a little haircut which was the source of much hilarity and teasing by the group, but again it was not a big issue since we always tease each other.

So, it was a typical girly holiday for us right until the day of my 21st Birthday, which was one of the reasons for the trip. The day started wonderfully as I was awoken by party blowers, small gifts and we all drank some sparkling wine with our breakfast before heading to the beach. We all drank far more than usual that day, even taking a cooler filled with beer and wine rather than water to the beach. Being considerate people we walked to a less crowded area of the beach that day so there were only a thirty or so other people around, we danced to music played from the one cassette deck with power left and just played around having fun.

It was around midday when one of the group laughingly said “Birthday Bumps!” and they each grabbed an arm or leg as I playfully struggled but it was all in good fun so it did not take long for them to raise me off the ground in a star shape. We always did this too each other on birthdays but Shia decided to have a little extra fun at my expense, and after the first bump (pulling on each limb in at the same time so I would fly up into the air) she stopped everyone saying “wait, wait… this isn’t right” pausing for a second before saying “Birthday bumps… Birthday suit?”, while smiling. At this point I started struggling saying “no no no…” but the girls were all grinning at the suggestion and I was largely prone. Despite my protests she stepped next to me and slowly untied the straps on my bottoms and asked “so how much of her bush do we think is left then?” and they started making suggestions “I think she’ll have left a little triangle”, “a little strip? Ah no that’s what’s happening now!” and so on.

After a very short time the back of my bikini hung loose and I could already feel the sea breeze brushing against my now bare bottom, I had to stop struggling too much as otherwise the bottoms would fall between my outstretched legs and the weight of the small piece of fabric on top is all that was covering my modesty. I was still laughing a little thinking this would be the end of it saying “you can’t let people see me like this, please!”, it goes without saying we had the full attention of all the other patrons of the beach but there was clearly no white knight about to step in and save me. Shia laughed again and said “you’re right, let me fix that” and too my terror slowly peeled the fabric of my bottoms up to show the front of my lower lips saying “wow, she really did it, looks like everything’s gone!”, then caused me gasp involuntarily as she stood up letting the material slowly brush against my labia as it was lifted upwards exposing my bare vulva to not only my friends but everyone who had the good fortune to be camped south of me.

I struggled again which was probably just making things worse as I wiggled my nether regions for the crowd. I’d never been seen this naked outside of a gym and was blushing furiously. Once everyone had commented on how it looked one of the girls in my group laughed and said “Right then, One!” and they raised me quickly up into the air and back down again. They were just about to start the second bump as I said “You can’t do this I’m naked!” when Amanda thought for a moment “you know she’s right, this is wrong…“ giving me a brief glimmer of hope before following up with “she is meant to be in her Birthday Suit and we’ve left her top on” Shia laughed and said “On it” and as I desperately struggled she deftly untied and removed my top, taking away my last barrier from the world and holding them aloft as trophies.

Looking around I could see the other patrons of the beach were clearly enjoying my discomfort, then Amanda said “Right then from the beginning… One!” and I was raised naked and exposed to shoulder height and back, my legs wide apart with no secrets left. The count slowly went up as I just wanted the ground to open up beneath me but finally the girls shouted “…21 Happy Birthday!” laughing.  I had hoped my ordeal was finally over when my bottom touched the warm sand as they lowered me to the ground… when Shia laughed and said “I think the people behind us want to wish her a happy birthday too, besides I think she’s enjoying it a little” as she looked between my legs. Despite my embarrassment I couldn’t help but be a little turned on behind my terror.

The girls laughed as they spread me out again and pointed me towards the people opposite, the count started once more and it was clear that some teens on the beach were certainly getting an education in anatomy at my expense, but nobody other than me seemed to mind. I was making some rather odd noises whenever I breathed in at the top of a bump as the muscles in my stomach convulsed. This time a few of the crowd shouted happy birthday with the 21st bump.

Jodie decided this would be the perfect time to chirp in saying “…remember last year when she said I could choose bumps or spanks?” and walked over and sat down on the cooler. The girls laughed instead of releasing me carried me and over then flipped me at the last moment, pulling my arms forward so my breasts lay just past her legs and my bottom proudly in the air, I felt my knees touch the sand and when Shia commented “they’ve really made sure there was nothing left!” I realised there had been something else that could be exposed. Jodie proceeded to count as she spanked my bottom lightly, I’d pretty much given up struggling at this point and they released my arms and legs each taking a single slap of varying hardness for themselves before Julie finished with the hardest contact she could make with the palm of her hand causing me shunt forward and yelp. The group laughed and Jodie was almost doubled over at this point which was a little inconvenient as I lay prone over her lap. It was clear I was now free to go but I was exhausted and it took a great deal of effort to stand upright… then at least another moment to remember my state of undress and quickly cover up my boobs and buff, leaving my now reddened behind rather exposed as I span around looking for my bikini.

Shia laughed saying “Oh, I thought you looked a bit hot so I put it in one of the coolers for you” I immediately looked towards our cooler which Jodie was still laughing on and Shia said “Oh, not that one” indicating another group who had been watching the show a few metres away. Now had I been thinking rationally at this point I would probably have tried to find something else to cover up with but all I was fixated on at that time was my missing clothing. So, I sighed and blushing from cheek to cheek walked towards the group with the cooler and stood in front of them and asked “apparently, you have something for me?” Their son clearly could not believe his luck and stared openly, his mother said “a bit late to be covering up now? I think the group behind us has it”.

I thanked her then headed off to the next group who had obviously caught on, one of the women in the group smiled and said give us a twirl and we’ll open the cooler for you. Feeling defeated I conceded this and turned around so they could see my bottom and turned back. She just grinned and said “oh come on, you can do better than that, move your hands away”. So, I reluctantly moved my arm away from my chest and lowered it to join my other hand covering my absent bush, which in some ways was a relief since they were incredibly sensitive at this point. I gave them another twirl hoping this would be enough, but she just laughed and said “your friends said we weren’t to let you in the cooler till you did it properly”. Her partner laughed at this, clearly enjoying the view so finally I moved my arms away so they could look at me then I finally gave them another twirl. My friends were all struggling to remain upright at this point.

She laughed and said “much better”, they were both staring between my legs as she laughed again and said “help yourself”. I walked between them and bent over to open the cooler, she took the opportunity to give my left cheek a quick slap saying “Sorry it was too tempting a target”. As the cool air from the ice inside hit me and my breasts which now hung mere inches from their faces I could not see my bikini inside. As I reached further into the cooler and the woman sunbathing on the floor laughed saying “I bet you wish you’d gave up the chair when I asked for it Mike, this view is completely wasted on me”.

I dragged my hands through the freezing cold water, for a good minute before she mischievously said “What was it you’re looking for?” and to my response said “Oh, that family you spoke to a minute ago has it, you should head back over there. No covering up though!” So dejectedly I returned to the first family to complete their sons lesson in anatomy. They laughed as I returned and bent over to open their cooler, which as I had expected did not contain any items of clothing. At this point Jodie managed to stand up, opened the cooler she was sitting on and waved my bikini at me, one piece in each hand then ran off down the beach.

I dashed towards her, and while I do spend a lot of time in the gym my boobs are not designed for running without support. Despite this I managed to catch up before she got too far as she was laughing so much, only to find she only had the top in her hand. I looked around to see where she might have thrown the other, only to see Amanda waving it like a flag at the opposite end of the beach. I didn’t want her to get too far away so without stopping to put on the top I dashed naked down the beach using one arm to stop my boobs swinging too much. Past the family, the cooler lady and half a dozen other sunbathers before I finally caught up with Amanda and my prize. Amanda struggling to breath due to laughing so hard.

Now reunited I walked naked to the water’s edge and gave it a quick rinse in the ocean before redressing, then making a very red faced walk past all the groups to inform my friends in very deliberate terms that they were the all illegitimate. At this point we quickly packed up (which is to say picked up the cooler) and headed back to the hotel. That evening I chose my clothing very carefully in case they got any more clever ideas, however it did set the tone for the rest of the holiday and the following day we decided it was Amanda’s Birthday and her wispy blonde hair brightened up the day of many patrons.

Shia was pinned down the following night when we were drinking in our room, and the group decided to make us twins no matter how much she struggled. Though to make sure it looked just right they made sure to take my pants again too… by the time the last day came around everyone had been stripped at some point (Shia on more than one occasion!) except Jodie who seeing the look in the groups eyes just undressed herself at the beach and spent the morning naked. Unlike the rest of us she was not bumped or spanked and seemed to relish showing off to other groups making sure to tell them it was a dare. Her reasoning being that one more tiny strip of fabric did not make that much of a difference.

We went on holiday as a group quite a few times after that, though I was often the first to be stripped as a matter of tradition… the year I got a piercing they made it their mission to show as many people as possible, which in some ways is pretty much the reason I got it.

Anyhow that’s my story, I hope you enjoyed it.





Adventures of an Exhibitionist